Baby Moving Or Crazy Mama

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Heather - February 11

this is really bizarre.. the other night i was lying in bed and felt as though i got tickled inside really faintly.. i wondered about it but forgot about it.. then just now while i was checking my email i felt it again.. i told my mom this time and she said thats what it feels like when the baby moves.. like little tiny flutterings and a faint tickling feeling at first. I'm skeptical seeing as im only 10 weeks 4 days.. i realise maybe the fact im tiny.. i mean pre pregnancy of 85-90 pounds , 5'2 im practically a midget.. I'm at about 97 pounds right now maybe that could contribute to feeling it early.. but im not sure.. this was definitely not a gas bubble feeling..definitely being tickled from the inside.. any thoughts?


sally - February 12

happy to know that i am not alone.i describe it as b___terfly movement..once in a while i feel that movement. I am only 8 weeks and got a sonogram done yesterday and saw the baby ...really thrilled. good luck and take care


Coco - February 12

Ok,i know this sounds crazy , but i am usually very slim ( and 5'7 ft ), but lately i have been soo bloated, i have weirds periods and some preg. symptoms.The craziest thing is that all my tests come back -ve, went to see my doc. who says all is normal .I would let it go if i didn't feel what u just described , like bubbles or popcorn popping inside my lower belly. my doc. says what i feel could be gas , what gas ? I know it's not !. If am preg. im about b/w 8-10 wks. I have 2 kids and i know how it feels . So Heather & Sally, i say u definately could feel ur baby, don't beleive ppl that says it's too soon.It might not be espcially if u have kids already ! All the best !


lyn - February 13

I felt the same thing the other night. And I know that is wans't gas, or cramps, it was a really quick fluttering feeling. I am only 8 wks so I don't know. My sister works in LDR so I guess I could ask her.


Dee - February 13

Its can NOT feel the baby moving at this stage. Trust me when its moving you will know. Its less of a b___terfly feeling more like a lil snake.


Heather - February 15

Dee- I know for a fact that it is NOT gas.. because i know what the gas feels like this is NOT gas.. what it is im not sure but i know it is definitely NOT gas.. hopefully i made that clear :P. feels like a spider in my stomach.. i think it may be weird stretching feelings..


Lucky1 - February 15

Hi Heather, I felt the same thing the other night, it was very faint but I felt it. I told my husband I think it was the baby just knocking to let us know that he's there. (lol) It only happens when we are laying down, or watching TV.


Heather - February 17

ultrasound yesterday showed baby moving in the same spot i felt the "spider crawling around" so it was infact the baby and the doctor said im lucky to feel it so early.


deb - February 18

I am glad to know I am not nuts. I am 8 weeks tomorrow and had noticed a feeling like you guys described twice this week and thought I was imagining things so I didn't say anything to anyone. But I feel better knowing that I am not the only one. Isn't that a neat feeling though!!! As you can tell this is my first.


stephanie - February 18

It was'nt until I was I prego with my 2nd that I began to feel these. At that time I was 17, 5'3 tall and also weighed 92 lbs. I will be 8 wks. on Saturday. I am now 28, Still 5'3 & 121 lbs. I have felt the same thing too but after 5 pregnancies I'm telling you its gas and the body changing. It does not matter how small you are everyone feels this. Trust me my sis is big and she felt "everythig". HA HA :) Also at 8 weeks our babies are only the size of a grain of rice. If we could feel this in a womb than ppl would feel worms when they had those too. Anyways it is a good feeling and it makes our babies more real since the knowing is still so new. W/B Stephanie


kate - February 18

You need to go to and at the bottom click on fetal development. The baby is NOT the size of a grain of rice.


stephanie - February 18

I am the one that asked for that sight and I did look at it the pics. They are amazing but please know that those are not actual sizes. At six wks our babies are literally the sizes of beans and by 8 wks. they are the size of cherries. (2 differnet sites said between 8-11 mm. & 10-13mm.) They grow amazingly fast and I am very excited and only hope I can also carry to term. (It has been 10 1/2 yrs. for me and I am starting all over :). (My last 2 pg. were m/c :( You were right about it not being the size of a grain of rice though and I am glad that you corrected me. I believe I got it confused with looking at all the different weeks and how fast our babies are growing!!! Anyways there is another site if interested. Here it is Stephanie


kate - February 18

I know, I get confused too, I was on one site that said the baby's organs and lims were fully developed and then I went to another and it said that they all are just starting to form. Crazy huh? I really think that it all depends on you and how your body works. I hope that everything works out for you, you seem to out of what they call the danger zone. Thanx for the website!


stephanie - February 18

No problem!!! Thanks to you to :>) I really do hope I am out of the danger zone at least I know I'm getting closer. The last time I was 10 wks & a day and they did the u/s and said it stopped growing at 6 1/2 wks. I'll see the Dr. next week. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm doing the same for everyone :>) P.S. You guys are all helping so much- Thank You ~Steph


Carmela - February 18

Hi Heather, I'm preganant with my third and I'm about two days shy of 10 weeks. I thought I've felt the same thing for a few days now, when I sit just right it feels like little b___terflies. I'm not sure if it is the baby for sure, so I just think of it as a seceret benifit of being a mom : ) a personal bond you can get a little bit earlier with your new baby.


kate - February 19

Well i hope everything goes okay with this baby. I'll be sure to keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!


stephanie - February 21

Thank You Kate!!! I will too!!! Steph



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