Baby Heartrate

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crackersforme - February 21

I have a question that some might find stupid...but I'm curious & interested in learning for the future.... 1. Is there ANY way to "'see'" the babies heartrate when laying on your back. I mean...can you see your stomach fluttering with the heartrate (guess you might have to hold your breath)...


KSM - February 21

i have no idea but i would guess no. i would think the only thing you could see through your stomach is the baby kicking, but only very far into the pregnancy.


javidsgirl - February 21

the answer would be no but like ksm said when you are in your final weeks you will see the kicking


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

no and I know whatyour talking about when i lay on my tummy I see MY heartbeat it has something to do with the body pumping extra blood to the baby I believe.


crackersforme - February 21

I had just thought I read somewhere where someone had seen their babies heartbeat when they held their breath. Me...when I lay down & do lower stomach is pulsating double than my regular pulse. I held my finger on my main artery between your leg & your pelvis & that went 1/2 of what my stomach was pulsating. I'm currently not 'positive' I'm pregnant, as I'm 20 days late & still testing negative on the dollar store tests, but I have all the symptoms still...include the weird cramping (not painful) every day/every other day at different times....temps still elevated (haven't been below 97.9 for weeks). I'm going to get a blood test the end of the month (waiting to miss one more af) & I'm also curious as to why MrsShelton tested positive on a FRER & at the doctor..but went & bought a dollar store test to show her family & it came up negative. Therefore, I might go purchase a FRER.


moescrilla - February 21

I know what you're talking about, but its not the baby. I've seen it before when I wasnt pregnant. Its just a pulse somewhere I guess and it makes your stomach twictch. I thought before when I was younger and saw that I might be pregnant, but wasnt



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