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tritty - December 7

My hair dresser is pregnant and she said she was going to try it. I hadn't heard of it until then so I googled it and this specific brand (Intelligender) is almost $40 but was covered on MAJOR tv shows and they all say it works. Maybe I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff but I can't wait to find out! I feel bad saying that I want a certain gender but the honest truth is that I have ZERO desire for a boy. I don't know why. I guess I'm just not wired for a boy. I love having my daughter and I think every girl needs a sister so I'd LOVE to have another girl. I need to get over this though because I don't want to be disappointed with a boy. My sister is the exact opposite. She has a son and wants another boy. maybe we both want what we're already comfortable with. i dont' know what it is. ultimately, i want a healthy baby, as all mothers do but if i could wave a magic wand and get what i wanted..... it'd be a girl. (how's that for honesty?) how about you pearl? do you have a preference?


watchmegrow - December 7

I got a call from the ER this morning to come in from all the test they did over the weekend and they did an ultrasound and the sac was gone.. my levels where now just under 1 so who knows what happened.. But i won't be trying agian.. Now just waitin on a period which the Dr said would be here sometime this week.. Oh I forgot to mention I had a tubal vers over 2 years ago.. And the 1st time I got (opps) Pregnant.. The stress took over us and he bailed.. Would have been his 1st and my 4th... I guess some things are just for the better.. I wish all the luck to you ladies love to see your post.. Take Care xoxoxoxo


sophieoakley - December 8

Hi everyone, i had my doctors appointment yesterday, everything looks fine . I saw the sack and the doctor said there was a healthy crown around it. my next appointment is jan 7th . i have the baby beans first ultrasound photo! I had some nausea yesterday and a craving for fries with salt and vinegar:) i would like to have twins, but not sure how i would cope. my husband would like a girl this time but i dont mind if its not. but would prefer a girl.


saramcg - December 8

watchmegrow...I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! that's devastating...and then the breakup! I hope things start looking up for you... As far as the gender goes...I have a girl and a boy already, so this third one will tip the scale one way or another!!! Ladies that are on your second...when I was pregnant with my daughter, i was CONVINCED that it was a boy, and that was all that I wanted...I think it is because that is all that I knew. I was shocked at the 20 wk u/s when they said girl! I think that we are comfortable with what we know. I quickly got used to the idea and things were AWESOME!!! I love having a little girl, and even though my kids are of different s_xes, they get along and love each other sooo much. Plus it has taken the pressure off this pregnancy of having the gender that I don't have already ciz I've already got don't feel bad. No matter what the s_x, after the baby gets here, you wouldn't be able to imagine it any other way! .....but I am secretly hoping for a girl this time too!!! Dh thinks its another boy...we'll see. and what is this thing to predict the gender??? How do you take it and how the heck does it even work????? sounds interesting! I'll have to google it! hahah Sophie...congrats on seeing the little cool. was there a heartbeat yet??? you are lucky...I have to wait til next Monday to get a peak at mine, but I will be relieved after that gets here. I had the teenyest bit of tinged CM this morning. It definitely wasn't pink and barely even brown...maybe just a hint of fact if I had off white toilet paper, I wouldn't have seen has me a little worried, but I just checked again and all seems to be fine. I hate going crazy like that, but I can't help it...I had some red spotting with my daughter, and all was fine...the doc said it was b/c of s_x and having a sensetive cervix...dh and I had s_x the night before last, so I'm figuring it just made it's way down...will be monitoring though just to be sure. I know this might be a weird question, but how is the s_x drive for all of you? I have felt like mine has gone WAYYYY down. I feel bad for DH, but the urges aren't there right now. I think it's hormonal...hoepfully it picks up a bit before I have to get the cerclage at 12 s_x then until after it comes out at 36 weeks!!! Poor dh!!! Alright..hope you all have a great day!


tritty - December 8

Watchmegrow, I too am so sorry for your loss! I can only imagine how hard it must be. I hope that you can begin to heal quickly and move on! Sophie- so glad to know your appointment went well! I bet that was a huge sigh of relief! I think it's funny that you are craving vinegar too! That's all I wanted but I think I've moved past that now and all I want is fruit and lots of it! Sara- I think you're right about the gender thing. I know I'll be happy either way but I probably want a girl more because that's what I already know. Plus, I own a hair accessories company called unbowlievable (check it out if you have a chance) and all we so is sell bows and do "girly" things. I just can't imagine fitting a boy into our lifestyle. But if we are blessed with a boy I'm sure we'll find a way! The gender test is a pee test. You pee in a cup and then use a syringe to measure out a certain amount of urine and you pour it into another jar that has some crystals at the bottom. The chemical reaction that happens with your urine will cause it to turn orange/dark yellow for a girl or green for a boy. You can watch videos on their website of people that tried it. They actually won't sell the test in India and china where people abort pregnancies due to gender (because they're only allowed so many kids). Anyhow, January 2 I'll be 10 weeks and I'm going to purchase mine soon so I can try it! Don't worry about your CM this morning. If I can have red blood and still be ok then a little off white is probably nothing! It's so natural for us to worry though, isn't it? My s_x drive has been way down simply because of my spotting. It males me nervous. I'm trying to get over it though and keep my dh happy! ;) I think that's pretty much it! Hope everyone has a great day!


Pearl - December 8

I guess it really could go either way and things would be fine. I have one daughter (9 next week) and I love her being my little girl. At the same time I already have two boys (6 and 2) and I think I might pull my hair out with one more lol. Three boys! That would be rough. It would be nice to get the pretty pink stuff out though. It has been a long time since I have had a baby girl in the house. For now I am going to say that a girl would be my choice....but I really haven't made up my mind yet. Something strange happened today. I took a nap with my 2 year old and had a dream that my belly got bigger. It was upsetting because my clothes wouldn't fit around the waist. I woke up and put my jeans on (I live in jammies when I am home) to go pick the older two kids up from school and they were tight...out of nowhere. What is going on? I am not sure if my mind is playing tricks on my body or if I just knew somewhere in there that I was going to have trouble. What do you ladies think?


jemi08 - December 8

Hello Ladies , Im due Aug 10th and Im already showing I look 4 mths, I have 2 beautiful girls but never showed this early with them, I look about 4 mths.


sophieoakley - December 9

Hi Sara,yes my s_x drive is low to, Dh was upset the other night when i refused because i felt tired. when i read your message i went to dh and was like look, see! its normal when your newly pregnant. I didnt get to hear the heartbeat yet i think that is at 6 weeks which will be saturday for me. but i wont see the doctor till JAN 7TH. I am craving all the wrong foods righ now. so decided i will try and go for a brisk walk with ds 30 mins a day. i dont want to buy a whole new wardrobe again! i never lost my baby weight from my son despite trying wwatchers. but there we go!


saramcg - December 9

Good morning again! Tritty, thanks for the encouragement on the CM...but I am feeling Ok b/c there hasn't been any more...that gender test sounds kind of cool...although how reliable is it and what does it test? (can you tell I haven't looked it up yet!?) I'llbe doing that after I post... that is cool that you own a bow business...I'll have to check it out...maybe even order! I've been looking for some more hair things for my daughter. on that dream, I do think that dreams tell us things about us that are true in a way...anyways, you are probably just bloated, although it bieng your 4th you will probably show the quickest...I have some days where I can barely b___ton my pants or suck in, and then other days I feel could be your baby bump starting, or it could be bloating...I bet a girl would be nice for you...I only have one boy and I seretly want a girl! boys at young ages are just naturally a lot of work! Jemi- welcome! and congratulations on your pregnancy! Is this your first? You are probably not showing due to the baby yet seems how it is only abouta few millimeters long, so it may be bloating, but who know, maybe you have multiples in there! When do you go to the doc to get things checked out? Sophie- yeah...I don't feel like doing it much. today is dh's bday, so if he gets in the mood, I may have to give in again! sorry about the bad cravings...but I wouldn't worry too much about the weight. I still don't have the last 10 lbs off from my last 2 kids, but after you are done, you can work on it again...I wouldn't deprive yourself of what makes you comfortable, but I wouldn't go wild either...and walking sure will help. AFM- the nausea is really kicking my b___t!!! it seems like it is all day long too. I haven't thrown up, but I want to!!! maybe I'd get some relief. it's hard teaching when you don't feel good. with my son my m/s was in the evening, with my daughter it was in the morning, so I knew something was different. This time has me all confused!!! I guess it's true that every pregnancy is different!


tritty - December 9

Hi ladies! Jemi, welcome to the club :) That's too funny that you're showing so quickly. I'm sure it's probably bloating. I feel big because I'm so bloated but my pants fit the same. This is my second though and they say the more kids you have the sooner you show. Have you told people yet since you're already showing? Pearl, that dream is too crazy! I think sometimes we can tell when things are happening with our bodies when we sleep. Maybe you were feeling differently while you were sleeping and it showed itself in your dreams. Are your pants still fitting tight today or do you think it was just bloating from yesterday? Sophie, I feel your pain about the baby weight! I have the same problem. I'm never been small but I have quite a bit of weight to lose now and this pregnancy was a surprise. If I had my choice I would have lost much more weight before getting pregnant but I'm doing my best to eat healthy and walk at least 30 minutes a day --like you-- and i'm hoping that will help! I've already lost about 8lbs. I'm not trying to lose weight but just from being healthier it's coming off and I know the doctor won't have a problem with that. Speaking of which, I finally made my first doctors appointment! Horray! My insurance starts on the 15th and I made my appointment for the 16th. I'll be 7.5 weeks at that point so I'm hoping for a good appointment. I'd LOVE for them to do an ultrasound just because of the spotting I've been having. I want to make sure everything is ok. We'll see what happens. sara- sorry you aren't feeling so hot. i was blessed last pregnancy not to have m/s and this time i dont' either! i have been feeling a little queezy but honestly i usually end up sitting on the pot and dealing with it that way (sorry tmi). i think i just have a really strong stomach and i HATE throwing up so i'll avoid it at all cost! Did you have a chance to check out that gender thingy yet? I'm curious what your take on it is. Just goodle Intelligender and it should pop right up. Hope you guys have a good day. This is the busy season at work so I have SO MUCH to do and NO ENERGY to do it! lol! i have to push myself all day long just to stay motivated to work. My sister once told me that being in the first trimester is like digging holes for 8 hours every day-- that's how hard our bodies are working to make this baby. Well, I feel tired enough to believe that! Hope you guys have a good one!


Pearl - December 9

My husband and I haven't told anyone about the pregnancy yet because we want to make sure that everything is going to be OK before we go public. Telling the kids isn't an option until we want everyone to know. lol With that said: I went out to lunch with my mom and grandma this afternoon. After the kids and I got home I mentioned to my 9 year old that I was SO FULL and tired (long morning at work-early hours). My daughter pushed her finger into my belly and told me that I felt REALLY full (because my tummy is getting harder). About 15 minutes later I was walking downstairs to start some laundry and she asked me if her dad and I had decided if we wanted another baby or not (we had been considering a 4th child for a few months before I found out I was pregnant). I was kind of confused about the question so I asked her why she wanted to know. She told me that she was pretty sure that I was going to have a baby. Then she told me that my shirt looked funny. lol The honesty of children. As for the tight pants, I put my belt on a looser setting and that seemed to help out. I also started to layer more to cover up the little bulge. Today I wore a long sleeve with a short sleeve loose shirt over and a hoodie. lol I am going to have to figure something out for Sunday though. My husband's company throws a formal Christmas Party every year and I can't fit into any of my dresses! AHH! I don't know if it's the bloating or what but those of you who have previous children that have lovingly left you with stretch marks lol...Are yours turning colors? Mine seem to be a little darker.


jemi08 - December 9

thanks for the warm welcome this is actually my 6th pregnancy , I have had 3 misscarriges and 2 healthy girls 15 & 5 , Im really hoping this is just bloating but there are multiples in both sides of the family. Im hoping to get confirmation that there is only one next week ..I dont think my body can take twins.


sophieoakley - December 10

Hi Jemi, congrats on your pregnancy:) i am due on the 9th august . and i also have twins on both sides but distantly ( great grandmothers). Sara... well the last few days nausea is starting, and im starting to get very picky on what i eat. i cant stomach spicy or strong flavours now. and i am so thirsty. for lunch today all i could manage was two cookies. Hows it with you?. Also the doctors not going to test my hcg till im in my 9th week? is it normal to have it tested so early where you are. Tritty... yes i also said i would lose my baby weight before i got pregnant again. oh well. theres always next year. i put on the most weight in my 5month and then while i was b___stfeeding,no one told me how much your appet_te increases with b___stfeeding. Hope everything goes well at your doctors appointment. Pearl..thats so funny what your daughter did! they say that children can sense when something is up with mommy. my son stopped b___stfeeding when i became pregnant. i havent noticed any old stretchmarks getting darker. is there any cream you can get to lessen them. Last time i got them on my 9th month and it looked like a railroad! well my boy was nearly 5kg;) i did use bio oil to help them heal.


c2beaudoin - December 10

My due date is August 14th, my husband and I's first child together. I am 5 weeks tomorrow :)


tritty - December 10

I don't know about you guys but today has been a great day! I was supposed to work a LONG day (9am-11pm) but my husband went in this morning for me (on his day off) and I'm just now gonna heave to leave for work and it's 5pm. That's the nice part about owning a business but I think its sweet that he wants to look out for me too! These extended holiday hours are gonna kill me! Soon we start opening at 7am and closing at midnight. Ugh! That's the disadvantage of having a store in a mall! We don't set our own hours. Anyhow, I've loved being home with my daughter all day today. It's been a nice little break for me! I have good news for myself too! NO SPOTTING in the last 24 hours! I stress so much less when the spotting is gone so I'm hoping it'll stay this way! Can't wait to get t_the doc next week to confirm everything! That's too funny how you guys are growing so soon! With my extra weight I probably won't show as quickly. I'm actually hoping not to show until I'm 4-5 months because I'm in a wedding. Not sure if I'll get that lucky but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Do you guys have names picked out yet? My husband and I are so funny. We pick out names right away. The bad part is we haven't even thought about a boy name because we both want a girl so bad. That's why I want to test the gender at 10 weeks because if it's a boy I need plenty of time to get used to the idea-- which I'm sure I would. We've decided on Audrey Danae for a girl and like I said.... Boy name is up in the air. I've always liked Ethan but my dh doesn't love it. Anyhow, off to work I go. I hope everyone is feeling well today!


tritty - December 10

Welcome c2beaudoin! I just saw you posted after I sent my last one. Congrats! How exciting to start a family! How have you been feeling?



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