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c2beaudoin - December 28

Well christmas was ridiculously chaotic... I feel so exhausted and I am already back at work, only for 2 days at least lol. We received lots of congrats from everyone, it feels weird when it's happening to you lol. Tritty- I decided to go with a midwife because I feel more comfortable putting my trust in them. They only deal with pregnancies and babies, it's their specialty. My friend at work had a midwife for her first child and now for her second and she swears by them. I'm not having a home birth though, I'm still going to have a birth room at the hospital but it's with my midwife instead of a doctor. Basically I don't need to see a doctor at all, my midwife is with me the whole way and after, they do all the same tests as a doctor would and give you much more information. It's covered by my heatlhcare so I don't have to pay extra for it. My husband and I are pretty anxious to finally talk about the baby and hear the heartbeat :)


fismama - December 28

Hey everyone it is so good to see other people having babies at the same time as me.. my last pregnancy I shared with a friend and this time around I am alone..:( But very excited!!!! I am think that I am about 4 or 5 weeks and My due date I august 29...I had a miscariage the first time I was prego and then 6 weeks later I got prego with my daughter...I am a little scared still that I am miscary but I am tring to stay positive and hopeful..Congrats to everyone and this is going to be one hell of a year for me!!


Pearl - December 28

Just an update for you ladies...Things aren't going too well. I am going through a miscarriage. The baby stopped developing several days ago but the placenta is still very alive and growing. I opted out of the D&C because I would much rather sit at home and be with my family for the next few days rather than laying in a hospital bed and being medicated then having the child sucked out. I am just going to let this happen naturally. Emotionally I am doing better than I expected. I thought I would be a mess by this point but I am actually pretty relaxed. The contractions are full on and the doctor thinks that I should have pa__sed the baby by morning. I just plan on relaxing and talking with my husband about the possibility of trying for our 4th child in the future. I don't mean to rain on everyone's baby parade and I feel bad for posting my story but I wanted to update you ladies and let you know what is going on. Good luck with your pregnancies and maybe I will drop in to let you know the ttc is going?...:) Night ladies.


1st time mommy to be - December 28

I just found out I'm due on august 16th :) congrats to us both. I wasn't aware of the delicacy of the 1st trimaster until everyone I was sharing the news with advised to wait until the second trimaster to share my good news as there is a chance of the "m" word. So now I'm extremely paranoid. I'm due to go to the doctor in a few days at which time I should hear the heartbeat, I will be seven weeks at that point. I'm also not experiencing any morning sickness which is concerning me as well. I know in my heart of hearts everything will be alright but it's just the anticipation combined with my hormones and everyones opinions that's keeping me at the edge of my seat... :)


hoping4bpf - December 29

Pearl-again so sorry. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, best of luck to you. My BBs are starting to feel not quite as tender. I am 6w2d is this normal? When did yours stop hurting or do they still feel tender?


fismama - December 29

My bbs did not huet this time..It's my second and my daughter is 1!! THey don't hurt your entire pregnancy.


Pearl - December 29

My b___bs hurt throughout my pregnancies and b___st feeding. It wasn't horrible pain but enough that when I took off my bra they were quite tender.


nursebrat985 - December 29

Hi Everyone! I am about 7-8 weeks, I think. Due around 8/9. I have been nauseated for weeks now. That part is getting very old very quick. I don't remember feeling so sick with my first child, but that was 12 years ago. Today I rolled over in bed and got EXTREMELY dizzy. I laid in bed for a while longer and then go up to get ready for work and the dizziness/not feeling right has continued all day, and its been going on about 8 hours now. My normal drs office is booked all day and my prenatal appt isn't til next Monday so when my hubby gets home I think we are going to go to urgent care to make sure there is nothing serious going on. Anyone else experience such long lasting dizziness? I usually get dizzy when I stand, but it goes away, but this hasn't. Thank you for any help, and good luck to everyone.


fismama - December 29

nursebrat985, Have you thrown up yet? I had a friend that was sick all the time and had to be put on meds...but if your just dizzy, they make these wrist band that you can buy at WALMART but I have no idea what there called the just help with the dizziness..I was told that they hella work and there not every exspensive...they look like the sweat bands that athelets wear! try that and good luck!


lynzelou - December 29

Pearl, so sorry to hear about your unfortunate news. I hope you and the family are doing okay. You're in my thoughts. My BB's are still tender. It's weird - my nipples go back and forth from being extremely tender to no pain at all. Today was my first day back home from spending the holidays with my in-laws 9 hours away. That was a LONG roadtrip. I tried to do things around the house and even mustered up enough energy to go to the grocery store although I walked around like a zombie. I find myself becoming more and more exhausted and the simplest tasks wear me out! Baby baking is tough work! As for being dizzy - I only had it happen a couple of times. Once I was just lying in bed and it occurred and then another time while I was at work and it lasted for quite some time. I hope everything is okay nursebrat985. Let me know how it turns out.


lynzelou - December 29

I meant to ask...has anyone else NOT gained any weight? I'm 8 weeks and 1 day along and gained zilch! In fact I weighed myself this morning and I lost a pound. I figured I'd at least gain a pound or two from all the holiday eating! Hmm.


fismama - December 29

With my first I actullay lost 5 pounds and then hit twelve weeks and bamm it was back along with 2 other pounds...I heard that when you actually gain no weight loose some it means it all going to the baby..I am so jealious this time I have already gain like 4 pounds..but I am now a stay at home mommy tooo!!!!


tritty - December 30

hi ladies! it's been FOREVER again since i've been on last. i can't wait to get the home computer up and working again :) Pearl, I'm so sorry for your loss but I really commend you for the way you are handling things. Keep your head high and please let us know when you are TTC again. I'll be cheering you on! Welcome to all you other ladies that recently made your way to this board! It's good to know that we have a good group of ladies to share our pregnancies with! lynzelou- sore b___bs was one of my first signs. they are still very tender and because they are getting so much bigger (already) it's becoming uncomfortable to sleep etc. I'm not looking forward to nursing. lol! I gained 4lbs over the holiday from chowing down. BUT I'm back on track, exercising and eating right and i've already lost 2 of those 4 pounds. I'm really trying to gain very minimal weight this time around since i'm already overweight to begin with. all is well here though. still no morning sickness (knock on wood) and i'm almost 10 weeks so i'm pretty sure i won't be getting any. woo hoo! i'm going to do that gender prediction test next week. i can't wait to see what it says! hope everyone has an awesome evening!


supmama - December 31

i'm so excited to join you ladies! i've been on the "pregnancy signs" board WAY too long - so glad to be here! (i recognize hoping4bfp! we've been on the 2ww together a number of times - ha!) my husband and i agreed to wait until jan 1st to test. new year, new baby, etc. i caved and bought a test, yesterday got a light BFP - so thrilled. i got really bummed when i looked at the test as i was walking up to it. (i sat and stared at the clock for the allotted three minutes!) but once i got to look closely i saw a VERY visible faint line. i was stunned and so excited!! we'd been ttc off and on for a few months. this baby is so welcome! this morning took my second test, darker BFP but still sort of faint. excited about testing with my husband tomorrow morning - wondering if i should tell him i already knew it be just as surprised? :) this will be my second, his first. he's such a sweetheart and loves "our" son SO much, and he's so ready for one of his "own". i read all of the posts before commenting - feel like i know you ladies! pearl, i got teary when you shared what you were experiencing. i am so terribly sorry, you are so very strong. i admire your strength. i'm going to pray for a fast healing for you! as for the rest of y'all - i can't wait to get to know you better! as for myself: i think i'm due aug 28th? my LMP was nov 18, lasting til about the 23rd or so. i'm hoping i make it in the august babies! ;) this is my second pregnancy, but first as far as first trimester goes. i found out i was pregnant at 14 weeks. (pleasant surprise, i like to call him. he'll be two in feb!!) so i missed all of the yucky/scary parts. i don't know if i had any symptoms but was oblivious to them. looking forward to experiencing this all! no M/S. as far as i remember, none with ds as well. i feel super lightheaded at times - but nothing too bad. moody, moody, moody though!!! and i'm always very sleepy. we've been hoping this was the month. my husbands dad is living in Japan in the US army - but he's home until the fifth. we're going to have to decide if we want to tell him while he is here, or wait until april. decisions, decisions!


tritty - January 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES! This is the year we all have our babies! Horray! welcome supmama! Did you wait to surprise your husband? I always say I'll surprise mine and then I get too excited and cave in. lol! We finally let the cat out of the bag. We told the last of our closest friend this week and now I plastered it all over facebook so the rest of "my world" will know. I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow so I feel pretty comfortable telling everyone at this point. Still feeling good. I'm already having trouble sleeping at night. I wake up to go to the bathroom about 5-10 times a night. IT'S AWFUL! I feel like I don't get any sleep. The worst part is that this is just the beginning! Oh well, it's all worth it. Still no morning sickness. Very very tired and starting to feel like my pants are fitting a little tight. Other than that, all is well in my world. How is everyone else doing?


naisey - January 3

Hi girls, I'm due on the 2nd August so will hit 10 weeks tomorrow. I'm just starting to relax after having some light spotting at about 5 weeks. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw the heartbeat....very cool. I have a bloodtest and an nt scan in 2 weeeks as I am 36. Because of my age I'm still a little worried about downs' etc. I've just noticed the bottom of my tummy starting to pop out :_)



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