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tritty - December 10

Welcome c2beaudoin! I just saw you posted after I sent my last one. Congrats! How exciting to start a family! How have you been feeling?


euniceg - December 10

Hi Ladies! I dont know if i'm pregnant yet but my period is four days late. I'm going to test tomorrow morning and if I am pregnant my due date will be August 9th according to the due date calculator, so as soon as I find out I will let u know. if not i'll keep on trying...


Pearl - December 10

I got a call from my doc last night and although my levels were great last week and Monday, he wants me to come back in for more level testing and then an early ultrasound just to make sure that the IUD didn't do any damage (cause a tubal or anything) before it fell out. I am not worried. I have a feeling that everything is going to be fine. I go back in tomorrow (Friday) morning to test again. As soon as I am above 5000 they are going to schedule the US. Oh stretchmarks! lol I didn't gain any weight with my oldest until I was 6 months along. Between my 6th and 7th month I packed on 60 pounds! I got horrible stretch marks that would bleed. It wasn't all fat either. At my 7 month appointment my doctor was convinced that I was wrong about my LMP and because my daughter had such a growth spurt they wanted to up my due date. At that time in my life (before I was married) I KNEW that there was only one time that I could have gotten pregnant. I argued with my doc and it turned out that I was right. I didn't gain any more weight in my pregnancy, actually lost some and she was born on her due date. Since then (with the other 2 kids)I haven't gotten any more stretchmarks. The ones from my first baby (from the bottom of my bra to my pelvis) are the only ones I have. I am not too worried about covering them up or making them go away. I will NEVER be in a bikini again. lol I just don't remember them getting darker with my boys. Maybe I should take some pictures? My energy level is way down. I drag around noon and then again around 3p. I have started rushing home after work (my hours are 4a-Noon)and taking a nap with my youngest before the other two kids get out of school. Then I am STILL tired around 7p. We have been throwing some names around. We both like Oliver and Edward. I really like Cesar but I don't know if me husband will decide he likes it. For a girl we have been thinking about Sonya or maybe Alice. Nothing with middle names yet. We have gone really traditional with the other kids so I kind of want to stick with that. We have Sarah, Jordan and Vincent. All of our kids have family names for middle names. Hooray for no spotting!


tritty - December 10

Pearl- make sure you let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow. I'm sure all will be well but it'll be exciting to schedule an ultrasound! I like the names you chose too. For a girl I really liked Olivia but my dh was not interested. I think Oliver is cute for a boy. I love the other choices too. I got stretchmarks with my dd. they're light right now but i'm not looking forward to them getting red again :( all part of the fun i guess. and that's so crazy about your experience with your first! I gained 65lbs with my dd but it wasn't in a months time. and LOL about never wearing a bikini again. I'm actually going to ask about getting a tummy tuck during my c-section. I've been talking about it for awhile and I figure I might as well do it while I'm already under the knife. We'll see what the doctor says. So I have a question for you guys.... how are you b___bs doing? MINE ARE SO SORE and I've already almost grown out of my normal bra size! when i hug someone or just walking down the stairs if they bounce its really painful! that was one of my first symptoms too but it's getting worse. My dh isn't complaining. lol! when i told him i was pregnant he was like "horray, I get the big b___bs back!" lol! gotta love a man's perspective on pregnancy. i'm finding myself checking this thread a lot because i'm not good at keeping secrets. it's killing me not to tell anyone and so it's nice to be able to talk about things on here with anyone that already knows me finding out. so thanks to all of you for being a listening ear :) Hope everyone has a great night!


c2beaudoin - December 11

So far no symptoms that really hinder me... Super sore b___sts and increased hunger but that's about it. I'm expecting morning sickness to hit me sometime in the next few weeks. I am 5 weeks today, so far so good, I am loving being pregnant. The only thing is I didn't have very good eating habits before, as in I would sometimes go all day without eating and now since I am eating regularly troughout the day I have a small budha belly lol. Since only a few people know it just looks like I'm getting fat haha, I can't wait to show my belly proudly, I'm not hiding it right now but I feel a little self conscious. My husband on the other hand loves it, he rubs it and gives it kisses lol.


Pearl - December 11

tritty-I feel the same way about this forum! We aren't going to tell everyone until Christmas so I have a while to keep it quiet. My MIL has been asking when we were going to have another so it will be an awesome gift. When I was pregnant with my 2 year old she was battling cancer so she missed a lot of the pregnancy and Vincent while he was a baby. Now that she's well she can't wait to have another little baby around. My b___bs get a cup size bigger with every pregnancy I SWEAR! I started out as a 36DD and after 3 children I am up to a 36G. I don't know what to do about nursing bras this time because I am not sure i can get them in my size. lol I will figure something out. They aren't super sore until I take off my bra and then it takes a few minutes for the paint o go away. I have been wearing my bra non-stop to help with the pain. Seems to be working for now. I went in for my test this morning and I am expecting a call from the doc within the next couple of hours. If i am at 5000 then we can schedule the ultrasound. It's pretty exciting to me. That tummy tuck thing sounds awesome! lol My doc would not go for it. Have a nice weekend!


mizhoney1518 - December 12

Hi Everyone:) Im Going To Be a Teen Mom im 16 Years old and this is Going To Be my First Baby Im 5weeks and im Due August 12 im Excited and Scared at the Same Time so im Expecting a lot of support on this website:) Good Luck Everyone


jemi08 - December 12

Congrats Mizhoney , being a teen mom is not easy and scary , well being a first time mom can be scary too .. Im sure you will get some support here thou, all the ladies are great and friendly here


tritty - December 14

c2beaudoin- that's great that things are going well for you and too cute that your hubby is already adoring your belly! I feel ya on the sore b___bs issue. it's been bad but it's getting even worse. i've almost grown out of my normal bra size and they're always hurting. oh the joys! lol! if it's bad now i don't want to know how bad it'll be when i start nursing! euniceg- any news on you? did you test yet? just wondering if you have an answer. I think you have a good att_tude though. If for any reason you aren't it's great to just keep on trying! mizhoney1518- wow! congrats on your pregnancy. i am proud of you for choosing to keep the baby. do you plan on giving it up for adoption or do you want to raise the child? you're right, it's not going to be easy but hopefully you can surround yourself with a positive support system at home that will really help you get through everything! support online is a good thing for emotions but in your case i just really hope you focus on setting up that support system with people that know and love you. how have you been feeling? have you told anyone yet? had a doctors appointment? Pearl- that's so great that you get to give your MIL the best gift ever! I'm sure she'll be thrilled. and great to know that she's doing well too! That's so insane that your b___bs grew and stayed big. Mine got BIG but after I started nursing I deflated and i feel like they got smaller than before i was pregnant. boo hoo! i guess the gra__s is always greener on the other side. so how was everyones weekend? mine was good. i actually got a NIGHT OFF OF WORK and my inlaws took my daughter and i got to go on a date with the hubby! we needed that so bad! i'm feeling fine. still not MS. it's funny because i go through phases. all the sudden i'll get starving hungry and then for the rest of the day i won't want to eat a thing. so i'm just going with the flow. i guess my body knows best. my doctors appointment is on wed! i'm excited to finally see someone and make sure everything is ok. the spotting started again. not bad, but still.... there's that lingering question if everything is ok or not. i'm just counting down the days until christmas so we can start telling family. we probably won't tell friends until about 3-4 months but i can't wait to tell my family. here's the hard part about that. my older sister had been trying to get pregnant and she has had no luck (she already has a son). now i'm pregnant and wasn't even trying. i feel bad but i hope she'll still be excited for me. it'd be so much fun to be pregnant with her! lots to do today. hope everyone has a great day!


euniceg - December 14

Hi Ladies, I wont be a memeber of the August babies club :( the witch came to visit on 12/11 but i will keep on trying. i'm not going to loose hope.


Pearl - December 14

Not a lot to say today. Feeling great, just a little tired (stayed up a little late last night at my husband's company party and had to get up early for work). No getting sick today. That's good. I talked to my doc and I have my first ultrasound on Thursday. My level on Friday was up to 3000 so everything is looking great so far. Bra is feeling tighter. That's no good. lol I am counting down the days until we tell everyone as well. I have to get my request for time off in as soon as I know for sure that everything is OK so that we can make a plan at work. My belly is starting to get a little round. At first it was just sticking out (the left over baby weight on my tummy was just flabby and gross) but now it's firm and rounded. I am starting to get looks at work. I haven't had any questions yet with the exception of the party last night. My husband and I were talking with one of his coworkers and her husband. Their children are the same age as mine and they were saying that they didn't want anymore kids. My husband said that this will be our 4th then stuttered and backed up a little and said "IF we decide to have another"...I felt really bad because we just told them a lie. I wanted to pull them aside and tell them the truth but I guess it's for the best. We don't want to jump the gun and get everyone on board before the US. There is always that risk that with the IUD in place when I got pregnant, that there could be complications. Luckily we will know on Thursday. Fingers crossed. That's too bad euniceg. I am sorry. Keep your head will happen eventually. tritty let me know how the appointment goes! My sister and I were pregnant at the same time in 02/03. We were 2 month apart. It was wonderful. The only thing that was kind of a drag is that I was planning on telling everyone after the first tri when we went on a girls night out (all of the women in the family) and I had no idea that she was going to do the same thing. Since she spoke up first I was a little upset because she had just gotten her BFP. I just waited until the next big get together and made the announcement. It all worked out. Keep your head on straight mizhoney1518. It's going to be a rough road but with love and support of friends and family it can be done. How are the rest of you feeling? Any upcoming appointments?


hoping4bpf - December 15

hello ladies!!! Hoping to join you :) remembering some of you from the symptoms forum!! SO SO excited to join you! I am not 100% positive of my due date as my cycle is very irregular but I believe I am about 4 weeks along now so I would be due late august. so far I am experiencing tender b___sts (increase over the last 2 days) and menstrual like cramping which worries me a bit, is this normal? cannot wait to track this journey with you all!


Pearl - December 15

Welcome hoping4bpf. How long have you been trying? First child? No real symptoms today other than a rounder belly. Still small and fairly easy to hide but getting bigger by the day. No weight gain yet (that I know of) but I feel fat as could be. I am excited to tell everyone (Xmas) so that I don't feel like I always have to hide under big sweaters and hoodies. The more I think about the more I look forward to my ultrasound. I know inside that everything is going great and I feel good. It will be nice to see what is going on in there. lol


hoping4bpf - December 15

Hi Pearl! Trying for about 4 months, first child!! So excited :) having menstrual like cramps, is this normal? I get freaked out!


Pearl - December 15

It really depends on the person. I would decide how severe they are and go from there. Stretching (strain on the muscles) is normal (especially with the first-in my experience) but intense pain is not. Since everyone's menstrual cycle and pain tolerance is different, there's really no way for me to tell you what it should and shouldn't feel like. I have never had PMS type cramping but could tell the cramps I had when I was pregnant with my first were muscles stretching. Are you in severe pain or is it just a little tugging? Only trying for 4 months! I know a lot of ladies on these threads would be envious. Some of them have been ttc for years without luck. Mine just seem to happen when they are


tritty - December 15

Euniceg- sorry that this wasn't your month! Just keep on trying and have fun doing so ;) welcome hoping4bfp! Congrats on your first! I'm with pearl, my babies just come when they want! Lol! With my daughter I was on bcps and with this pregnancy I was too and still got pregnant. I just missed the pill a few days and voila.... Prego! But we are super excited! So my spotting has returned. I feel so freaked out. The worse part is that it's red blood. Not brown (the old stuff). I know red is worse. I'm not really having any other bad symptoms though. I just keep praying that all is well. I have my first appointment tomorrow! Woo hoo! I'm 7.5 weeks and I'm hoping they'll do an ultrasound because of the spotting. I just want confirmation that all is well! I have to admit that I haven't been feeling hungry lately. At first my cravings were strong but now I don't really crave anything and I'd be fine with just not eating. I'm super thirsty though! My belly is getting hard and it's uncomfortable to sleep on my belly. That's the worst for me because I always sleep on my stomach. I'll let you guys know how the appointment goes tomorrow. How is everyone else feeling? 10 days til' Christmas! That's meas 10 days until we tell our family! Woo hoo!



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