Anyone Preggos And Taking Synthroid

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Kimmer23 - June 4

So, I started taking synthroid for hypothyroidism a couple of months ago. When I got the pills, I was told to take them first thing in the morning, and then not to eat for at least a half hour to and hour. So, now that I'm pregnant, I really want to make sure I'm taking my meds correctly, but I feel really sick in the morning unless I eat right away. Any suggestions? Or what did you do if you were/are in a similar situation? Can I eat and then wait a while and take the pills then? I just can't function in the morning while waiting that half hour to and hour...


Carly67 - June 4

I too am taking synthroid and here is what I do. I take it really early like 5am and then go back to sleep so when I get up I can eat. They should be monitoring you blood every 4 weeks because most likely they will have to increase your dose several times during the pregnancy. They have already increased mine twice.


Jillian87 - June 4

i have had hypothyroidism my whole life.... since i was born... you dont need to take the medication first thing in the morning you could take it before you go to bed... dont take it at the same time as your prenatel vitimins though because then you would totally cancel out the effects of the synthroid... i dont have morning sickness... but i take my prenatel in the morning with breakfast and i take my synthroid two hours at least after my last meal and before i go to bed.


amh - June 5

I have hypothyroidism too. I take mine in the morning before I eat, but if you want to eat right when you wake up you can just take your pill 1-2 hours later, that is fine. Jillian87 is coreect about the prenatel, be sure and don't take them next to each other. GOOD LUCK!


Kimmer23 - June 5

Thanks so much for your help! I have been taking my prenatal vitamin at night, but maybe I'll switch them. I'll just take the synthroid at night beofre I go to sleep. That will make everyothing mush easier :) By the way, they haven't tested my blood yet, but they upped my dose as soon as I found out I was pregnant...I'm 7w5ds. Should I be asking them to test me?


jamers - June 5

I'm on synthroid also (well, the generic) what if my doc hasn't checked to see if they need to up my dose? I'm 6w4d and technically haven't seen an OB yet because my RE wants to do an u/s when I'm 7 weeks, then refer me to an OB.


Carly67 - June 5

They should definitely be monitoring your blood and increasing your meds based on the blood work results. I went into my ob office to have my pregnancy confirmed at 3 weeks 6 days and she told me then she was makiing an appointment for me with the endochronolgist to have bw done to monitor my thyroid. I was only on a very small dose of Synthroid (50 mcg) but after the first blood test they increased it to 75 and I had a blood test two weeks later and they increased it to 88 now tomorrow which will be 4 weeks from the last test I go again and I have my blood drawn every 4 weeks and see the endo every 8 weeks. Your thyroid levels are very important and they should be monitoring you, please tell your doctor. Good luck.


jamers - June 6

oh no...why wouldn't my doc or the nurse mention that to me? we've been knowing I'm pregnant for a little over 2 weeks now. now i have to wait til Monday to call since it's a weekend and I just know it's going to drive me insane :(


Teddyfinch - June 7

jillian: not so. i take mine at the same time as my prenatals and my level is perfect. and i take it right after breakfast. now i don't purposefully do the wrong thing, but the pharmacist never told me otherwise and it's worked so far. **kimmer** my doctor did say to not take synthroid at night, though, because it can keep you up. most docs say first thing in the morning. one difference docs do now is they don't just monitor the number. they monitor how your body is reacting. for example, if you begin getting tired but your levels look normal, but you're experiencing the symptoms as if they're higher, they'll adjust your dosage. when i first started synthroid, i was on 75mcg and i felt great, but my heartbeat was in the 90's and even though the level was perfect, my doc lowered my dosage to not work my heart so hard. also my OB hasn't checked my levels for about 2 months now.


Bryandi - June 7

I also have hypothyroidism. I have always taken mine at night before bed. Pregnant or not, my body gives me a hard time if I don't eat in the morning. It has never kept me awake at night. Do not take your prenatals with your thyroid. My bottle says right on it and my doctor made it very clear that you are not to take anything containing calcium, iron, zinc or antacids within 4 hours of taking your thyroid medication. When my levels got out of wack the first thing they asked was if I was taking my vitamins at the same time as my meds, turned out I was just pg and needed an adjustment. Good luck!


tish212 - June 13

Teddy- that is odd, because calcium (which is in prenatals) can cancel the effects of synthroid., i was warned against taking my synthroid with calcium enriched orange juice...also some dark green veggies can cancel out the effects like kale, and broccoli.....i have been taking synthroid since i was 11 when i had radioactive iodine to kill off part of my oversized thyroid... I was monitored every 4 weeks though, and they increased my dose A LOT, so to the ladies wondering if you need to be monitored YES, because pregnancy throws off a lot in your body and your thyroid controls your to make sure you are at the right level you should be getting checked every appt.... GL ladies...



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