August Mommies Part 3

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softbreeze200 - December 23

Hey Aug mommies - time to start a new thread!! There are alot of us now!! How is everyone feeling?? Where is everyone from??


Hopeful3 - December 23

I lost my appet_te all together!! At first, I was really concerned, but my family has a__sured me that this is normal and sometimes happens. It might be a good thing though b/c I did gain 6 pounds by 7 weeks!! The smell of most any food will me gag. I have been living off grilled chz, waiting for this nausea to pa__s. By the way, I am from AL.


bellybubble - December 23

Hi girls! Well I am 7 weeks 1 day today and really excited to be counting down to the 3 month mark! ha ha - only 5 weeks to go! I have had a bit of nausea but not too bad so far. Smells seem to trigger it mostly. Bit of tiredness and generally being a bit of a b___h to my poor hubby! Apparently thats normal but I hate it. It still seems a bit surreal to me that I actually have a little human growing inside me!! I cant wait to meet him or her! (We arent finding out the s_x - its going to be a surprise). When are you girls due!? I am in Australia! :)


yumymumy - December 23

hi can i join? im due in august 21st i am 5weeks 4 days so far. and i had a bit of nausea at the begining when i showed a + but then its gone! i know it will come back to haunt me in a couple weeks lol. iv been lathargic latley and when i have a surge of motivation ill get alot done lol. this is my 2nd pregnancy and i already have a boy and hoping for whatever really! im nervous but we are finding out what it is. i am also from australia SA


softbreeze200 - December 23

Uuhg, the nausea is something to b desired!! We want it so badly as a reasurrance and then when we have it....uughhh.! Lol!! What a crazy time this pregnancy is!! I cant wait to hit that 12 week mark! I am thinking IW ant to get doppler soon. They say you can pick up the heartbeat around 8 weeks. ANyone else looking to get one?? I am from Canada.


gabbysally - December 24

hey ladies I'm a little over 8 weeks and we heard the heartbeat last week. it made it so much more real :) I'm due august 3rd I'm feeling so tired and full all the time, plus my knees and back are so sore. I told my husband today he's going to have to buy me many gifts to get me to do this again!! I'm in NJ brrrrr


calicandy - December 26

Hi guys! It is nice to keep track of everyone. I'm 5 weeks now and feel perfectly normal. No morning sickness or dizziness at all. I had some cramping, but I heard that it's normal. Also I've been very hungry and tired all the time... I am really afraid to gain weight since I do turbo kick boxing at the gym 5 times a week, and doctors told me to stop.... I am trying yoga, but I think that's boring as hell... I'm in California. Anyone else from here???


Hopeful3 - December 26

So far, we have only told immediate family (our parents, my bro, and sil). Now, my parents are beginning to tell others. It really ticks me off because they know I am not ready for everyone else to know just yet. We argued about it Mon, and I told them it wasn't their place to tell anyone to begin with, that this should be something that was left to my husband and me to share whenever we were ready!!!! My parents argued that we were being selfish by asking them not to be excited. ARGHHHHHHH!!! Is anyone else having this problem? If anyone has read any of my previous posts on other questions, I have had 2 m/c before now. We told our family to keep hurt feelings from happening later, but we didn't want "to share" with everyone until the 2nd trimester. Am I fighting a losing battle? I have been so irritated since Mon that I refuse to share any "details" or "happenings" with them, they like hearing about my sypmtoms,etc. If everything goes accordingly, this will be their first grandchild, and I want them to be happy, I think they are wrong for telling. Am I alone on this? Also, my parents told me I am acting childish about this. Any advice?


boodahbaby - December 26

Hey everyone! I am in Stuart, Florida. It's still 80 degrees here! Ugh! It will be very nice and hot for me this summer when I am in my third trimester! So last week we saw and heard the heartbeat and the doc said I was right on target! Of course I am only freaking myself out, but this week I seem to have barely any symptoms if any! My b___bs used to hurt so bad when people gave me a hug, but no more! I don't feel any tugging in my lower abdomen like I did in the beginning . However, I am very tired, I was working out today and felt dizzy and the queasiness is very mild, but still likes to remind me its there! How's everyone else feeling? I am 8wk 1d. I know I have heard that when your symptoms disappear that it DOESN'T mean a m/c, but it makes you wonder if the little one is still growing good! Hope your holidays were great! A little different without any eggnog this year, but I wanted this for so long, I will deal with it!



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