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Z - October 8

Do anyone of you remember approximate time between intercourse and ovulation when you conceived?? It would be a great help for me because, for me, there is a three day difference and I'm hoping that I conceived. So ladies, tell me if I did it :-)


J - October 9

useually your strongest time is with those three days of oveulation.. ovulation is about 1 week after ur last period..mine . was on the 5th and concevied on the 13th, not sure if that answered ur question we had s_x on the 11 and 12th but not the 13th.. Iam 9 weeks.


To Z - October 9

I used an opk, and actually most women ovulate around 2 weeks after AF. But because everyone is different and there is no magic number, you should use a opk or chart your bbt. I bd'd the day before I o'd and got pg. But, sperm can live for a few days in good cm. SO, if you bd'd even three day's before you o'd there is a chance you conceived. You best chances are to bd the day before and during O.


Angie - October 9

I had been charting and my "o" date was 10 days after my everyone is different...We had s_x 3 days leading up to it and day of and 2 days after...(husband was away for 6 months so we were ready, and we got pregnant right 91/2 weeks). I did notice that my "o" date changed from month to month. So charting and OPK are good to use.


angebaby - October 9

I ovulated on day 20 on the cycle I got pregnant, but my cycles were about 31-33 days long. I recommend charting your waking temperatures every morning. When you temperature rises, you know you've ovulated.


Dia - October 10

Hey Z, DH and I only has s_x 1 time during ovulation, and it was the day before I ovulated. After using opk's for awhile, I figured out that I faithfully ovulate on cd 20, and I usually have af on cd 34. No af this month...and I just got my BFP! I am barely 4 weeks! Hope this helps!



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