Baby Movement At 10 And 11 Weeks

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DEB - March 7

I was reading the email I got from this website which states that I won't feel the baby move until 14 to 16 weeks. But 3 different night when I lay in the bed I felt a light flutter like a butterfly in the part of my stomach that I think the baby should be. It is the same spot everytime and the same feeling. Is this website a bit off or do I is it possible that I am really already feeling the baby. Is anyone else having these sensations? Really would like the input.


heather - March 7

might be but if it is dont be alarmed if it stops in a few weeks..i felt it around 12 weeks and the doctor said its the baby but i shouldnt feel it yet.. and at 14 weeks it stopped and i dont feel it as much at all..


jsmom - March 7

I'm 11 weeks (second pregnancy) and I said to my husband over the weekend that I thought I could feel something very slight (not gas). The sensation felt like something very small was moving very slightly but I swear I felt something move.


J - March 7

It is possible to feel earlier with second or third pregnancies and if you are fairly slender.


Kathy - March 7

This is my third, and I started feeling it just shy of 9 weeks. It's ususally in the same spot, it's definately the baby. With my first I never felt the flutters, only felt bigger movements later.


D - March 11

I am 12 weeks and I swear I started feeling flutters at 11 weeks. I only feel them every now and than within days of each other. It's definately the baby. My baby is 4 inches long from head to rump. They are small flutters tho. I can even feel my baby thru my stomach. It often moves away tho when I push down on my uterus.


ANT - June 7

Im about 9 weeks and 5 days and i have felt a flutter too...Im not sure if its the baby but I think it is.


A - June 7

Im about 9 weeks and 5 days and this is my first...and I have felt the flutter too...I started feeling the flutters about a week ago...Im sure its the baby!!


It is - June 7

It's your baby. It's your body. You know what feels different. Trust yourself.


erica - June 7

It is your baby, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and started feeling at 8-9 weeks pregnant. These is my 5th so I know it's not gas.


Tayna - August 2

I am 11 weeks and this is my first. I felt something moving but I was not sure if it was gas or not.


Jessica NY - August 2

Yay, your baby is doing a little dance! My little Pea started to wriggle around at about 10 weeks, I've not felt a lot of movement and I'm now 13 weeks. My new doctor knows that I am only 13 weeks and he asked if I'd felt any movement and funnily enough during the appointment I felt very strong movement. I think each pregnancy is different and some women will feel movement sooner than others so don't think that you are wrong, we all know what gas feels like and so you will know when it's gas and when it's your baby : )


sometimes scary - August 7

I was feeling the "fluttering sensation" at around 12-13 weeks too; but I kept reading everywhere that you will only feel it starting around 16 weeks, so I convinced myself that it must have been gas. But every once in awhile I feel a much stronger 'bump'. Call me crazy, but I never felt these things before I was pregnant! I am now 16w4d, and like someone else said, it's almost completely stopped. I have to keep convincing myself that everything is fine, but it's so scary now that I don't feel those little flutters, it makes me wonder what it ever was.


becky - August 22

i have to same thing...everyones pregnancies is different


Tasha - August 26

you are not alone because I am ten weeks pregnant and i feel little flutters in my stomach somtimes to, and I know that I am not crazy.


Tiffany - August 27

you can feel it a little bit but, it shouldn't be happening all the time. Your baby can be active but, after 13 weeks it should not be as prevalent


Lisa - August 28

yes, I feel the same thing. I definetely think is the baby.



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