Are My Symptoms Normal

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Shona - December 5

I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 1st child and I am very excited but sometimes I feel pregnant and sometimes I dont. Mt br___ts are slightly tender and feel massive to what they normally are. I am always tired and I get pain (like a period pain). I dont have morning sickness (touch wood). Does everyone get sickness? Are my symptoms healthy for being in my 1st trimester?


Amalys - December 6

Hi Shona, I'm about 5-6 weeks my self and I don't get any morning sickness at all. My b___sts however are very tender and vainy... I also get period like cramps. I heard that this is normal and alot of prego. ladies get cramps. It could be a number of things causing the cramps, from the uterus streching, to ovulation...It's ok as long as your not spotting. any concern should definatley be directed to your DR. I wouldnt drive my self nuts over not having morning sickness, enjoy it. 40% of women dont get it ... were the lucky ones...God bless you... Good luck with your pregnancy... :)


Shona - December 6

Hi Amalys - thanks for your reply. I will enjoy not having morning sickness. I'm doing great so far but sleeping all the time. Good luck with your pregnancy too.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 6

Don't count your chicken before they hatched s they say... I didn't sufer from any morning sickness until the 7 week mark... Now it happens all day long......and most of the time nothing comes up... loads of fun..


Louise - December 6

I still get period like feeling and i am 12 weeks. Your body thinks its still going to have a period especially if your regular in your cycle. Your symptoms will just be starting as you say your only 6 weeks. Tiredness is soo normal as well, you might feel like that until 12 weeks but then might be lucky you might have no symptoms for long. Goodluck


JJ - December 6

I'm having exactly the same symptoms. Some people are just luckier with the morning sickness than others. Most of the time I just feel normal with a little bit of nagging tummy discomfort. I think you're doing just fine :-)


shona - December 7

Thanks everyone for your comments - I feel rea__sured now. Still really tired and get tummy cramps (like I'm due a period). Good Luck to you all x


Nikki - December 17

That's very normal. I didn't get any morning sickness at all with my first pregnancy, but I did get a little nauseated for the first two months. It's nice to not experience much of that. Now that I'm pregnant for the second time, I've had alot more nausea this time. Still, I only got sick once so far (when I was brushing my teeth) so I'm still pretty lucky. My sis in law gets so much morning sickness during her pregnancies that blood vessels in her throat burst AND she gets dehydrated and has to be hospitalized to get IV fluids. She also has to take medication for nausea so that she can keep food and fluids on her stomach! We are the lucky ones!


Lilly - December 18

Finally someone with my exact symptoms! I'm 6 weeks as well with my first. No morning sickness, exhaustion, cramping occasionally.



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