August 1st Mommies

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boodahbaby - December 6

Hey all! Just thought we would start another one.... I'm feeling my first bit of nausea today... yucky but makes me feel that I am headed in the right direction!?


Heather - December 6

Hi everyone! I have been very nauseaus the past 2 days. It is hitting me around 11ish. I also took a digital hpt today and it said Pregnant! I knew I was just because I had taken 4 regular HPT but the line was always light so I kept doubting it. I was so excited to see the Pregnant!!! Now I have to break the news to dh that I spent MORE money on hpts!


softbreeze200 - December 6

I know exactly what you mean boodahbaby!! I too ahve been starting to feel more and more nauseas the last few days, and although it is ucky, I will willingly take it if it means that everything is progressing the way it should be and baby is doing fine!! It is kind of rea__suring!! Silly isn't it!!


XxbebexX - December 6

hey! im august 3rd...close enough though not feelin anything kinda nervous, is that supposed to happen? my b___st are sore and im peeing more but thats about it....i'll be six weeks this coming sunday so i guess i should wait and see? i dunno....


KITKAT01 - December 7

Hey girls i am due aug 5th i went to my family doc on monday and got a + blood test. My first visit to obgyn is the comming monday just wondering how early do you usually get your first ultrasound? I'm so exited and glad to see some other girls that will be goin threw it with me! Hope you dont mind me joining in.


softbreeze200 - December 7

Hey Congrats Kitkat!! It is exciting!! I am going for my first US on Dec 19 (willbe 7w5d) as I am high risk and they are just going to make sure all is going as it should be. Usually around 15 weeks otherwise I think. ANyone else know for sure??


Heather - December 7

My doctor always confirms the pregnancy at 8 weeks with an ultrasound but I'm not sure if that is standard or if that is just my doctor. My first appointment isn't until January 2nd and I will be exactly 8 weeks.


Kevsgirl21 - December 7

Morning sickness is kicking my b___t this morning, yesterday was the first day that it kicked in, and today I go back for my follow up HCG test, the first results were around 20,000 which I hear is good for 6w1d but I really want to know what the results from today will be. And ofcourse it still seems like such a long wait till tuesday for the US!


pebblesnbambam - December 7

Well, hello ladies.. I may be joining your group. I just went in to see the doctor yesterday for what I thought was a kidney or bladder infection and left there after giving bloodwork to see if i am pregnant.. I had to laugh about it because I have a son that just turned 4 and a daughter that is SIX MONTHS OLD. I just sold all of my maternity stuff and dh has an appt on Tuesday to discuss a vascectamy.. sp?? Doctor called last night and told me my hcg levels were at 7????? She said 5 and under is not pregnant... 25 is confirmed pregnancy... anything in between is a maybe? How can you MAYBE be pregnant? They can't get me in for a v____al u/s until Tuesday... so here I am left wondering about this all weekend. And whether it is in my mind or not.. I feel nausious this afternoon... The funny thing is.. (I have to keep a sense of humor here) I was not ovulating and had to take fertility meds to get preggers with my last child.. AND.... I am b___stfeeding.... AND... haven't had a period. So if I am.. I keep telling myself that a higher power had a plan for us that we don't know about. So.. I maybe joining you ladies here.. I figured out that if my level is at a 7.. I am 10 days out from conception.. which would place my due date at the end of August. So... anyways.. been posting in the infant care section NEVER dreaming I would be back here soo soon... lol!


cnasmom - December 7

hi all! wow a new thread already! i got my bloodwork back from wed. and it was 22536 which is high for 5 wks and 5 days and i had more done today but won't know til tomorrow, :( it makes me anxious. how are all u ladies doing? 6 wks exactly today! due aug. 1st. morning sickness gotta a hold of me today i think! ugh!!


JustStartingOut - December 7

I have wicked heartburn! and cramps, i have my first doc visit on dec 18 i should be about 10w by then. my emotions are still very up and down all the time! so when do actually start to feel pregnant?


boodahbaby - December 8

Hey JustStartingOut.... when is your due date? I have my first appt the 18th as well, but I will only be almost 8 weeks? Just wondering! Every once in a while I "feel" pregnant! Tender b___sts is the main symptom with a little nausea the pa__sed 2 days. I am totally unable to sleep through the night. I have made my self not take naps to help that a little bit! But I am not super tired like everyone says they are!!!? Im not sure about the emotions thing... im a cryer usually so nothing from the norm with that, but I do speak my mind a little easier to my loved ones (oops! Hope they forgive me). I'm a very social person, so I think the hardest thing for me is being out and about this holiday season and everyone wanting to buy me drinks and trying to come up with an excuse as to why I'm not drinking!?!?! I'm too afraid to tell everyone just yet!?! Hope everyone is feeling great today! Sticky baby thoughts to everyone!


JustStartingOut - December 9

the internet says aug 1st,but i know that i ovulated about a week before my 14cd so it might be soon. I will find out on the 18 for sure.


boodahbaby - December 11

Yesterday my b___sts didn't hurt all day and still nothing this morning?? I woke up in the middle of the night with a little queasiness though! Anyone else losing symptoms? I will get my hcg tested again today for peace of mind! Dec 18th is my first appt with u/s also! Can't wait!


softbreeze200 - December 11

yup boodahbaby, mine too seem to be hurting less the last few days, but the nausea seems to have taken over. I have not thrown up, but definatly feel pretty gross! Dec 19 is my firts US as well, and I am pretty excited too. I went yesterday to have my levels checked again just to put my mind at ease. Let me know how things go! I think it is common for symptoms to come and go, or so I have read! All the best hon!


boodahbaby - December 12

WARNING TMI!!! How is everyone's bowel movements? I seem to have no problem going to the bathroom! I am on metformin though that might have something to do with it bc it messes with your digestion and cleansing in your body! Still squeezing the b___bs to see if they are even the slightest bit sore... wierd how that comes and goes! I never got my hcg tested againbc I made myself be strong and not worry so much! I only have 6 days until the doc visit so i will be patient which is not my forte... hope everyone is feeling well and not killing themselves with worry like me! How many on here are actually first time mommies to be? No offense to the people who have kids already, but I think us first timers are in a different league.


bellybubble - December 13

Hi all, well I am 5 weeks and 5 days today and to tell you the truth I am just tired and crampy. No morning sickness as yet? Maybe its too early? I am not even sure when you are supposed to get it? Hopefully everything is still ok even if I am not sick?



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