Anyone Taking Lovenox Shots

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caseyann - January 26

Hi everyone. I am newly pregnant 4 to 5 weeks. I have a really rough history wth pregnancy, me and DH have had a total of 5 miscarriages. So because I am so high risk the doc has monitored me very very closely already. As soon as I had my second blood test (4 days apart) they opened up early for me the next morning so they could get me in the next day. They have started me on Lovenox shots once a day, my regular prenatals, a baby asprin a day, Folbalin plus (folic acid with additional vitamins), and progesterone supp. . Just wondering if anyone else on this type of regimine? My doctor said he is doing everything he can to make sure we have a full term pregnancy. I think its wonderful but honestly am just so scared. I find myself questioning everything right now on whether thats a sign of miscarriage or this or that. I am driving myself nuts, lol. Anyone just wondering if anyone has been through this and the longterm outcome. Thanks everyone, I think this is a amazing board with amazing people!!


EricaG - January 26

Hi Caseyann, I'm 22 weeks 4 days pregnant and I'm on lovenox shots twice a day. I'm on them for a different reason though. I had a pulmonary embolism after I had my daughter so I have to take them to thin my blood so I don't have another one with this baby. So I don't really have any info... but I can commiserate on how much it stings when the medicine goes So are you able to give them to yourself? I can't, I have my dh do it. Good luck on your pregnancy, hopefully since they started this early you will carry to term and have a healthy baby. :o)


sarah21 - January 26

Hi Caseyann. I'm sorry I haven't had any experience with your lovenox shots. I just wanted to say hi, say congratulations, and hang in there chica! I am so sorry you have had a rough time trying to have a baby. I can only imagine how hard this beginning time is, just trying to hang on until you're out of the danger zone, and time pa__ses so slowly. I pray that you are able to carry this little one full term, that you will have an easy and safe pregnancy, and that you will be able to just sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy every day, one day at a time.


sarah21 - January 26

Oh also if you want to find more sympathizers who know what you're going through, you should check out the pregnancy loss forum. There are a lot of women in similar situations.


stefkay - January 27

Hi caseyann, I had 6 miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and I am on basically the same protocol and have a doctor that is wonderful and sounds a lot like yours. I am now 17+ weeks so I don't do the progesterone anymore, but I was on 300mg prometrium inserted v____ally daily and I am still doing 40mg Lovenox once daily along with prenatal, baby aspirin, B6, B12 and 5mg folic acid. I know it is impossible to not be scared, but I'm glad I did it all. I still worry each day, but not nearly like I did the first 12-14 weeks. Just do what you can to help relax and talk to people about it whether it is here or to a close friend or relative as it gets it all out. Anxiety is not good for the baby and believe me, this little one I have must be a fighter to have put up with my stress. I literally had panic attacks the first 8 weeks. Good luck to you and I hope all turns out perfectly :)



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