Aren T You Suppose To GAIN Weight

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wesley123 - July 10

Hi Ladies, I was just wondering..aren't you suppose to GAIN weight and not be losing? So far i have lost about five pounds and I am a little over 10 weeks along. I don't recall this happening with my other pregnancies. Anyone else have this happen to them?


sahmof3 - July 11

I did. With all of mine. I'm a bit heavy to start with. With my first and second I ended up 10 lbs. lighter by my due date than my pre-preg weight!! With my last I lost for most of the pregnancy and only ended up gaining 10 lbs. total (and the baby was 10 lbs. 6 oz.). I don't know why this happens?? I ate like a horse. With the first one my doctor was ready to send me in for a blood test to make sure I was getting proper nutrients and not starving myself, but DH piped up and said, "She ate a whole pizza the other night b/f I even got any and she eats like that all the time!" Any other time, I'd have killed him- lol. Anyways, in order my babies weights were in the 9's, 8's and 10's, so apparently they weren't starving in there!! Hope this helps ease your mind.


wesley123 - July 13

Yes thank you does ease my mind ALOT. I guess I shouldn't be too worried, all of my babies were big babies and they too didn't starve!! LOL All five of my girls were over 9 and my boy who is the youngest was 10, so I guess I should have no worries. Thanks again.


dedaa - July 13

Im doing the same thing im almost 9 weeks and I have already lost about 6 pounds. With my last one by this time it seemd like I had already gained 10 pounds. Even though I am losing weight my belly is getting bigger though. How about you?


AllEyesOnMe - July 13

Most women do lose weight at first and then they gain it back.


newmommy20072007 - July 14

ya, i'm 9 weeks and i've lost 6 pounds since my last visit at 4 weeks, i don't know what to do to gain it back! does anyone have any suggestions? it would help alot!!


wesley123 - July 14

Hi dedaa. Yes I have lost about 4 pounds and i am 11 weeks now, but yes, I have noticed my belly is getting bigger too. Well I guess as long as the baby is growing there shoudn't be too much to worry about huh? LOL


mrs.tumbleweed - July 27

Yes! Ihave been on my scale and have lost weight, when i should be gaining weight. i;m probalbly pregnant with all the syptoms ,my IUD has gotten out of place! Iproblably don;t even know thast I am!


Natpink - July 28

Hi wesley123 im now 11weeks along and every time i step on the scales i have lost another pound, i think i have lost about 4 pounds now, but i have heard that you do lose a bit of weight befour you start putting it on, so dont worry its all normall.


wesley123 - July 28

Thanks Natpink, after having 6 kids you'd think I would know that by, but with every pregnancy I worry about the same things, I just feel silly after asking the same question with each pregnancy. Well now I am 13 weeks and I haven't lost anymore than the 5 pounds (so far) so I guess everyone was right about this weight thing. LOL Thanks again ladies!



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