Appetite Not Very Big

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newlywed0915 - November 26

I haven't been eating extremley well since I found out I was pregnant. My appet_te has been almost non- exsistent, and only last week did it return. But even now I still don't like to eat very much. If I DO eat, I get full so fast...and I'm worried because I haven't been eating that much meat. I'm eating maybe 2 meals a day with snacks in between. So my question is if I'm endangering the baby because of the lack of food I'm eating, or am I okay because I am still taking my prentals? I hope I can start eating more soon....


javidsgirl - November 26

don't worry about it dear mother nature makes sure our little ones are taken care during the first tri it is normal for some women to lose thier appet_te during the first trimester. And in all honesty you really shouldn"t eat alot of meat especialy red meat becuase it can raise your Cholesterol, blood pressure if you do eat meat i suggest try to eat lean chicken but all in all i talk to a dietian my ob sent me to one during my pregnancy and it was the best thing i did i swear because she helped me avoid things that were unsafe and get the most of thing that were so my baby and I would be healthy


javidsgirl - November 26

i mean i would talk to a diet_tian


nola-gal - November 26

i think you're fine. i'm eating smaller meals, and lots of snacks. i don't really feel like eating, either but i do because i know it makes the yucky feeling go away. and i am so picky about what i eat...i only want veggies, cheese, and bread. i used to eat anything anytime!!!


newlywed0915 - November 26

thanks gals! I feel better now! See, I can't stand the thought of beef...and I usually love chicken. I have loads of Smart Chicken (organic) in the freezer, but I don't even want to cook it. Lol... I seriously only want to chomp down on pickles, fruit, and celery. Nothing very substantial though. So I was just worried about that. I do have an extra 10 lbs on me from before I got I think I've got some stored nutrition. ;-)


javidsgirl - November 26

well your eating healthy so no worries there


hioannidis - November 26

NW0915, I am the exact same as you, my appet_te has changes so much. I feel like I barely eat. I am turned off on all meats and I have always been such a huge meat eater (beef, chicken, pork). Reading your question and the answers has made me feel better!!


newlywed0915 - November 26

me too! I usually eat a lot of meat! Now I just can't stand it.... :-(. It will pa__s...sometime in the future.. I'm sure.


fefer1 - November 26

No worries! I could hardly eat with my daughter in the first tri - but the most important thing during that time is to get enough water. The baby doesn't need as much the first few months as it's sooo tiny. :) My daughter came out perfectly healthy too. I made up for the lack of eating in the later trimesters for sure!!


Faye84 - November 26

Nope not at all! up until i was half way into my second trimester the only thing i could eat was cereal. Just try to eat veggies and fruits. If not dont worry about it. Just make sure to take those prenatals, thats where your baby is really getting all the nutrition from



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