Are You Implying That I LOOK Pregnant

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ShoppingForTwo - December 4

Ok so as everyone knows my dh and I are keeping this pregnancy a secret for a while. . . Well until I look completely and utterly pregnant :) bascially lol. Well when I enter the building that I work in every morning I pass and say h__lo to the two female securtiy gaurds. Same ones everyday. So today when I was leaving work for the day, they stopped me and asked "Are you pregnant?" I was soooo excited to use my very much practiced response because I just knew it would shut them up and asked, "Are you saying that I look pregnant?" (with a very sad/embarassed/hurt look on my face hehehe) and the freaking lady said, "YES, you do!" and parted my jacket to get a better look at my stomach! What the h__l! I don't LOOK pregnant at 9w5d!!! Being my second pregnancy my dh and I can tell my lower belly is SLIGHTLY swollen BUT a stranger? Get the heck out of here! Maybe I shouldn't have worn that maternity sweater that I wore today. . . Not that I need it anytime soon, I just woke up late and all our laundry was nicely folded in the baskets from this weekend and I didn't feel like searching through the stacks and stacks for a shirt. Plus the sweater I wore today was so comfortable and cute! Anyway, I don't look pregnant, that was rude. I just blamed it on Thanksgiving and walked away. They are going to think I'm the biggest liar in a couple of months, but boo hoo they don't have to RIGHT to know my personal life. So I stand by my not telling them my business. I'm not ready. Just felt like sharing people :)


mjvdec01 - December 4

That is funny! Maybe you do look pregnant? I am 6 weeks and 3 days with my second and I have to wear maternity colthes. I am not a big person I just popped right out. You can definitely tell.


Macy - December 4

You made me laugh! Must say I wouldn't like strangers pawing my belly, pregnant or not! lol


jennifer_33106 - December 4

You should have punched her in her ovary and told her her face looked like puppy chow. haha


heatherjene - December 4

What a wondefully deviant story!! You definitely have every right to keep your secret as long as your little heart desires. LOL


Faye84 - December 4

thats so rude, A woman said that to me on my first pregnancy too, so after she asked if i was pregnant, I gave the same response you did, But after she said yes you do as said " wow I was thinking the EXACT same thing a bout you, how strange." she never bothered me about it again.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 4

LOL Faye!!! thats good! Im to polite to people to say something like that to their face but man I would have been thinking it!! no strangers have said anything to me but then again I don't work so I don't see many people on a daily basis, and everyone like friends and such already know *shrug* you are right thought SFT, you don't have to tell them anything! keep it a secret as long as you like :) lol just to mess with that lady even after yoi are NOTICEABLY showing still tell her you arent pregnant and that you are offended that she thinks your fat LOL...


nola-gal - December 4

well, considering i have looked a little pregnant for most of my adult tife, no one's going to notice any difference for a while. i have a "tipped uterus" and a little pooch from living in a city with fantastic food! i think i've said be fore, we have a different definition of thin in new orleans! but my close friends and family do notice my b___bs. they are practically knocking people over! i went from a 36 C to a 38 D overnight!


HeatherIsHopeful - December 4

lol.. my b___bs haven't done much in the way of growing yet but I already have a bit of a bump going on Im at 12 weeks 3 days now so I guess its getting to be that time where I start showing a little :)


ShoppingForTwo - December 4

Hey MJVDEC01! I don't think I look pregnant, just bloated. In due time I will definetly POP. MACY- I feel the same way! That lady had her nerve huh? JENN- you are so funny! Haha she's a security guard, if I punched her she would have Rodney King-ed me with her baton lol. That's not good for pregnancy :) HEATHERJENE- Thanks so much for backing me up. FAYE- hehe that's the funniest thing I have ever heard! Serves her right! I might have to use that! HEATHERISHOPEFUL- I might take your advice just to mess with those ladies :) that would be so hilarious! NOLAGAL- your response was so funny! Especially the first sentence :) Hey my uterus is tipped also, doesn't that mean that it takes us longer to show? My b___bs started off as a 36D/DD so imagine what they look like now!!


Faye84 - December 4

two words.... HOLY BOOBS!


stefkay - December 4

oh man, I only wish mine would start growing...I start out as an A, but can fake a! Mine seem a bit bigger, but honestly, nothing most anyone could tell :(


hioannidis - December 4

SFT, the nerve of some people!!! No cla__s!! I think you handled yourself perfectly!! I agree with Jennifer, you should have punched them in the



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