Anyone With Same Experiene HELP

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anonymouslucy - February 23 to this!! I just found out I am very early preg. LMP was 1-19-07 but think conception occurred 2-8-07 due to late O which gives an EDC of 10-31-07 (I work for my OB doc) I did a blood test (QHCG) Monday (when I got a BFP) and Wed and my number went from 84 to 280 and I had EXTREMELY sore br___ts up until Thursday and now today, I barely have any. The cramping has also not been as noticeable today either. I have had a terrible cold and have been taking Tylenol....maybe that has helped with the br___t tenderness and the cramping? If any of you have had similar symptoms, it would make me feel a lot better!!!


crackersforme - February 23

I can't help you with your question...sorry :), but I was just wondering...since you sait you work for your OB it as common as everyone thinks to get a negative on a HPT when you are actually pregnant - being confirmed by a blood test or ultrasound (how many have come through your office)? I'm deciding if I should schedule an appt. with an OB or not as I'm almost 3 weeks late & still testing negative at home -- but I have all the symptoms still.


tk07 - February 24

i think the tylenol might have helped, it does ease pain. especially the cramping. can't the Dr do another blood test to check your progesterone and hcg? i would ask for it, but i am also a worrier and i have no reason to even think anything is wrong and i worry about everything! i lost all my symptoms at 7 weeks and i am almost 10 now and everything is ok still. good luck!


anonymouslucy - March 4

Sorry I haven't responded. I couldn't remember where I posted my ? silly of me!! Anyway. We don't see hardly any women come in that have neg HPT that are actually pregnant. Sometimes other factors play into it ie: stress, ovarian cysts, TSH, FSH,LH and Prolactin levels. I would sched and appt with your OB just to be on the safe side!! Good luck!!


anonymouslucy - March 4

tk07.......I did go to work the same day I posted the ? and had another QHCG and it was 683 which was great. The next day I had a tiny amt of red spotting which freaked me out so I called my doctor and they put me on pelvic and bed rest and prometrium suppositories. Had a brief u/s on that Monday and saw a gest. sac that looked good, but too early to see anything since I was only 4 1/2 weeks. I'll have my next u/s on 3-7 and hopefully we will see something!!



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