ANYONE Test BFN Then Days Later Get BFP

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patty - October 6

I am 4 days late for af-tested this morning got BFN. I would like to test again, when should i test ? and has this happened to anyone-they were LATE for af-tested the !st time to get BFN -then waited a bit and got a BFP? my periods are irregular , but i usually have short cycles-now this one is long-which is odd for me. help ! ttc for & months.


stef - October 6

My last period was august 19th. I tested on sept. 17th and got BFN. By the 25th of sept still no period and tested and got a BFP. since then i tested 2 more times all BFP. If after a week or so and still negative then most likely its negative.


patty - October 6

thanks stef ! and good luck ! were you late for af when you tested the first time ? (sept 17) ?


stef - October 7

patty- i was 2 days early. i had to wait 8 days later for it to show. some people even after your missed period still takes awhile. if its more than a week or two and its still negative then most likely your not.


karen - October 9

anyone else?


Dia - October 10

Hi all! I just got my BFP today! :) I tested at 12 dpo with a BFN, then waited until my first missed day (15 dpo) and got 3 BFP's. I used 2 dollar store tests and a first response. All +++++! I hope this helps...and I have NO pg signs...could have SWORN af was on her way! Good luck to all!


Christy - October 10

The same thing happened to me. I don't get regular periods, so it's hard for me to know when I'm late. Usually just have to do preg tests until I get a period! I did a First Response on Sunday morning-BFN. Then waited until Friday (5 days later) and had a very, very faint line....but it was a line! I went to the dr a few hours later and they confirmed the BFP! Though they at first thought it was neg...they said I must be brand newly pregnant and that I was just beginning to produce the pregnancy hormone!! Test again in about 5 days and if its still neg, I would test again 5 days later...when your ttc those tests can be addicting...I know they were for me. We have been ttc for 2 yrs. Hope yours turns into a BFP soon!!



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