Anyone With 4 Or More Children

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Gina - May 1

I was wondering if anyone else in a new relationship and is starting a new family. I am with a man who is 12 yrs younger and we are having a baby.


Kristen - May 1

are you pregnant with four ?


C - May 2

I have 3 kids and 1 stepdaughter - right now I am 13 wks with my 4th child...we were not planning this but have accepted it! I am excited as I always wanted to have 4 children:)


Gina - May 2

No, I am having my 5th.


Marivic - May 2

I'm 33, my 4 daughters are 17, 15, and twin 14 y/o's. I'm currently 8w3d, my BF is 41, all my kids are by my first marriage. This is his first, we're both thrilled (he wants 3 kids though...dunno about that...). This pregnancy is physically harder than I remember it being, but I'm hoping things smooth out after the first trimester. No one has "big" families anymore (2, MAYBE 3) and it all feels really special. Hope everyone's enjoying this time.


Gina - May 2

Everyone thinks I am nuts. I finally have freedom and I go and get pregnant. I had 4 kids by 25, I had no life. Having one will be a breeze..... I am excited too.


michelle - May 2

I have three teenagers, two toddlers and I'm pregnant with #6. My teens are from my first marriage. I'm 36 and dh didn't have any kids when we married. So we're trying to get them in before I'm too old! LOL


Woah Nellie! - May 2

Where I live you ,one and 2 is the norm. Three is considered a big family. I think I know 1 family w/ 4 children and that's it.


Colleen - May 2

Wow that is a big family these days! I don't know anyone w/ more than 2 kids and I am 35! I am from 3! I hope to have 1 or 2 : )


C - May 2

Well between my 2 boys from a previous relationship and my BF having 1 daughter from his previous relationship - we had 3 altogether when we hooked up!! We had our baby girl together back in 2003 and were not planning another but I'm pregnant, 13 wks....and so we will have 5 - we are a blended family but we are happy! His daughter lives with her mom and comes to visit - my boys spend time with their father alot, so it is not often that we have a "house full" ...yes nowadays people have their 1 or 2 and are shocked when they hear how many we have - but we are happy! I hate comments that I get know what? It is my life and my kids are all loved and very well taken care of and happy! I especially hate when people say "wow you are going to have your hands full!" You know what? I am already busy and I love my life! Don't judge people - not everyone has the 2 kids and perfect life....blended families are more common now adays...just as I know alot more people having more than 2 kids these days!


lisa - May 21

hi i am with a man 7 years younger than me. today i am entering my 9th wk in my 8th pregnancy. my eldest is 15 and youngest is 3. i cant wait baby is due xmas eve!!


Michelle - May 21

I have 5 children and possibly pregnant with number 6. Go to dr on Monday. HPT all say no but I am 2 weeks late and I am never late. I am having really bad back pains though??? Anyone one else? I know that you start growing faster with each kid and so I didn't know if this was normal. Almost feels like back labor.


Misty - May 23

I'm pregnant with my fourth. I have two boys by my first husband. My husband has a teenaged daughter and we have a lil girl together. He really wants a boy since he has two daughters. Talking about big families: my husband is one of 13 children by the same parents. I am one of six children; I have three step-siblings. I have sat and listened to my husband and a few of his siblings talking about their childhood and let me tell you-They had a blast! I see nothing wrong with having several children as long as you are the one raising them. I've encountered a lot of know-it-alls who think I'm crazy for wanting four children. Beware the next person who tells me I have my hands full when the next mood swing hits me! :)


Are you kidding? - May 23

I love my daughter and would like maybe one more but I cannot imagine that many. You go girl!!!!



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