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tritty - January 8

Hey ladies! I thought that I'd start a new thread for all of us "August mommies!" It seems that several ladies on the old thread weren't so fortunate with their pregnancy which has scared a lot of us (including myself) and I think starting a new thread and having a clean slate will be good for all of us (including our little ones!) I was on this forum with my first pregnancy and it was such a source of strength and encouragement for me. This time around I feel like it has instilled more fear into me than anything else so I'm hoping we can turn that around. Let's make this a place where we can support one another through our pregnancies and make it all the way to labor and delivery together! It's ok to have concerns but I'm hoping this thread will have a much more positive vibe! Just to fill everyone in, I'm 28 and I have a daughter who will be 3 in 3 weeks. I'm 10 weeks 5 days pregnant with my second (i'm secretly hoping for another girl) and I'm due August 1st. I have had a lot of spotting this pregnancy -- much like I did with my dd-- and because of that I had an early ultrasound at 7.5 weeks. The baby looked great, strong heartbeat and my body was doing its job. The spotting was unexplained. So that's that. I hope this will be a fresh, more encouraging start for us all :)


c2beaudoin - January 8

9 weeks today, the count down is on to magic number 12. Have any of you told your work yet? I have an appointment Feb 3rd when I'll be 13 weeks with my midwife so I plan on telling them after that. There are only 2 of us that work in my department and my co-worker came back from mat leave in september but there's a catch... She came back preggos and is leaving at the end of april, so now my boss will be out both his kitchen girls lol. Oh well I can't live my life around others and my work. I plan on working until then of July if all goes well. My husband and I met with our midwife wednesday for the first time and she convinced us to have a home birth. Originally I wanted to be in the hospital but she made some really good points. When you're at home you're comfy and relaxed, when I go into labour I don't have to go anywhere just relax at home with my husband, dogs, and cat. Anyone else thinking of a home birth?


c2beaudoin - January 8

I guess I should do a little intro... My name is CĂ©line I'm 25 years old, this will be my husband and I's first child. I live in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada. EH! haha just kidding.. but we really do say it lol. My day job is designing kitchens and I also teach a fitness dance cla__s twice a week. We have two ba__set hounds and a cat which are our babies right now. My husband and I will be happy with a boy or a girl, as long as he/she is healthy all is good, we're going to keep it a surprise and so far I have no inclination as to what it is. That's pretty much me in a nut shell :)


tritty - January 8

celine- it's good to finally know your name :) wow! a home birth! i'm not brave enough to go that route. more power to you though! that's pretty impressive. with my dd i had my birth all planned out, i wanted a natural birth, no drugs, just let my body do its thing. that was great and all until her heartbeat started dropping during contractions and i ended up having a c-section. lol! complete opposite of my "master plan." i actually didn't mind having a c-section, i healed really fast, i barely had to take pain meds (i'm kind of a trooper though when it comes to pain) and you can barely see the scar any more. however, i really would love to have a natural birth this time. so we'll see how it pans out. i also plan on using a midwife this time around. my doctors office actually has a staff of midwives. so the lady i'm using is at the doctors office but she's a certified midwife. i ADORE her because i feel like she gives me so much one on one attention. my questions are always answered and she's so patient with me. i have never really introduced myself either. My name is Kristin and I live in Virginia right out side of Washington DC. I own my own company. We sell hair bows/ hair accessories. Right now we have one store but we hope to open one, possibly two more stores before the baby comes. We'll see how that works out. i love having this new thread. i feel better already :)


supmama - January 8

hey ladies :) i'm on this site and reading it all so much more than i post.. i feel like i'm so busy right now. but i've got a few minutes. my name is jessi, my husband's john. we live in texas. celine - we're from canada! right now i have family in stevensville, which is about 20 minutes from the buffalo boarder, i also have family in the kitchener area, and in alberta. my husband was born in barrie, went to college in peterborough. and we DO say eh! haha. we're expecting number two. we have a beautiful little boy, he'll be 2 the end of feb. i had a wonderful, easy pregnancy with him. hoping for the same with this little one! i am so, so excited. i have yet to go to a doctor... my life right now is HECTIC. i normally work part time, but i just got a new job with bank of america and training is more than full time for a month. thank goodness for our family that lives here being able to help with DS. i can't wait to finish this month and just relax and enjoy my pregnancy. i truly have to remind myself that i'm pregnant because there is just so much else on my mind right now. i just heard rumor that BOA tries not to hire pregnant women. i don't know how true that is, but it's making me so worried and i haven't said a word yet. in my defense, i didn't find out until after i got the job. ha. anyway, i enjoy reading both of your updates. i can't wait to get further along and more in the 'safe zone'!! hope you all had a wonderful evening and enjoy your weekend!


hoping4bpf - January 8

hey ladies! so excited for this new thread!!! My name is Lily and l am from California, this is our first!!! I am 7w5d and have my first prenatal appointment Jan 14th!! I have been doing ok so far, I work from home so I do not have to worry about time off or bosses nice meeting you all!!!


Mandy - January 8

Hello. Am new To this Thread. Am 26 Years old.I have a Three year old son, Nicklas.I live in Brampton Ontario Canada. My husband and I Been Trying since my son was a year for another child. Finally after seeing my doc every month thinking i was prego we got a postive last month. Iam currently 9 weeks today. I see my doc on monday hopefully we can hear a heart beat.When did u guys get a U/S? My doc is stubbrun and prob send me when am 12-13 weeks. I cant wait to have my 1st u/s. I estimated my due date to be Friday Augest 13th!.I hope he/she is later or earlyer then this Also With my son he was a premie.Born 10 weeks early.Had a emergency C-section.Am hopeing to have VBAC.Congrats to everyone in this tread on ur little beans!!!


lynzelou - January 9

Hi girls! Tritty, thanks for starting the new thread! My name is Lyndsay and my husband and I live in New Hampshire. This is our first and I am 9 weeks 5 days along. Due on 8/9/10. I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist and it just so happens it will be the hospital that I will deliver at - convenient! I've already had 2 ultrasounds. The first one was to find out how far along I was since I am so irregular. At the time they said I should be 9 weeks but I was only measuring at 5 so they had me come in a week later for the 2nd to make sure the baby was okay. Which it was! We saw the heartbeat and the doctor was pleased (as were we!). I cannot wait for my next ultrasound which should be sometime in March. We are going to find out the s_x as we are both impatient! Hope all is going well with you ladies!


c2beaudoin - January 9

The junkfood cravings are starting, yesterday all I could think about was a Big Mac, I had one for supper and it was the best thing ever lol I could have eaten five of them haha. So bad! Now today I have a hankering for a dairy queen blizzard. I try to eat healthy as much as possible but once I get an idea of eating something specific it's all I think about lol. Instead of craving only one thing, everyday I crave something different. I started wearing maternity pants this week, I probably don't really need to but my other pants are becoming really uncomfortable, the maternity jeans are sooo comfy lol. I've been pretty bloated from the beginning so I've had somewhat of a protruding belly from the start. Since my work doesn't know yet they must just think I am packing on the pounds, I can't wait to tell people so I can stop trying to hide the bump lol.


lynzelou - January 9

c2beaudoin I am in the same boat! If I start to crave something and I don't have it that day I'll continue to crave it until I finally get it! My husband really gets a kick out of it and he usually hates grocery shopping but he's enjoying it now when we go! I also started wearing maternity pants because my jeans are just so uncomfortable. I am spoiled though because I get to wear scrubs every day for work. Eventually I'm just going to sew in some elastic material so I don't have to buy new ones.


supmama - January 9

i definitely feel ya on the cravings. i always want boneless buffalo wings. strange. does anyone else feel so incredibly exhausted??? i slept 10 hours last night, took a 3 hour nap today, and i am STILL tired!!


Mandy - January 9

I hear ya on the cravings!! all i want is spicy things, pickels and shrimp. But am trying to limit shrimp cause i heard that its not really good to eat it while prego. Have to do some more reaserach.


naisey - January 10

Hi girls. My name is Rene and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm 36 and hubby is 29. This is our first and I'm due on the 2nd August. It took us 4 months to get pregnant after coming off bc. I've already had 2 ultrasounds as I had spotting. The spotting has stopped now. I don't know what caused it. As far as cravings go, fruit has been my main one. It's summer here so I've been dying for peaches and necterines. Also milk. Can't get enough! My tummy is just starting to poke out which is cute.


Rosiemama - January 11

Hey all, my name's Genny (Rosie's my dog), my hubby and I live in Wakefield Quebec, just north of Ottawa, Canada, and this is our first. We tried to conceive for four years, and this was our first positive result, after three IUIs with a fertility clinic. I am now 9w2days along, and nervous, but settling into it I guess. I had an U/S at 6w2d with the fertility clinic, which showed that everything was 'textbook' and it had a good heartbeat, and we were sent on our way - 'graduated' they called it. Now I'm waiting to have my first appointment with my family doc who is also an ob-gyn, Jan. 28. Tick tock. I haven't told work yet; I will wait until after the first trimester's over. I have also started requiring maternity pants because though I look pretty much the same, my waistbands just hit me at the sweet spot, and sitting at my desk all day is killing me. Pantyhose=bad.


tritty - January 11

it so good to hear from all of you ladies and get to know you a bit better! how fun that we are from all over the world! :) celine- i'm totally feeling you on the cravings. i'm having to put myself on a pretty strict eating plan because if i ate what i was craving then i'd live on cookies and junk. lol! at first i wanted fruit, which isnt' bad but now i just crave all the c___p. so today is day one. wish me luck! Renee- i'm right there with you on the spotting. ugh! i had some in the beginning. it stopped for about 2 weeks and then started back up again last week. it scared me to death but i've done my best to stay calm. it hasn't been bad enough that i want a second ultrasound to confim everything is ok but i just hate going to the bathroom because i always get scared! welcome to all you other ladies that are just now joining us! i'm so glad we're getting a strong group together and can't wait to be on this journey with all of you! well, i'm 11 weeks now! only one more week until i'll feel a million times better. isn't it funny how we just think reaching 12 weeks is like the safety zone? lol! it'll just be a relief to get there! i finally get to see the doctor this week on wednesday. i look forward to hearing the heartbeat and getting all my blood work done, etc. i think i'm going to go dig out my maternity clothes. i was pregnant during the winter with my daughter so i have a lot of great sweaters and things i can wear now. i'm not really showing but things are starting to get uncomfortable. they say you show sooner with baby number 2 anyhow so i'm expecting to wake up some day soon and be amazed at how my belly has grown :) hope everyone had a nice weekend. mondays are killer, aren't they? back to work we go.....


fismama - January 11

hey ya'll I am so happy somebody started a new thread...I was about to and then something happened with me but my hubs has convinced me that I am fine and I am still gagging all the time than I am probably fine..My name is Adriennne and I live in Nevada, USA..MY husband and I have a one year old and I am about 6 to 7 weeks..we haven't been to the doc yet we go on the 19th...I CAN NOT WAIT!! I hate waiting for the first appt..I was reading your guys posts and c2 I am already sportin the comfy clothes...My maternity jeans squish my belly to much bc it isn't very hard yet but sweats are my love. Naisey- I so wish it was summer here I am very jealous we have had a lot of snow this year and I am over it. Ok, and I am craving anything spicy, and it always to sweet...I love buffalo wings and we have a great place to get them..Last night I had a dream about pickels and woke up and told my hubs and he just laughed...I always get freaked out about a mc and then I tell him things and he just laughs at me like duh adreinne your preg.. so thats a little about me I hope everyone is doing ok and good luck to us all...


fismama - January 11

I just thought of this... has anyine picked out names yet?



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