Anyone Rh Incompatible

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Kristin - February 22

Anyone Rh incompatible? My blood type is O-, I've had previous miscarriages, the last was due to me being Rh incompatible the Dr. said because The blood from the 1st miscarriage mixed with mine and my body created antibodies against Rh+ because I never had the rho-gam shot, I'm pregnant again, I'm due October 5, and the doc says right now everything's going smoothly and that I just need to relax, but he has me on progesterone to keep my uterus closed so that I'll carry the baby or babies to term, and he said he's giving me the rho-gam shot at 28 weeks because we have no idea what my husband's blood type is. His mother died when he was 2, he never knew who his father was, we have no hospital records or anything saying what his blood type is, and I can't get ANY doctor or clinic around where I am to test him for his type no matter how much we are willing to pay, they say they don't do that. So now I'm getting the shot just to be safe... Anyone have same problem, and is it something I should be worrying about, or will everything turn out just fine more than likely?


JM - February 22

I am A- and my husband is O+ and we have a healthy son who is O-. I had a miscarriage a few months back and got the rhogham shot. I didn't know that it could cause miscarriage??? This time I will get it at 28 weeks.


For Kristin... - February 22

Hello. My husbands blood type is A+ and i have no idea what mine is both my parents are O+ from what i understand. I asked my Doc about this and she said that i should not worry about it until 28 weeks. You said you had miscarriages before was it after the 28 week mark or earlier? I am curious because i have been cramping with no bleeding i am right about about 9 weeks and my doc says i dont need to come in until march 1st. So needless to say i am a lil nervous because this is my first. I got some blood work done to test my progesterone and HCG she said that was good. Now i am just waiting on the next visit. Hope things work out and good luck. All my wishes for a healthy and happy baby. Write back if you can. thanks...KIM


erica - February 23

I am currently 16 weeks, and I am 0- also. They are giving me the shot at 28 weeks. If you did have antibodies in your system, you might ask your OB to check you regularly ( monthly) to check your antibody levels....this is how they can monitor harm to the fetus...( at least this was my understanding when I was really stressed about this as well).... Just ask cant hurt.... Good luck with that they know you are 0-, they can help you more with this pregnancy on what you will need to do... Best wishes...


Julie - February 23

I read several articles being incompatible does not cause miscarriage. There are many factors that can lead to miscarriage but being Rh incompatible isn't one of them.


stephanie - February 23

I am O-. I have had 2 healthy children and their blood type is O+ & A-. Thier Dad was A+. I am 9 wks pg. and all I know is that you get the rhogam shot Sometime in your 2nd trimester and then both get the shot before 24 hours of delivery. If you don't get this shot then it can hurt further pregnancies.


to stephaine fm q - February 23

i'm new on this thread..but i was justr conf that i'm about4 weeks preg.& i'm o-ive & my hubby is b+ive so i was just wondering when do u get the rogen as u said u had it in 2nd trim right?so u don't have it in first one right ..ya my doc was telling me that u just need to be chkd for antibodies when u have ur blood they did for me in first blood work & it was all fine ..i think all women r chkd reagardless of negative or postive & negative ones get the shot in around 28th week.. if u could just confrm this agin would be great stephaine..& thanks again all..& good luck


For q - February 24

yes everything your doc said sounds about right. I've had 3 different Docs. and they are pretty good about remembering. Although if you dought your Dr. think about interviewing others or if you just want security you can remind the Dr. on next visit. I believe that you are also correct about getting the shot for RH+ (O+)& RH-(O-) Hey CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! ON BABY Steph


frm q - February 24

thanks for the info..


Pansy - February 24

I am O- and my husband is +...I had the RhoGam at 28 weeks and again after birth because my son is also +...If you do not get the RhoGam shot after a pregnancy,miscarriage,or tubal pregnancy when you have - blood type it can cause future miscarriages because your body builds up antibodies to fight off the baby since it doesnt recognize the blood type...Sounds like this pregnancy should do well as long as you get the shot at 28 weeks...Also if you do NOT get the shot within 24 hours of birth then your husband is may be - too...If you DO get the shot in the 24 hours after the birth then you know your husband is +...Hope this helps...


Mendy - March 8

I am also O negatvie and my husband is A +. I built up the antibodies sometime during my last pregnancy and we're now pregnant with our 3rd. I was referred to a high risk doctor. Has anyone else gone through this? I'm wondering what to expect.


Julie - March 8

Kristin, I am B-, my dr told me the same thing, 28 weeks Rhogam and test. Did they give you the rhogam shot after the most recent miscarriage? If so, you should be good to least that's how I understand it. I had a miscarriage about 5 years ago and they gave me the shot right after to protect me next time. Mine said he will test me at 28 weeks also and if there are any antibodies give me the shot then and again after birth if anything is weird. He claims its no big deal because they've learned so much about it.......I'm just surprised you didnt' get the shot after the first miscarriage, I thought that was standard. My Dr. also told me that he wouldn't even test my husband, doesn't need to, said he'll be able to tell at 28 weeks somehow.........


Kat - March 14

Kristin - Have your husband go give blood. You'll find out his blood type in about six weeks and he'll be donating to a good cause.


lyn - March 14

your husband can get his blood tested. If he has had any blood taken for anything they will have a record of what his blood test is.


marie - March 14

Responce to Julie: If you are rh- and you didn't know and have prevously had a miscarriage, then yes it can cause you to miscarry on your next pregnancy. Because your body will think that the baby is bad and attack it that is why women, like me, have to get the rhogram shot it makes our body think that the thing inside them is good, and not bad.


Jessica - July 5

I just had a miscarriage due to the Rh incompatibility, i was supposidly 10 weeks along and I carried my fetus around with no heartbeat for 2 weeks. Getting the shot at 28 weeks isnt going to help anything if it happens at 10 weeks. Why do they wait so long? Help!


Deidre - July 29

Can anyone help who has gone through a RH + senisization pregnancy. First daughter born RH -, second was still born at term (that is where the doc thinks the RH + was the cause but not sure) third daughter born with RH + but had normal pregancy. Now fourth pregnancy and doc says we are at high risk, Levels are up. 9 wks now and will go see the specialist this week. Read all material on RH + babies but have not found anybody who has gone through this nightmare. Any help or info.



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