Anyone TTC For 2 Years Or More And Then Got A BFP

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hopeless - September 7

anyone ttc for a long time? please share your story and how do you stay positive ? any happy ending with a BFP? please share some hope ---!


mgn - September 7

dear hopeless, my husband and i tried for exactly 2 years naturally. we were about to embark upon the fertility treatments and last month we got our bfp! i was so shocked and still cannot beleive it. i had given up and stopped "trying" and it happened! i was at the point of feeling deep inside it would never happen and it hurt so bad. i would get so sad to see a pregnant women and even hear about friends and family falling pregnant. i know what u are feeling. trust me, i do. my advice to you is to keep the faith and try to not think about it much. i know that it is hard to do and i dont think i fell pregnant b/c i stopped thinking about it (naturally it still crossed my mind), but you really can run yourself down thinking about it everyday. when i got really down i would treat myself to a pedicure or a new shirt and also i booked a cruise for my hubby and i. i figured if i couldnt have kids i could at least go on vacation and have nice cloths. :) sounds shallow, but it kinda eased the pain. it will happen for you and when you least expect it. relax, focus on other things, and your angel will come when he or she is ready. babies come when they want too. :) god bless.


lizworkinonbaby - September 10

My husband and I had a m/c right after we married, it hurt very bad, becasue we knew we wanted children, but since it was a suprise I think it was easier to get through. Then I was diagnosed diabetic, and I felt like I shouldn' t even try to have a baby. But I got on the diet, started walking, loosing some weight, and with the help of good doctors saw some light at the end of the tunnel. After trying a yr on our own with no sucess, we used clomid, and it worked the first month. We were ecstatic! Made it all the way to the 8th week, and the first ultrasound, to discover an empty sac, with no baby. It was a blighted ovum, and now my progesterone was too low to maintain pregnancy. So.........I had a d/c cried on the floor with my husband in the babys' room, and got up, and took clomid after my next period. I found out on Friday August 17th that I was pregnant, my birthday was the 20th, and on that day I found out all my blood work was normal, then last thursday I went for my first ultrasound, and saw my baby, and the little beating heart. There is always hope, and I believe if you have a faith in God that you can get through as many dissapointments as it takes for the time to be right. The sacond time it happened, I told God I couldn't do it again, not to let it happen..but I was wrong, I made it throught that. You will have a baby, and you will be strong!!


Chris1975 - September 10

Hey there, i was pretty much in the in the same boat, had 2 m/cs over a period of 20 months...bawled every mth when my period came, felt depressed and angry whenever i saw pregnant was so difficult. Then we got fed up and went away to africa for a mth on a long holidays (using all the money we had been saving for a baby that never seemed to come!!) and couldnt ttc as we were on malaria tablets...we concieved a few days after we returned to australia. Im now 15 wks and still dont believe its real...and now I have to frantically save up to take a year off work :) i was starting to think it was my fate not to bear children. I know its not easy, and in fact, it can be downright panicky and horrible when you are wanting it so bad, but hang in there , keep on trying :) Do you do temp charts, ovulation tests? have u done any tests to check for probs? We were just starting down that road, but decided to wait until after our holiday,...luckily never had to do more than the temp charts before we got lucky. Wishing you lost of baby dust!!!!!


NicoleM - September 11

Hi hopeless - don't give up! DH and I were ttc for 3 1/2 years. We tried naturally for 2 years and have been undergoing fertility testing and treatment for 1 1/2. I just got my first ever BFP! I got it after 5 months of clomid and 3 IUIs. I also had a 2nd hsg (oil based) about 3 months ago. We had unexplained infertility. Anyway, if it can happen for us, it can happen for anyone!


Colbeckj1 - October 14

Hello, me and my partner have been ttc for 4 years next month, all tests done by the doctors were normal and were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" I had some brown bleeding a few days ago and thought it was just Af coming but no bleeding for 3 days after so I took a pregnancy test today and it's positive! We're over the moon and were going to start the IVF process in December. Don't give up hope! I thought I'd never fall pregnant after so long and it happened for me. Baby dust to you hope you get your bfp soon! Xx



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