At 10 Weeks How Many Pounds

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patience - June 6

have you gained? I have only gained 2 pounds, but I figure most of the weight will come on later, and I'm really trying to stay within the 25-35 pound range. Anyone else?


Gina - June 6

Up to 7 pounds now. 11 weeks tomorrow


D - June 6

i'm 11 weeks and gained 2 pounds also.


erica - June 6

I'm 11 weeks and gained 12 pounds.


Sarah - June 7

I'm 12 weeks and have gained 3, even though I feel like it's been more because my pants don't fit and my waist is definately thicker. I'm not really showing much though.


Jessie V - June 7

I'm 13w since my last visit 4w ago I have gained 1.5 lbs. I have been eating very healthy to try to keep my weight gain down. I had a friend's Mom tell me I look fat. What!? I'm still in shock that she said that. While my sister-in-law thinks I should have gained more. I'm pg that doesn't mean I have to stuff my face all day! My Dr. said 15-25lb gain would be healthy and her opinion is the only one that counts!


Gina To Jessie - June 8

What are you eating? Share


Lenore - June 8

12 weeks and i gained 9 pounds already. A friend said to me "oh my goodness you are showing a lot for 3 months" and I thought well, is there a rule to when you should start showing?I have always been in good shape and have a flat stomach so maybe this is why, I am not sure? anyone else showing at 12 weeks??


Gina - June 8

at 11 weeks I am showing too!!! I can wear some of my clothes but it wont be for long. I am uncomfortable. My uterus is huge. It is almost to my belly b___ton already. It should not be, I know this.


Vanessa - June 8

haha you are all scaring me now! (only joking) I have just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am starting to think about how much weight I am going to put on!


Jessie V - June 8

To Gina; I eat TONS of veggies.(with dip) I haven't really wanted to eat sweets.


cabbie - June 9

My pregnancy book says you should gain 2-3 pounds the first trimester. However, I was down weight with my first child. The dr put me on an all you can eat diet. By my fourth month I had gained back and plus eight pounds. He said no more "diet", but the weight didn't stop. I continued to 50lbs. With my second, I gained 25. Now seven weeks along, I don't think I've gained yet. Clothes still fit fine.



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