Anyone Plus Size And Pregnant

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ceecee_fields - November 7

I'm worried that it will be an issue.


nola-gal - November 7

ceecee...I'm not, but you do have to be more careful...there's a greater chance of things going wrong and you will probably feel more of the discomfort that comes with pregnancy. you can get yourself in better shape even though you're pregnant. do something simple like walk for 20 minutes each day. get some good music and take a walk. it's really relaxing, too!


Gemini_Girl - November 7

Hiya, im a plus size, its not affected me that much, but then I dont have anything to compare it to! One of the things is when I went for my u/s I was left with notes on the sheets saying "sub optimal images due to increased BMI" so had I been thinner they may have been clearer, but they were good enough (i didnt find out the s_x) im just going into my third trimester and i am struggling with aches and pains and have muscle pain when walking(I do worry it may get worse) I need to attend physio therapy for extra support, but maybe I would have had the same problems if I were thin - if you can lose weight then you should but I dont think during pregnancy is the best time to stress about dieting and excercising and weight - Im sure you will be fine :)


ceecee_fields - November 7

Thanks for the advice ladies!


sarah21 - November 7

It depends on just how overweight you are. I'm not plus sized but I am on the verge of it, and I'm 5'10", and I'm still over my ideal weight by about 40 pounds. But it hasn't affected my ultrasound images, I felt the baby move at 18 weeks even though it's supposed to be longer if you're heavy, I am able now at 20 weeks to feel the kicks outside my stomach (and the husband is, too), my blood pressure is still good, no sign of gestational diabetes yet, so it's not all as bad as they make it seem. I was really worried that I'd have big issues by the time I got to this point, but it's all been smooth sailing. I hope things go this smoothly for you also.



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