Anyone Preg With Pets

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Cristen - March 23

I'm preg for the 1st time and I have 2 med. dogs, 1 large dog and 2 cats that, well for now, are my babies. We have decided to build a cool room in the basement for the cats but I am still worried about germs and the dogs jumping on me and then the baby when it comes-I could never give them up...they get all of me and my husbands attention...cant stop worrying about it


Heidi - March 23

I know what you mean. I have a big baby at home too. My golden retriever. I wouldn't give him up for the world. If your pets are trained well, don't worry too much about it. There will probably be a transition phase at first where they react to the baby but they will have to adjust. Just make sure they get included in everything too! I'm not worried about germs or things like that. I'm sure my dog will be nuzzled up next to me 24/7 when I'm holding the baby! And that's just fine with me! He was the baby first :) I promised him he wouldn't get dethroned because of the baby. Ha ha!


Lynn - March 23

I have 2 babies at home, one is an old guy, hes a golden mix & alomst 9 years old. He LOVES babies, he LOVES people that smell like babies, he LOVES anything that has that baby powder scent. The other one is only about 4 & she is a boxer mix, from what I hear, boxers can be extremely protective over children.. I think they can both tell that I'm pgm b/c they really won't let me out of sight now!


jessica - March 23

Thats funny you say that first 'baby' is now my shadow-and much more sucky that this instincts?? only thing i am worried about is dog hair!!


elly - March 23

i have a live in cat who likes to snuggle-which i won't allow much anymore due to fears of toxoplasmosis-and seven outdoor dogs... i am so worried about the baby's health that i'm running from my pets...don't know what i'll do when the baby gets home. will my cat be okay with a baby? elders in the family say that a cat can get jealous and take out its frustrations on a newborn... is that true?


Wendy - March 23

I have a Boxer Dog and 2 cats, these are my babies and will always be my babies.. I agree need to be a little more careful, but I personally will not shut them out.. Germs are everywhere and everyone is different but i think people can get a little pariond.. but each to their own.. good luck to you all


marie - March 23

I have 3 cats and the only place they are not allowed in is the baby's room. If you live with cats the chances of having the toxoplasmosis already are high, its okay if you already have it, but just dont change the litter box, and if you have to wear gloves and wash you hands afterwards. other than taht I wouldn't worry. lots of people have been pregnant, had newborns, and small children with animals and have no problem.


Heidi - March 24

Ladies, I wouldn't worry about the germ part. I think you'd have to have a pretty messy house to get you or your child sick. I've been in some of the WORST condition houses where we've removed 30 animals of all kinds, and the children were crawling around in c___p and garbage. Luckily they weren't sick from it. I worried too when we removed them all because I didn't know I was 2 wks pg at the time. I wore gloves the whole time but it still worried me. I forgot to tell my doc about it too but all my bloodwork was normal so I didn't worry too much. I didn't really handle the animals either. Most of them looked healthy but there were just too many and the house was a disaster. I think kids are way healthier living in a house with pets than with the parents who cook meth. Now that's something to freak out about! When they take these babies out of these houses they look like they came right of a concentration camp. It's soooo sad. So really, if your a decent housekeeper, don't worry about germs. My golden sheds A LOT so I just plan to groom him more and vacuum more where they baby will be playing. No biggie!


Julie - March 24

Just make sure your baby or children wash your hands after playing with your animals I just read in article in Parents magazine about all of the germs that pets carry. I'm sure your dogs will be fine.


Heidi - March 24

I agree. If you have small animals, ferrets, gerbils, hammies, rabbits, stuff like that, I'd have them wash their hands as they lay in their bedding that can be mixed with droppings and urine. Dogs and cats should be fine though. My parents never washed our hands and we had a cat and a dog, and we all turned out normal.....I think.....ha ha! Just keep the kids out of the litter box!



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