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SL - February 3

lets say my hcg levels are low...I mean they are...I'm in my 6th week of pregnancy and maybe the embryo is not attatched well...would taking baby aspirin help the uterine lining thicken hence help the embryo attatch better? I'm lost here. I've read taking aspirin helps thicken the uterine lining, hense helping reduce the chances of a miscarriage.


flipthea - February 3

Don't take aspirin. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I was told by my doctor not to, even for pain. Where did u get this idea from? Even now my OB tells me that if I have to take a pain reliever, take tylenol. I don't anyway. I try to avoid taking anything if I can help it. The first trimester is important bec. all the organ systems are developing, and I think it's impt. to follow dr orders and not take anything( except ur prescriptions if u have to, and ur prenatal).


SL - February 3

okay, just wanted to double check..I've read it all over the internet that taking baby aspirin can decrease your chances of a miscarriage. I guess I'm just looking for answers because I'm 6 wks and my hCG level is only at 1658. Anywho..I don't take anything other than my asthma meds and I've been taking them forever. thanks for your input.


crackersforme - February 3

Aspirin is a blood thinner, which is why I was always told was the reason NOT to take it during pregnancy.


stefkay - February 3

aspirin is usually taken by women in pregnancy with clotting disorders. Myself, my dr. is going to have me take aspirin up to and through pregnancy because I've had 4 m/c due to clotting disorders that they found in testing after my last m/c. I don't think it is recommended though unless there is a reason for it. I may have to take heparin (blood thinner) shots. Aspirin is recommended to help the blood flow and thickening of the uterine lining BEFORE pregnancy occurs. I read this a lot and actually took aspirin the month I conceived. Not saying that worked for me or not as other factors are involved, but no, probably should not take it WHILE pregnant unless your doctor tells you to.


Tammy276 - February 3

they tell woman who are TTC to take baby aspirin to help make the uterine lining more favorable, but its not going to do anything for you if you are pregnant already. Truth is, as much as you may not want to hear it, there is nothing you can do to prevent a m/c...if its going to happen, its going to happen.


KitCat - February 3

Tammy is right. You can't prevent a m/c once it has started to happen. I have a clotting disorder and take aspirin every day, some women take it while pg and some will do the heparin shots, but that's only the women with the clotting issues. Good luck to you.


SL - February 4

That's what I figured. In my heart I know there's nothing I can to prevent it..especially this early on (starting week 7 ) thanks for your's appreciated.


nicdel - February 4

Actually i have suffered 3 miscarriages one at 17 weeks, i am now 5 weeks pregnant and have been prescribed baby aspirin to take from my doctor and blood specialist, they have stated that i have an active protien which is slightly high and the baby aspirin which is a tiny dose compared to a normal aspirin helps to thin blood therefor ensuring good blood flow in the placenta and also helps the uterine lining, if i was you i would discuss it with your midwife or doctor and they would give you more information as you cannot buy baby aspirin it must be prescribed, good luck in your pregnancy.


stefkay - February 4

nicdel, do you live in the states? Sorry, just wanted to ask because I do and baby aspirin can be bought in any store over the counter. It's on the shelf with all the regular pain relievers...



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