Anyone With Early Ultrasound Knowledge Help

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lynette - April 25

hi girls, i really need some imput. i had my first early ultrasound at 7 weeks... during the ultrasound the tech refused to give me any insight into what was going on! i didnt see any thing that would indicate there was a heart beat! i asked her but she avoided the question? i am really scared and confuesd. i have to wait like a week to get the results. all i did hear was her talking about a yolk sac and she was adviseing the other tech that you dont measure the yolk sac...?? i know that i have to be at least 7 weeks the day of the ultrasound. my first hcg 4 weeks prior indicated that i was between 3-4 weeks. so when you had early ultrasounds did you actually see the heart beat??


olivia - April 25

Hy Lynette, 7 weeks is still very early. If it was an internal ultrasound (big probe) they usually get more information but a heartbeat might still be hard to detect. If it was a belly ultrasound it might just be too early. The yolk sac is what the fetus feeds off of until your placenta develops. It is also thought of to be what causes morning sickness as it releases lots of hormones. The tech can't usually say much and no heartbeat hopefully just means you had the ultrasound too early. Week 8-9 hopefully they will call you back for another. Rest easy for now, it is early! The doc will let you know if there is a problem. Good luck to you!


EricaG - April 25

Hey Lynette, don't get too scared just because the tech didn't say anything. They're not allowed to say very much. Even when I was having my gallbladder ultrasound and I asked if she saw any stones in there she said "I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to say". I'm sure that if something had been wrong they would have had a doctor talk with you about it or set you up for an earlier appointment with your OB. Try not to worry. I think it's silly getting these early ultrasounds anyway, it seems like it just worries everybody! At this early in the pregnancy if something's going to happen it will and an ultrasound wont stop it. Just try to relax, alright? There's nothing you can do. Just try to occupy yourself with other things. Good luck.


squished - April 25

I wish that your tech could haave told you more. We got lucky and had an u/s tech that told and showed us a lot. We went at 7w4d and she showed us the fetal pole, yolk sac, and the heartbeat and she measured how fast it was beating and told us. I did ask how everything looked and she said she couldn't give us a diagnosis, but with the sac, pole and heartbeat it looked right on. I wish you more info in your next u/s.



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