Baby Is Measuring Different Than Due Date

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melissad - January 4

HI! I had my first ultrasound Wed (1/2). I should be 9 weeks exactly but my Dr. said that the butterbean measured seven weeks. I am 100% positive that I conceived on 11/7 or 11/10 (it was our only opportunity-we have a very active, nosy 4 year old)! That would make me 9 weeks (last perod 10/31). Should I be worried???? I am !!!


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

make sure you and doc are talking about the same dates... he may be referring to fetal age and you are talking about gestational age... there is about a two week difference in the two. when he measured the baby and said seven weeks that might mean the baby itself is seven weeks even though the gestational age is 9 weeks... does that makes sense?? I hope so. anyway it could be that you are both right and have NO reason to worry... just talk to your doc and make sure you are on the same page.


yumymumy - January 4

i know exacl;y how you feel. i had a ultrasound the other day my 1st one. my gestational age is 7 weeks i am 100% i know the day i ovulated because i was monitored through clomid. BUT the ultrasound said that the baby messure only 6 weeks. they want me to go by that age. then why do they have the whole ''when was the 1st date of your last period date' and go by that, if they are just going to tell you through ultrasound how far along you are, determined by the babys mesurements???? im confussed


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

was it the same doctor that told you to use the LMP date then told you another date to use Yumymumy? I really don't know what the deal is, I was fortunate enough to have a doctor tell me the age of my baby was only 2 days off of the date I calculated. have you guys heard the heartbeats? did you see baby moving? if you saw or heard any of those things during your u/s then dates shouldn't matter much as long as baby is okay. I didn't have a u/s till 11 and a half weeks so I don't really know what happens at a u/s that early. my doc WONT do a u/s before 8 weeks... its usually a rough estimation as to the age before that point. just talk to your doc and see if you can get another u/s in a couple weeks or at least use the doppler to hear the heartbeat in a bit to ease your mind. good luck girls.


blondie30 - January 6

This is very common, and it can go both ways. When I had my 1st ultrasound Dec. 17th, it said i was due july 19th..BUT, according to my last period, I was due July 25th. The only time you really want to start worrying is when your due date keeps getting pushed further and further away. Then that could indicate the baby is not growing as it should. This early need to worry!!!! :)


Gemini_Girl - January 6

Hi, yeh the same happened to me, I think its quite common, there I was at my 3mth u/s thinking I was almost 14wks and due 27th January 2008 (i was also very sure of my LMP) they measured the baby 3 times and told me it was definately sized 11wks+6days and so they changed my EDD to Feb 7th, although its a little disappointing not being as far on as you thought, I wouldnt worry, this is just the way they do things, but you will have other u/s, they always measure the uterus at appointments, and both dates will be in your notes!


yumymumy - January 7

at that time my fertility clinic and doctor and myself knew i was 7weeks exacly. the hospital im enrolled in, gave me a ultra sound and the guy who did it said the baby is messuring around 6 weeks at age. im not as worried anymore coz iv come to think that thats probably right too.. my date i go by and who my doc goes by is the date of my last period, wich is when they count from. really speaking baby should technically only be 5 weeks old since it wasnt until i ovulated and fell pregnant that i actualy concieved this baby.. isnt that right?? there was a heart beat traced on my baby. i couldnt see it though and it wasnt moving it was so so small and seemed to be up against the placenta making it hard to see.... with my 1st baby i een him at 8weeks pregnant with a strong visible heart beat and he was floating in the middle of the placenta, maybe every baby is really differant? but yes im getting another ultrasound at 11 weeks for a proper estimate. i think really my 7week ultrasound was way too early to see anything clearly and that worried me, i just should of waited a bit longer.


melissad - January 8

I should have trusted my inner voice. I had the ultrasound and saw a heartbeat on Wednesday 1/3 and Sunday 1/6 I miscarried!! How is taht possible????


HeatherIsHopeful - January 8

ohh, Im so sorry for you loss... sometimes things just happen.. I wish I had a more insightful or rea__suring thing to say but I don't again I am so sorry.



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