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DANI - February 26

any fish while pregnant? Im about 6.5 weeks and I've heard that Omega 3 is super good for the unborn babe. But have been really scared to eat any b/c of the mercury. Is anyone else taking Omega's or eating fish, and if you are how much are you eating weekly? Thanks.


ginger6363 - February 26

I've eaten salmon here and there but I wouldn't say that I eat fish 3 times a week. I actually asked my OB about this on Friday. He said he didn't recommend O3 supplements, but he did recommend eating salmon and some fish (the ones wiht less mercury) a couple of times a week.


javidsgirl - February 26

i take omega 3"s my PERINTOLOGIST recommended them becuase they are great for the delveping fetus as well there have been studies that indicate they reduce m/c by 25%. i take wild salmon supplemment becuase it is low in mercury you can buy a omega 3 supplement in the usa called expecta


alisonelecia - February 26

Lots of fish is safe to eat during pregnancy, but you are right to avoid anything with mercury. Typically any fish that is farm raised (tilapia, salmon, some trout) is safe. If your concerned, ask the fish person at the grocery store. They're required to know the source of the fish, and I think the government requires them to tell you if the fish were caught in an area known to be high in mercury.


DANI - February 26

thanks ladies!


lovestruckjsw - February 26

I'm eating a lot of salmon. I buy it in the cans like tuna and just make sandwiches out of it. Salmon has a TON of omega 3 and DHA but is very safe to eat. I do avoid tuna however simply because I learned that they are the most likely to have mercury. But even at that, it's still pretty rare nowadays.


akmomma - February 26

I live in alaska, and basically live off of fish. But, because of the recent studies done up here, I have been told to limit intake to once a week. Omega 3 are great for you and baby, but they are also found in plenty in your prenatal vit.s.....So it's really not a huge deal to eat fish.


tk07 - February 26

hi! i don't eat fish so my Dr gave me a prenatal that has a seperate pill of omega 3, she said it is good to take.


CaseyB - February 28

DANI - I just wanted to say HI! How are things going?


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 28

does tuna have mercury if so what fish can i eat b/c i can't stomach steak or chicken right now.


afireinsideamanda - February 28

im seriously grossed out by most fish and dont like it, but cant you buy the same vitamins in the fish in supplements?



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