Are You Going To Breastfeed Pump Or Formula

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Jennifer123 - May 22

Has anyone decided on what they are going to do? I would like to pump but so many people that I know that have kids act like I'll never make it pumping. They are very discouraging however I would like to think I could do it. Anyone else decided yet?


Erynn21 - May 22

Hi there Jennifer123-I am going to b___st feed and pump occasionally. I know that if you want to pump you'll need to have a really nice pump that more than likely is a dual electric pump. They cost like 300bucks, you can also rent them from a lactation consultant. I talked w/ my girlfriend about this right now she works one day a week and has a hand pump to relieve any pressure during the day. I just know you have to be really set up for it have a freezer w/ room, have enough bottles(she said Event bottles are the best) and to basically be organized. Don't listen to other ppl it seems like I hear so much discouragement about being pregnant, having a baby, bla,bla,bla... I think if others have failed at something they just doom you to failure also. Personally I think do what you feel is right for you and your little one. May I ask when you are due? I'm due in late Aug. so everytime I tell someone when I'm due I get a groan and oh you're gonna be so hot, I honestly think if I hear that once more I will scream. Good luck on your decision.


Steff - May 22

I am also planning on nursing. I will pump occasionally but primarily I wasnt to b___st-feed. My sister pumped exclusively. It is very demanding. It seemed like she always either pumping, washing the b___bie dished (what she affectionaltly called it) about to pump or feeding the baby. now that has weaned her daughter, she has so much time. Ha ha ha. She had a really nice pump $400 or something. It was worth it for her. btw, she wanted to b___stfeed but the baby wouldn't latch. She was a lazy suck...


Jennifer123 - May 22

Hi Erynn21 - Thanks for your comments. I'm not due until Christmas but I hear you on how people tell you how hot you will be in August. I have everyone telling me about my poor timing for having a baby on Christmas. WHATEVER! I have plenty of time to decide on pumping or formula. You are right though it is the ones that failed at the pumping that are so negative. I have so many friends who went w/ formula just for the convenience and I would like to think I could deal w/ some inconvenience to better my baby.


Steff - May 22

Hey Jennifer 123: I am also due at christmas! the 27th to be exact!!! I am a christmas baby.... so now I will have 2 in my family. Congratulations!


Jennifer123 - May 22

Hi Steff That's great that we are due so close together. How has your pregnancy been going so far? I guess I can't complain b/c my morning sickness has only consisted of nausea every now and then - mostly at night. I have been very tired but that I can deal with. I'm just ready to go back to confirm everything is OK. I don't go back to the doctor until June 8th. We did see the heartbeat at 7 weeks though. How are you feeling? Have you told everyone yet? Regarding your below comment - if your sister got pregnant again would she pump again do you think?


babybird - May 22

I am pregnant with my third child and I b___stfed both of my boys. I loved b___stfeeding. I recommend it to everyone, but I also know people that really hated it. I pumped occasionally if I was going to be away from the baby for a couple of hours and HATED pumping. This could be because I didn't have a very good pump. I've heard it's a lot easier and more convenient with an expensive pump. I guess it's just really all a matter of opinion and what's easiest for you. I say go ahead and try pumping if that's what you think you want to do. And if you don't like it at least you know you tried and did your best!


CrystalH - May 24

Hi guys. I plan to b___stfeed. I'll pump occasionally so my husband can also feed the baby. I b___stfed my son who is now 16 (!!!) and I hated pumping with him because it hurt me so much. However, I'm sure the technology has changed dramatically in 16 years! I b___stfed him for 9 months. I plan to b___stfeed exclusively with this baby for 6 months and then add in cereal and try and b___stfeed until she is a year (because it's so healthy for the baby). I agree with all the comments. I'm due 12/10 and keep hearing how hot I'll be in the summer and "Oh, you poor thing". It's getting old already!!!


Leilani14 - May 24

Hi! Well I'll probably try all three. I will try to brestfeed in the begining. I have to go back to work after 12 weeks but I would like that my baby gets my milk as long as possible. I will pump and brestfeed after I go back to work. And if for some reason I start loosing milk I will add formula.


HannahBaby - May 24

i tried pumping with my daughter and it really is impossible to pump exclusively. YOu have to buy a 300$ pump and have plenty of free time to do it. It just didnt work for me, or alot of other people that i know. I really wanted to breatfeed but have decided not to after hearing how long some babies nurse. im going for the bottle again just like i did with my first, that way i can share some feedings with my husband. Alot of people are discouraging about exclusive pumping because its very very time consuming. YOu can just take a day trip and not worry about pumping. The women that i have talked to who did successfully pump all had the same problem, low milk supply and then had to supplement anyway. GOod luck and dont feel guilty if b___stfeeding isnt right for you.


nursej - May 28

wel, i have decided even though i am 6 weeks preg. i am using formula, my breats are not that big to start with and i don't want to lose anymore than i have to. plus no one in my family has b___stfeed. they sort of frown on it, my moms says it hurts to much plus i work the night shift at a hosp i am a rn, i would never have the time to b___st feed or pump my b___st milk. formula is the only way for me.


yetanothertripletmom - May 28

You CAN pump exclusively! I pumped exclusively for my triplets for 14 months while still caring for my older son. It was really tough, but doable. I had to pump every two hours round the clock with a hospital grade electric pump. Obviously I had to pump so much because I was making milk for 3. With this new baby I plan on b___stfeeding. Pumping is a little uncomfortable and time-consuming. I'd rather develop that close bond that b___stfeeding brings with the baby instead of the pump. But providing b___stmilk for your child is an awesome thing anyway you do it. Good luck!


sarahbaby11 - May 28

jennifer123. i am thinking of pumping exclusively. i have a few reasons for it. this is ,my second child and my first wouldn't latch on. sadly the nurses at the hospital kept givig her bottles so she never tried. i felt like i missed giving her important nutrition. she is currently allergic to milk stilll at 2.5 years. second i have a friend who did b___stfeed and the baby would take nothing but the b___b. so as you could imagine they never get out really and the baby is now 6 months and since eating solid food they can finally go out to dinner since she doesn;t have to run to the bathroom. so i'm going to give it a shot at pumping. oh i'm due december 30 according to lmp and jan 2 according to recent ultrasound.



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