Are You DUE In JULY 2006

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Diana - November 5

Please join my July 2006 mommies group..


ladybug - November 6

usually earlier than the first. So I expect to possibly give birth in June. But either way, I am due in July.


Veera - November 23

im due on July 22. Haven't gone for any checkup. Planning to go after 8 weeks. Wish me luck for my 1st baby


Dawn (DS) - November 23

I'm due the 30th July and will go for my first scan at 12 weeks. Baby number 1


Amy - November 23

I am due July 1st im 9 weeks nearly and im lookin forward to my first scan =)


missy - November 23

i'm 6 weeks and due July 18th. first dr's appointment next week tuesday and the suspence is killing me.


mw - November 23

I am due sometime in early july--not entirely sure. I haven't have an ultrasound to confirm the date.


Tiffani - November 24

Hi Diana! I am due July 29th-first baby! I have my first ultrasound Dec. 6th - can't wait!


jera - November 25

I am due July 11 with my third child.My doctor's appointment is not until December 5th.I am very anxious and excited about this pregnancy since I know it will be my last.


shawna - November 25

hello i am due july 17 th and it is my 2nd preg now and i am wait on my doc appt on dec 16 th to check up .. i am happy that i have second baby on way .. wow it going to hot for me in summer !! .. thanks for read smile


Rachel - November 25

Hi ladies, I am 7 weeks+ but only just found out. I book a docs app and was surprised that he didnt have much to say. Just took my word for it that I was pregnant, asked the date of my last period and told me I would get more info in the post. Was a bit disappointed with the lack of attention and advice as this is my first. How were your docs?


Catrina - November 26

Hi everyone, I'm due sometime in mid July, but don't have an exact due date! About 7 weeks gone though! Has anyone else gained weight already? I have already gained a few pounds and a bit of a belly and I don't think I've been over eating too much!


tamfit - December 24

I am due july 30th, 2006 as well. I have had one scan already due to prior miscarriage. Every thing looks great so far!


Allyson - December 26

i am due july 6th i am 12 weeks 3 days


crisy - December 28

Hi. I am due around the21 of July acording to the u/s. I am on bed rest now. I had 3 u/s so far and I will be 11 weeks tomorrow. I am really scared because I had a miscarriage in April. I hope I can make it this time. Lots of baby dust to all of you.


HeatherE - December 29

I am due July 23rd. I had my first appointment and u/s yesterday. Due to a previous m/c at 13wks in May, I have another appointment in 2 weeks and in the meantime I have to see a Specialist. U/S showed a normal heartrate. But it was hard to find because the baby is so small.


Tasa - January 3

Hey everyone my baby is due 7/10 on my husbands birthday his first my second I have a 6yr old we all can't wait until July :)



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