Anyone Preg Again After Recent M C

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Jenduck - October 1

I had a miscarriage in early June and have had two cycles since then. We just found out we're pregnant again and are seven weeks along. (Not bad for 38 yo!) I'm dizzy and a little nauseous (not much), have darker nipples and the 'pooch' that comes from the first few weeks. My doctor appointment is Wednesday morning, and am so scared of them not finding a heartbeat again, it's hard to concentrate. Has anyone else become preg again so quickly? What happened? Should I not exercise?Thanks for any input!


ChattyKathy - October 2

Hi, honey. My first miscarriage was a year ago (at 5w3d), and I became pregnant three months later. The pregnancy, itself, went fine. I ended up losing that baby too (at 12 weeks), but because of a deformity--NOT because of the pregnancy. I am now pregnant again after TTC 6 months after the loss and am currently 6 weeks. I know you are scared, but your body is ready otherwise you would not have gotten pregnant in the first place nor carried the baby this long. Remember that miscarriages most often happen because something isn't right with the baby, NOT because something isn't right with the mommy! You can do everything other pregnant women can do. You will never have one of those happy, care-free pregnancies that everyone else has, but there is no reason to believe that what happened to you the first time will happen to you again. Miscarriages are SO terrible common, and so many women go on to have healthy children. You've got to take it one day at a time. =)


kaitlins mom - October 2

hey jen, i too had a miscarriage in june and had a dnc done. i also had 2 cycles before i found out i was pregnant. the doc im seeing now is awesome and seen me last wk and this wk and gave me an ultrasound both times. we were very happy to see that the baby is growing and we also heard a heartbeat. so everything should be ok now. i hope all goes well for you and good luck.


Mel Page - October 3

Hay there babe, I had a m/c in April this year and found out I was pg again in June, I'm now 18 weeks along with my little girl and going strong (almost halfway - yipeeeee!!!) I just kept taking hpt's to check that my lines stayed nice and dark before I got to go to the oby/gyn for my first visit. Good luck and keep us posted ok?????


lea1 - October 4

hiya, i misscarried end of june to, found out at the 12 week scan they couldnt find a heartbeat...and on tues found out am pg again. good news...are the drs keeping a closer eye on u this time then?


Jenduck - October 7

Thank you for all the responses! I'm happy to report, my husband and I went to the doctor on Tuesday for the first u/s and saw our little 'apple seed' and a very strong heartbeat! We were over the moon - in fact, my husband almost started crying. :) We are seven and a half weeks, and are not out of the woods yet, but we're staying positive. We have another big hurdle with the genetic testing in about four weeks - has anyone been through that? I'm glad the doctors are keeping a closer eye. Congrats to everyone who responded on their little ones -- I'm thinking good thoughts for you!


cynnababy - October 7

Jenduck, i had my 1st mc in August 2006, and another in April 2007. I got pg again in July 2007 after only 1 period in between. I am about 16 weeks pg now. I have the same fear everyday, and it does go easy after you past the 1st trimester.



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