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naisey - January 3

Hi girls, I'm due on the 2nd August so will hit 10 weeks tomorrow. I'm just starting to relax after having some light spotting at about 5 weeks. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw the heartbeat....very cool. I have a bloodtest and an nt scan in 2 weeeks as I am 36. Because of my age I'm still a little worried about downs' etc. I've just noticed the bottom of my tummy starting to pop out :_)


sophieoakley - January 4

Hi Ladies i am 9 weeks and 3 days today, went to the doctor today he said that the baby has no heartbeat and it stopped growing at 6 weeks and he can see that the sac has started to come away from the womb.right now i am in shock as i still have nausea and tiredness. and no bleeding. so pray for me ladies. i just feel so confused right now.


c2beaudoin - January 4

Sophie that is terrible :( I am 8 weeks 3 days and my first midwife appointment is wednesday. I have mild symptoms and have had no bleeding whatsoever not even implantation bleeding. I would be devastated to find out our baby is gone... I feel for you! Is this your first child?


lynzelou - January 4

Sophie I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


sophieoakley - January 4

c2beaudoin - i already have a lovely little 1yr boy who i am so grateful for. I think no bleeding is a good sign i never had any bleeding with my boy.but i had really bad nausea and vomiting. this time i only have been sick once but still had nausea all day. i had a v____al ultrasound today the baby is looks like a little jelly baby candy. so i have a u/s picture to keep. now i am just waiting to miscarry i never thought this would happen to me. i just read through the other threads a couple of days ago and read that Pearl also miscarried and i was so upset for her and thought how terrible and how sad i would be if it was me, and now it is me and its really hard. so Pearl if you read this am really sorry for your loss and cry with you now. Hope this doesnt scare you other ladies who are in your first trimester i am sure you will have healthy babies , its just some little babies are not meant to be. Goodluck everyone ,i pray you all will have strong healthy pregnancies and babies.


c2beaudoin - January 4

I have miscarriage in the back of my head all the time, my mom had 3 miscarriages and I just hear so many people have them and I think how could I have a successful pregnancy the first time around. I read up on miscarriages so I would know if it was happening but Missed Miscarriages often go undetected since there are no real symptoms :| It's really scary to think your baby could be gone and you wouldn't even know it. I keep thinking positive and hopefully my mind will be eased a little when I meet with my midwife, fingers crossed! Just think of the miscarriage this way, it was your body's way of terminating a life that wasn't healthy, I always tell my mom that my brother and I were the survivors lol. Hugs to you :)


fismama - January 4

I always think about having a mc...I think about it all day long...I have no real symptoms but hunger and moodiness... and MAYBE some times feeling I hope all is well for I see the doc in two weeks and that's the hardest time period to wait!!!


tritty - January 4

Sophie- I am sooooo sorry for your loss. You can count on my prayers. I'm happy for you that you have already been blessed with a little man and hope that soon you will be able to try again. I think c2beaudoin had a good point. Your body terminated an unhealthy life. I get so scared about mc too but I keep reminding myself that if it does happen that means that I wouldn't have had a healthy baby anyhow. I'd rather it happen now then later! This is the 3rd mc that has happened in this August babies forum. So crazy! Let's all keep our fingers crossed for healthy pregnancies and healthy babies! I went to the doctor this morning to do my blood work, etc. my insurance finally started january 1 but my doctors office wouldn't see me without the insurance info in hand (which i don't have yet) so I had to reschedule again. GRRRRR. I'll be 12 weeks by the time I finally make it to the doctor for my first prenatal appointment. I'm so irritated and I just want confirmation that all is well. I did have an ultrasound at 7 weeks because I was spotting. I was able to see the baby and the heartbeat then but now I'm just feeling nervous. I'm trying not to think of mc because worrying isn't good for me or the baby. I'm just going to continue to trust God for a healthy little addition to our family :) Hope you all are having a good day.


fismama - January 4

Hey I have a ? for everyone...I dont know if it's just me and I am being weird but one of the reasons I just new I was pregnant was I get this like...thing...It's so hard to explain my sister thinks I am crazy heart will feel kind of heavy and beat really fast, but only for like a second it doesnt even last long enough for me to feel my pulse I dont really know what to's the weirdest feeling EVER!!! What should i do I feel crazy just explaining it...


naisey - January 4

Sophie, I am so sorry this happened to you and your family :( This also happened to my sister last year. She went for an ultrasound and they told her the baby was small for the dates and to come back in a week. Over that weekend she said to me "I'm not pregnant anymore". She felt the symptoms gone. Sue enough the next week they told her the baby had died. Geez it was awful. 3 months later she was pregnant again and is now 26 weeks along and the baby is PERFECT. I'm sure that will happen for you too. All the best for a quick emotional and physical recovery.


sophieoakley - January 5

Hi ladies, thankyou so much for all your support and kind words , it means sooo much to me right now. i am still waiting to miscarry.... i have some light cramping but no blood yet. i hate this waiting. hopefully it wont be too much longer. doctor said i can try again for another baby in 3 months. Thankyou again ladies


lynzelou - January 5

9 weeks 1 day today! Feeling pretty good. Yesterday I had my intake appointment with a nurse where she asked me about my medical history and we went over a bunch of stuff. It went really well and I can honestly say this was the first appointment where I left happy! Are any of you ladies going to do any of the genetic screening tests (down syndrome, trisomy 18/13, cystic fibrosis)? I'm going to do them because I'm paranoid and plus I'll get to have another ultrasound and be able to see how the little one is doing. I asked the nurse about my subchorionic hematoma and she said it was very small and that it will dissolve on it's own and I shouldn't worry. I was relieved to hear this! Another question for you - What prenatal vitamins are you taking? I feel like mine may be making me sick even though I take them at night when I go to bed. Any recommendations?


fismama - January 5

Lynzelou.... Is this your first? I was like that with my first wanted to do all the tests everything!!!! But I asked my doc and she said if it doesn't run in the family there is no point...she said that it's just something that insurance campany try and pull over on you...FREAK YOU OUT!!!And it's exspencive and most of the time they WONT cover it..A friend of mine did the DS screening and they do an U/S but sometimes they will do a needle too which can cause concracting and misscarage, not all the time but some times... If you feel that you want to do them do research call your insurance com and see if they cover it...I did a LOT of research for my doc she is the best in my area and I love her and trust her with my life what you think is right and do research. plus DS is higher in woman 30 and older.. good luck and let me know what you decide.


Pearl - January 7

I am so sorry sophieoakley! I really do know what you are going through. We are not sure yet if we are going to try again but we have been blessed with three beautiful children already. I am still going through quite the interesting time. I started the bleeding on 12/27 and had the ultrasound done on 12/28 (when we found out the the baby's heart had stopped). For the next two days I relaxed and let nature take it's course. I expelled quite a bit of tissue but nothing recognizable to me. By 12/31 I thought everything was over. I had expelled several pieces of tissue that were as big as a lemon. The bleeding had pretty much stopped and I had no more pain. I returned to work and normal life on 1/4 and I was feeling fine all morning. I got out of my car when I got to work and had a huge rush of fluid and ran to the rest room. I pa__sed another large piece of tissue. After that the bleeding stopped again and I thought it was all over since I hadn't had any pain for quite a while. Early in the morning on 1/5 around 1:30 or so I woke up in a panic and ran to the bathroom to find yet another large piece of tissue and gushed blood for about 10 minutes. It was a lot like a urine stream but it was blood (I know it's graphic I am sorry). About every 15-20 minutes from 1:30a-8a I would have to make another trip to the restroom to pa__s a large piece of tissue and then sit on the toilet until the bleeding stopped (took about 5-10 minutes each time). For the last 2 days I have had about a 4-5 hour window where I pa__s a lot of blood and tissue and then it stops until the next day. I hadn't been in any pain (since about 12/31) until today. I had a severe back ache as well as a headache. Since I really hadn't eaten anything, I had a salad and some water and it made me feel tons better. For those of you who have been through this before, I am wondering how much tissue I should be seeing and just how much blood is too much? I am not bleeding all of the time just a few hours per day. When should I be concerned? It's been over a week and I am still expelling large clots. Should I be worried or just continue to let this happen naturally? The doctor told me that he has seen it take up to a few weeks but he thought that at the rate my body was reacting it shouldn't take that long. I read online that filling more than a pad an hour is too much but since I am not bleeding all of the time, I am not sure what counts as too much. I am having a hard time finding information so any thoughts or experiences would help. Thanks ladies! Hope all is well with you.


tritty - January 7

Hey ladies! this has NOT been a good week for me. especially not a good past few days. I woke up yesterday from my nap and had some red blood. (enough to scare me). I called the doctor on call and he pretty much said that if i was going to have a MC there was nothing that could be done so just wait it out. However, I've had bleeding from the beginning of my pregnancy it had just stopped for about 10 days so i was surprised when it showed up again. :( I still feel pregnant. and i haven't had any cramping, back aches, etc so i'm hoping this is just more spotting and that all is well. i don't see the doctor until wed (the 13th) and i'm hoping i don't lose my mind between now and then. if it doesn't stop i might go in for another ultrasound just to check and see if everything is ok. the unknown is killing me. it consumes my brain and it's emotionally exhausting! i'll keep you guys posted as i learn more. Lynzelou- glad to know that your appointment went well! it's such a relief isn't it? we are choosing not to do all the extra testing because we wouldn't abort the pregnancy anyhow ( we just don't believe in that). i do understand wanting to know to be mentally prepared but i'm such a worry wart that if i thought something was wrong i would freak out the rest of my pregnancy. it's just not for me. as far as prenatal vitamins. i just grabbed a brand from CVS with DHA (i think that's what it is) in it. Womens one a day is a good one. i always take my viatamins in the morning. you said you take yours at night. do you eat something when you take them? you should definitely not take them on an empty stomach or you will get sick! i have to eat with mine or i get really sick. pearl- thanks for sharing what youre going through. sorry this is happening and i still think you're a champ for handling it the way you are! i never knew what happened during a MC so it's good to hear your story (eventhough i'm concerned about having one myself). i don't know from personal experience so i can't help you out but i hope you find the answers you're looking for soon! well, that's it. i'm still super super sleepy. trusting that all is well for me, i look forward to the second trimester when i can feel a bit more normal again! how is everyone else doing? a lot of you guys have been quiet lately too. is everyone busy?


hoping4bpf - January 7

Hey ladies, pearl: again I am so so sorry, I wish I could be more help but have no experience as this is my first Sophie: hope all is well with you, how far along were you? Did you have any symptoms that it was coming? Tritty: I am sure everything is fine but I would go see a doctor anyway so you get peace of mind. Worrying for another week will not help! As for me I have been fine. Still very sore bbs and starting to have aversion to foods and some morning sickness. Go in for my 8 week appointment a week from today. Excited to hear the heartbeat as that will make this more real



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