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momyof4 - August 6

but i don,t know if its safe for pregnent woman you should ask your docter. good luck....


tnyardangel - August 1

I'm taking generic Zofran and it is working great. I had to call around and found a HUGE difference in price for it. I was quoted over $350 at Walgreens for the highest, $68.84 at Sams Club and $17.30 at Costco. I about pa__sed out over the difference. The same dose, the same drug, the same amount (30 pills). I recommend anyone who has to take it to call around and price check. If there is not a Costco close to you, I would mail order it through them with that type of savings. I'm also very upset with Walgreens who I have used pretty much my whole life for marking this drug out of my reach where I have to drive two hours to get it at a reasonable price. It's worth the drive for the savings but I should not have to.


armywifeandmom - March 10

I took Zofran with my first daughter who is now 7 months old. I was so sick i couldnt keep anything down for over a month before i started taking it. I was vomiting every 5 minutes and that made it difficult to make it through work. But it made it feasable to focus on what i needed to get done. And i dont think it had any effect on my daughter, she is brilliant and already walking at 7 months. i just found out we are expecting our 2nd child and i will have no issues taking it again if my nausea is just as bad. I would listen to your doctor though, my doc a__sured me it was fine and she said she had used it with her last two kids. So that made me feel ok about it.


9898lizzz - July 9

I was taking Zofran a couple to a few times a week. I always ended up with a horrible headache and constipation. A friend told me about No to Morning Sickness Tea which not only subsided my nausea/vomiting but also helps with my tummy. It's completely safe during pregnancy.?


jenniferluke1001 - January 1

Abudo maternity course is a complete and credible course for all moms to be as it describes all the conditions, necessary precautions, nutrition, and health guide related to baby development.


Emma255 - December 3

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