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tritty - December 15

Euniceg- sorry that this wasn't your month! Just keep on trying and have fun doing so ;) welcome hoping4bfp! Congrats on your first! I'm with pearl, my babies just come when they want! Lol! With my daughter I was on bcps and with this pregnancy I was too and still got pregnant. I just missed the pill a few days and voila.... Prego! But we are super excited! So my spotting has returned. I feel so freaked out. The worse part is that it's red blood. Not brown (the old stuff). I know red is worse. I'm not really having any other bad symptoms though. I just keep praying that all is well. I have my first appointment tomorrow! Woo hoo! I'm 7.5 weeks and I'm hoping they'll do an ultrasound because of the spotting. I just want confirmation that all is well! I have to admit that I haven't been feeling hungry lately. At first my cravings were strong but now I don't really crave anything and I'd be fine with just not eating. I'm super thirsty though! My belly is getting hard and it's uncomfortable to sleep on my belly. That's the worst for me because I always sleep on my stomach. I'll let you guys know how the appointment goes tomorrow. How is everyone else feeling? 10 days til' Christmas! That's meas 10 days until we tell our family! Woo hoo!


tritty - December 16

so i wake up this morning to an e-mail saying that our insurance won't start until the january 1st when they said it was supposed to start yesterday (the 15th). GRRRRR!!!!! I called my doctor and asked what it would cost to be seen out of pocket and it wasn't too bad so we decided to go for it. They wanted me to have an ultrasound to verify that everything was ok once i told them about all the spotting i've been having. so anyhow, i went in and had my ultrasound and everything looks great! the baby was measured a few days before what i thought but pretty much right on track. we saw and heard the heartbeat and i feel such a sense of relief! now i can stop worrying and start getting excited about telling everyone! now that i have an u/s pic i think we are going to get a frame that says BIG SISTER on it and wrap it up. we will be at my parents christmas morning and my brothers family will be here from out of town. so we'll have kate (my dd) open it with her grandma or grandpa. it should be fun! have you guys make any final decision on how you're going to drop the big news yet? i measured at 7 weeks 6 days and i thought i was 7 weeks 4 days (what's 2 days anyhow?)but that would technically put my due date at the end of july. but i'm staying put with the august group. my due date is august 1 based on my LMP. i'm sure the baby will come early and...... i think we're having another girl. it's that gut instinct again. it's really natural to call "her" a "she" right now. lol! i hope i'm not dead wrong. soon enough we shall see. feeling good today. hope you guys are too! have a great day!


Pearl - December 16

That's awesome tritty! Congratulations! I haven't made the final decision on how to tell the family but I know it's going to be at the Christmas get-togethers. I think we are going to my parents on Christmas eve so my family will know then. We considered the newborn diapers in everyone's gifts but I haven't decided for sure. We go to my in-laws on Christmas morning after we do our unwrapping here at home. We eat dinner over there. I have my ultrasound tomorrow at 1pm so I am thinking we might use the picture too. I haven't really decided. I thought about getting copies of the picture made and giving them out in the cards. I think the pictures would be more effective. Everyone is going to be so excited! Including the kids...we haven't told them yet. The only symptom that is bothering me today is the mood swing stuff. I was pretty short with my husband when I got home from work today (he was home on his lunch break) and I feel realyl bad. I wasn't mean just not really nice. I think I am going to e-mail him and apologize really fast. I will be posting tomorrow after my ultrasound. Talk to you ladies then.


jemi08 - December 16

tritty - that such great news hoping4bfp -- congrats , I always have phantom period cramps usually for the first trimester, try not to wory to much . Pearl - cant wait to hear how you decided to tell everyone and how you ultrasound went.. As for me Im still getting bigger , I look about 4 mths along Ive already gained 7lbs so I cant hide it , Im still waiting on an OB appt its drivng me crazy , cause Im finding this pregnancy really hard already .I feel bad for my 5 yr old mommys always lying down now cause im so tired.


sophieoakley - December 17

Hi Everyone, i have been busy with prep for christmas inlaws will stay for two weeks. So far i have had a low grade nausea all the time. if i eat it feels better. buti can still do stuff, my last pregnancy i was almost bed bound! Hi HOPING GREAT TO SEE YOU HERE! they take your due date from your last period. also i have cramps in the first trimester, honestly i cant tell the difference between period cramps and pregnancy cramps. Hi Pearl, Tritty, Sara ..... and everyone else. sorry this so quick but will be on soon.


hoping4bpf - December 17

sophie: Thank you! It feels SOOOOO good to be here!!!!! They told me from my last menstrual cycle I am 7 weeks 4 days along, but that is SOOOOOO not accurate. I ovulate very very very very late and they do not account for that :-/ so I am pretty sure I am only about 4.5 weeks along as it JUST showed up on the pregnancy test on Monday. I go to the doctors Jan 14th to get blood done and hopefully the ultrasound so I guess they will me then! I cannot believe all of you can keep your mouths shut! We have told a lot of people already even though we probably shouldnt but we are tooexcited to hide it!!! Good luck to all of you!! p.s. thank you for the cramps info, I am more relieved now!!!! I need to just relax and enjoy and stop freaking out over every little thing!


tritty - December 17

hey ladies! good to hear from everyone (no matter how brief!). it's hard to believe that christmas is a week from tomorrow! wow! time is flying! I'M SO GLAD THAT I HAD MY ULTRASOUND YESTERDAY! my bleeding was a little worse last night (maybe because they stick a huge pole up your va-jay-jay to do an internal U/S) lol! i'm hoping that's the reason why. this morning everything seems to be ok. but i have so much more peace knowing that my body is doing what it needs to do and that the baby is healthy and it's little heart is beating away (169bpm). i put the picture on the fridge and it's just so nice to have that little sneak peak into what's going on. my husband has been an angel this time around too! he got all teary eyed at the ultrasound! he's really excited for this baby! our dd was a surprise also and he was totally unprepared to be a father (or a husband if i'm gonna be honest). we had a lot of trouble and actually separated when kate was 9 months old. i have a very strong faith and believe that God can make all things new.... and he did that in my marriage. So we are happy and doing awesome and it's just so great to get a second opportunity to do this again! Feeling a little queezy today. and all i want to eat is pizza! lol! hope everyone has a good day! i have a very crazy next few days ahead. mall hours change from 7 am-12am. needless to say, i'm going to be exhausted! Can't wait to hear how your appointment went pearl!


Pearl - December 17

Can't think of mush to say right now. I have my US in 30 minutes. It's ridiculous to make a pregnant lady hold pee for an hour after making her drink 32 oz of water! lol I am just excited to see what is going on in there... Will post when I get home from the US! Fingers crossed.


Pearl - December 17

Everything is looking wonderful. I am so glad. Baby is right on track (of course a couple days off-like they usually are) and things are good to go. Fetal heartbeat was 139 (another boy?). I will write more tomorrow. Right now I am watching a movie with the family. Can't wait to tell everyone at Xmas.


tritty - December 18

Pearl- so glad to know that all is well. it's like a big sigh of relief to finally see the baby, isn't it? It's funny that you said maybe it's a boy based on the heart rate. Was that true with your others? My daughter was borderline (I actually think she was around 139) and this one is really high! So i was thinking maybe it'd be another girl. Do you look at the chinese calendar? I know it's just for fun but it was also right with my daughter and it's again saying a girl for me. What does the chinese calendar say for everyone else? Has it been true in the past? Just wondering! I feel like death today. I think I'm getting sick. I've only had a little bit of mashed potatoes to eat all day today because NOTHING sounds good. it's awful. plus, hours at work are killing me. i'm physically drained. I had another appointment today since I wasn't able to see the doctor at the time of my US. She said doing a tummy tuck isn't good because there's too much risk of infection when you do it with a c-section so there goes that plan :( lol! and she's keeping my due date based on my LMP not the ultrasound. horray! so i'm still an august baby lady :) Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are expecing 16-20 inches of snow here in the next 24 hours. it should be pretty insane. plus, we don't get snow too often so everyone is freaking out. oh the joys..... happy weekend!


tritty - December 18

oh yes and ONLY ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL WE CAN START TELLING PEOPLE! horray! that's something to celebrate! can't wait for christmas!


shomaswamy - December 19

Hi all. yes my due date is aug 4 2010. This is my 2nd preg. My first preg ended at 32 wks so hoping to mae it this time.


sophieoakley - December 20

Hi everyone, not much to report here i can keep my morning sickness at bay with eating. just getting ready for chritmas. Tritty thats so exciting to tell them at christmas! that will be good news for all your fam. Happy snowy christmas! Pearl glad to hear the us went well, its so reasurring when you can hear the heartbeat. Hoping .. how are you have you seen a doctor yet?


Pearl - December 20

Hello Ladies! Not a lot to say today. I am pretty relaxed and not having any real problems. Seems as though my belly has gotten a little rounder this weekend. Not much. Just enough for me to notice. My husband was commenting on it as well. I am just spending my weekend doing laundry and wrapping gifts. I have been sleeping a lot lately and it's been wonderful. Still having strange dreams. I am super excited about Christmas. I can't wait to tell the whole family! I only work 3 days this week and then I have a week and a half off. It's going to be great! Hope all is well with you ladies. Any new news?


tritty - December 20

Hey all! Can you say TIRED? I feel like I can't get enough sleep plus I'm getting sick. No good! We got a little over 2 feet of snow, which has been fun. I'm so excited for a white christmas! I'm back at work today but I get Tues, Wed and part of Thurs off next week (Christmas day too, of course) so I am beyond thrilled for the much needed break! I've found myself starting to rub my belly. I have to catch myself since people don't know yet. I must feel like I'm growing. Who knows anymore these days. I'm still spotting but staying positive. Whenever I worry I just go look at the ultrasound pic and it helps :) Hope everyone has as great day!


sophieoakley - December 21

Yes i feel very tired too and it was the first time to actually throwup my lunch today! sorry tmi. sometimes i get the feeling i might be having twins anyone ever felt that?



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