Are Dreams Real

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diana_1 - January 12

Hi all! I am about 7.5 weeks along, just had a dream that I was pushing a baby's stroller (this is my first pregnancy) And it was a GIRL! She was very cute! I am not really sure if she was mine or someone elses :P Does that mean I am having a girl? As I mentioned, I am still 7.5 weeks so its a little early to find out! :P Thanks! Good luck to all yo preggos out there!


krnj - January 12

Hey there! Well when I was pregnant with my son I "knew" it was a boy. I also had a dream about it. So far this time I'm thinking boy, but I'm really hoping for a girl! lol Hopefully next Fri they'll be able to tell. Good luck & let me know!!


diana_1 - January 12

thanks krnj! Ill let you know. I guess Ill have to wait a few weeks till I finnd out! Good luck to u too! :) Let me know if you're having a girl or boy.


TamaraAngel - January 12

I just read an article yesterday that said research shows that dreams and intuition of pregnant moms is often accurate in predicting the s_x of the baby. The same study found no correlation between the way a woman carries (high / low / all in front) to the s_x of the baby. I had a dream that i had a beautiful baby boy... and my mom went to a psychic who said i'm having a boy. However, i "feel" like it's a girl. I guess we all just have to wait and see! :o)


lawlady72 - January 12

So funny I put a post like this one the other day. I had a dream a stork delivered a pink bundle to me. I guess we'll see in about 11 weeks.


MamiAgain - January 12

Heehee, I hope not! I had a very vivid dream of doing it w/ Kid Rock! Barf!!!! In any case if you do want a gril then I hope your dream comes true. GL and H&H 9!


DownbutnotOUT - January 12

I had a dream with all 3 of my babies about there s_xes and I was right for each one! This baby I had a dream it was a girl and so did Dh we will find out in a week if once again my dreams were right, so far 100% correct. Good luck


Tammy276 - January 12

Dreams are just that, dreams and nothing more.....chances are if you are dreaming about having a girl, it is because you want a girl. Intuition is a different thing....I had a feeling when i was preggo with my son that it was a boy, even though I dreamt about having a girl (because I really wanted a girl)...this time around, I have had dreams of it being a boy and a girl, and I am preggo with a girl


diana_1 - January 13

I guess this drean thing comes down to whats really deep in ur brain, not whats deep in ur uterus lol! I have been reading on the internet about what stuff can determine ur baby's s_x. Like, if ur not craving any sweets but craving salt/sour, its a boy, and if you notice that your body hair is starting to grow faster, then its probably because of the mail hormones in u. And I am actually experiencing both of these cases, can that be true??


TamaraAngel - January 13

I'm going to a__sume that those methods can't be too accurate in determing s_x b/c i'm craving sweets not sour/salty (girl) but my body hair is growing far more rapidly (boy).... so it wouldn't be able to go by that... lol


diana_1 - January 13

Tamara, what if you're having twins?? ;)


sahmof3 - January 13

With my 1st I sometimes dreamed it was a girl and sometimes that it was a boy. But, when I was awake I thought- boy. He was a boy! I didn't have any baby dreams with my 2nd and 3rd oddly enough! I also dreamed during my first pregnancy that I would leave the baby somewhere (once it was a parking lot, once it was his nursery, etc.)... for like a week, like I completely forgot I had a baby... and would suddenly think of it and be afraid to go look for or check on my baby. I also had dreams of forgetting to feed my baby. LOL... glad to say those things never happened ;-)


TamaraAngel - January 13

Diana perhaps that could be somewhat true actually... b/c i was at first carrying two embryos and i sadly lost one! :o( So maybe my body had the hormones of both s_xes... who knows?? I get my 20 week US around Valentine's Day.... i can't wait to find out what i'm having!! I'm so impatient!!!


diana_1 - January 14

really wild dreams sahmof! Well, it looks like i just gotta wait and see. Tamara, I am soo excited for u, you gotta let me know what ur having. Ill be waiting eagerly by valentines day. Sorry about the loss of ur other embryo, by what week did u notice there was another one? I have a feeling I might be having twins, since it runs in both my family and dh's.


jessicaspatherapist - January 14

mamiagain! lol....i've had a dream about doing it with kid rock too! lol too funny!!!!!! it was not a dream i'd want to remember!!! lololol


utopia8302 - January 14

hi girls! i am so glad i found this thread!!!! i am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, but when i was pregnant with my first, i had a dream it was a girl. This little girl about 2yrs came up to me and kept calling me mom! i tried forever to try to find her mom, and she kept getting frustrating with me and saying, "NO!!!! YOU'RE my mom!!!!! and steve is my daddy......"etc she kept naming people in my family and calling them aunt, uncle, etc when i woke up, i couldnt believe it!!!!!!! i KNEW i just met my daughter! and she is 21 months, and looks almost IDENTICLE to the girl in my dream!!! so the answer is YES, it is soooo real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am still waiting to hear about this pregnancy....i have a feeling its a boy, but no dreams yet! so let us know!


JulieK - January 14

lol....I hope dreams are just dreams. I dreamt I was having



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