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ella - February 12

i'm almost 7 weeks...and am still waiting for an appointment with my regular doctor. in the meantime, i'm wondering about chemicals etc as i want to be very, very careful with this little bean! does anyone know if the following things are safe? chewing gum (sugarfree) decaf coffee chinese food sugar thanks so much! xo


SuzieQ - February 12

Ok - I'll give my input. I'm not sure how correct it is though! Chewing gum - I've heard that the kind that contains phenylphelanin (or something like that) isn't good for the baby - gum that contains it has a warning on it (in canada anyways). Decaf coffee should be ok - just watch your sugar intake if you add sugar. Chinese food - well, it's not the healthiest I guess, but I'm sure there's worse for you. I think that one's a case of finding a healthier option. Nix the msg though. And sugar- well, again, I think it's more a health choice with this one. The healthier you eat, the healthier your baby's nutrient source will be. Sugar calories are empty calories. Maybe subst_tute honey or maple syrup in recipes/tea/etc. Best wishes!


^lucy^ - February 13

hi ella,, im almost 26 weeks but have some advices regarding ur question.. chewing gum-- try having ones with no sugar added, for the baby's sake and for ur teeth as u wont be able to go to a dentist in case u have a cavity or something (sorry if this sounds silly but its an advice at the end).. and go for gums with no coloring in them.. it's very harmful for the baby.. also for chips and candies, choose natural ones and no coloring.. for sugar, as suzie said u can subst_tute honey even in sweets u make and in the tea if u have sugar in it usually.. its healthier for u and the baby and u'll get the sugars u need from it.. avoid too much salt,, it'll keep u thirsty and will cause water retention in ur later stages during pregnancy as well as high blood pressure.. moderate salt is ok unless u crave it for example like i do!! but i try to control it since i dont wanna look like a balloon full of water at the end and my baby's health is my #1 concern right now.. drink milk, milk is good and if u can't drink it - dislike the taste or makes ur m/s worse - talk to ur dr about it, he'll ive u calcium supplements but this is probably during the end of the 2nd tri as this is the phase when baby's bones are becoming harder and developing.. and about the decaf coffee, well for me i cut on caffeine the moment i knew i was pregnant, no coke no coffe, but i still have a cup of black tea in the morning with no sugar!! i never had tea w/o sugar before i got pregnant :p strange hehe.. anyway sorry for making it long but i would like to share what i know and im glad im here and i learned lots of stuff cz im a 1st time mom :) good luck with ur pg :)



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