Anyone Under The Age Of 16 And Afraid To Tell Ur Parents

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Sasha - July 18

Hi my name is Sasha and i am 15 years old about to be 6 weeks pregnant , i am scared to tell my parents that i am pregnant my dad exspecially my mom would be a lil more easier on me. I barely show but i am getting thier and its pretty much gonna be real noticble .Any ways my mom has always been the one to tell me if i ever got pregnant young she wouldnt talk to me for along time and i cant get any epadurals at birth.......... What should i tell my parents and how should i tell them??? Thanks for your response!!!!


natalie - July 18

right, once you have decided what to do, tell your parents when the time feels right. you'll be surprised, parents usually use the ill never talk to you again tactic to prevent you fr5om becoming pregnant. they usually warm to you once you actually fall. its a big step in life, and your very young, but you can do it, lots of girls do. keep strong and remain positive and you shall find your pregnancy more enjoyable then something to worry about


emily - July 27

sasha, i understand your is hard but its not the end of world. parents want whats best for their children but when things do go wrong, they ARE there for them..your a mommy now and you know you would do anything for your baby too..pray to GOD for help and support and he will help you but remember that , thats why he wanted s_x to be in a marriage because its not meant to be for games , it is a serious thing ..anyway, he never forsakes us even when we do wrong and he allowed this child to be created for his purpose ..GOD bless you and i will pray for you also..


J. - July 27

Have you been to a doctor? Have you considered your options? Talk to a counsellor at family planning they'll help you find a way to tell your parents. Have your told your partner? Start taking good care of yourself, and get some prenatal vitamins. Do your parents know your s_xually active?


Jill - July 28

Hi Sasha. I'm a high school teacher and I have had a lot of experience in helping my students in situations like this. First, you really should try to talk to your parents or at the very least to another adult that you feel more comfortable with. You should not have to go through something like this by yourself. You can also look in your local phone book for Planned Parenthood which is a wonderful and supportive organization that can help you understand all of your options. They have a lot of experience in dealing with unplanned pregnancies in teenagers. They are extremely nice and will provide you with information about the best way to tell your parents, what you need to know about your health during pregnancy if you decide to keep the baby, adoption and abortion. Good luck, Sweetie.


lauren - July 28

sasha...don't be scared im pregnant too im only 14 and 12 weeks pregnant (3 months) i didnt tell me parents yet either because they said the same thing to me when i was younger,,,saying they won't talk to me and their going to kick me out of the what they commented about ^ tell your parents when the time is right they make it sound horrible but i doubt it, their only say that to make u scared and because your still under 18 they can't kick you out,and i'm sure they will give you all the support you need BESIDES their going to be grandparents right??? you telling your parents might be easier then me telling mine cause my parents are asian and asian parents are really i hope for the best for both of us


MM - July 28

Tell you parents now. Respect them and let them know. It shows responsiblitiy but telling them now rather than hiding it. Talk to your mom first when dad is not around. Then you and your mom can tell dad. Your mom and dad may be p__sed off and should be. BUT that does not mean they wont ever talk to you again. They will be on edge for a while until it actually sinks in. As for the epidural, you are the hospitals patient and the DR.s and nurses are there for you! I dont think your mom can say no she cant have that. Tell your mom ASAP. The longer you wait the harder it will be. Keep us posted


Kayla - July 28

I am a little older, 22, but my parents always said the same thing. However, once the truth is out there...its not so bad. Yes, initially when they find out it will be WW3 at your house...but give them time...they will come around, and after you will feel so much better knowing that they know


kittluv1022 - July 30

Sasha, everything happens for a reason. Your mom will get over it. As for pain meds at birth, it will be YOUR CHOICE, not hers. I have a friend who got pregnant when she was 14. She had it hard, but I am proud of her. One thing to keep in mind, there are so many husbands and wives out there that would give anything to have a baby. i read somewhere that for every 1 adoptable child there are 40 parents waiting in line. Whatever you decide to do, you may have just made all of one family's hopes and dreams come true. Keep your head up and be brave. They are your parents, they will unconditionally love you for the rest of their lives. Good luck hun!


Ashley - July 30

No matter what you need to tell them now. I told my grandparent's ( i lived with them ) when I was only 4 weeks pregnant (you wont start showing at this time when you look pregnant its BLOATING) I did get kicked out and live with my boyfriend and his dad. You need to think of a plan first, go to them and tell them you have planned to A) Keep the baby and ask for their support even though you are young. B) Give the baby up for adoption to a loving couple and ask for their support in your decision. C) I NEVER recomend abortion ever, a baby is a baby BUT its your decision. Please talk to them. And go to a doctor. I dont recomend planned aprenthood at all, I went there and they pushed abortion on me. Try and see if there is a PREGNANCY RESOURCE center they are GREAT! I go to one out here and they really help. If you need me email : [email protected] good luck



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