Anyone S Skin Break Out Before Getting BFP

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meg - July 13

AF is due any day now & my skin is absolutely horrible...I feel like I am 16 again! Just wondering if I'm having a bad month, or if this is possibly a sign of a BFP on the horizon?? Thanks!!


sahm2alaj - July 13

i sure did. And at 12 weeks now i am still not all clear.


Brandi-Lynn - July 13

I broke out really bad too and didnt know what was going on as i've never had bad skin before. Then i got my bfp and am 11 1/2 weeks and my skin is horrible. Good Luck!


cayingo - July 13

I do normally have a break out just before AF, but only a few on my forehead and jawline. This breakout was downright onscene! I mean my chest, back, and face are COVERED! 3 days after my little spotty visitors showed up I got the 1st bfp! I've done this with all my pgs. I just consider it a welcome sign to pregnancy! By the way, if you are pg avoid ALL acne meds (including benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid washes and topicals). My fingers are crossed for you. :)


meg - July 13

Thanks ladies! Af is due in about a day and a half, so we'll see! Maybe I'll even hope for more little "spotty visitors!"


corbin289 - July 13

Same thing with me. About 4 days before BFP I started breaking out. Just about 6 weeks now.


jennifer_33106 - July 13

I DID I DID!!! but i have to ask... Do you et breakouts with PMS? also do you have anymore signs? have you taken a test?


katie99 - July 16

Dear Meg, I did too. I usually get a spot here or there on my face, but got a lot on my forehead and even on my back and chest. Absolutely awful! I noticed this at 11dpo. Why don't you test? Thats the only sure way of knowing! Let us know........and good luck!


cattac - July 16

Hey, yes my face broke out a little and I didn't even break out in high school or college or my past two pregnancies and I was like ... what in the world? We were not trying to get pregnant but that was one of the reasons I tested.



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