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nola-gal - November 29

Hi girls. I know it might be too early for this, but I myself am in the "cautiously optimistic" mood, so I thought I'd have a little fun and see what the rest of you are going to name your baby when it arrives? And why did you pick that name? For me, if it's a girl, Evangeline Blair. Evangeline (Evie for short) was my great great aunt's name, as well as a great old southern name, and Balir is my fiance's sister. For a boy, William Bellamy. He is William the 4th, and it's also my father's name. Bellamy is his mother's maiden name. I also really like Thalia Vaughn for a girl, too. Thalia is an old new orleans name and Vaughn is the name of the jazz club where my fiance and i met. what are you guys thinking of? i guess i'm felling pretty good at the moment and not hating being i'm savoring the moment!


mjvdec01 - November 29

We named out first Madalyn Amanda. I love Madalyn and Amanda is my first name. I am pretty sure this baby will be a girl too and if it is her name ill be Laila Joy. I was watching an episode of Will and Grace and one of the characters was named Laila, I just thought it was pretty and would go well with madalyn, Joy is my middle name. If it is a boy, then his name will be Christian James, James is my hubbys first name.


newlywed0915 - November 29

I'm thinking Ava Marie for a girl and if its a boy, hubby wants Luciano.


ShoppingForTwo - November 29

Our daughters name is Victoria-Brooke Autumn Lastname. I loved Brooklyn, he thought Brooklyn was ghetto and would only go from Brooke. He loved Autumn but I didn't like it as a first name. And my dh name is Victor so the night before my daughter was born we agreed on Victoria Brooke Autumn. This time we arleady sorted the names out. If we have a girl her name will be Blair Sydney Gabrielle Lastname and if its a boy he will be Victor the 4th. Middle names Brandon Nathaniel. Whats up with New Orleans and name sakes? lol.


gabby509 - November 29

Thanks shoppingfortwo for the Gabrielle as a middle name, that's my first name. I get so excited to see other people with that name. And being that it will be a middle name, you won't have to worry about everyone shortening it to gabby, gabs, or gab. My mom swore I would always be called Gabrielle, but as soon as I hit kindergarten it was just too bad, I was Gabby. Well anyways, I really love the name Abigail Grace, but I'm worried people will make fun of us for being Abby and Gabby, haha. For a boy his name will be Frederick William the third, just like his daddy and grandpop.


bubbasmom - November 29

If its a boy it will be Ryan Patrick and if its a girl it will be Madelyn Alexis. But, my mom informed me she hates Madelyn. We would probably call her Maddy. What do you guys think of Madelyn. I know mjvdec01 likes it!


meg - November 29

For a girl we are thinking Olivia...always loved that name! We also like Madalyn or Madison. For a boy we like Graham. We have a son now whose name is Connor.


ShoppingForTwo - November 29

I'm glad you like it Gabby. Frederick William sounds so powerful!


Mari26me - November 29

I am think of Lucas Alexander for a boy and Leah(no middle name yet) for a girl.


WyattsMommy - November 30

My son's name is Wyatt Eldon. Wyatt b/c my DH thought it was a strong name. Eldon was my DH's grandpa's name, so we wanted to honor him. For this baby, if it's a girl: Audrey Jane (both are family names) boy: Levi Weston (Levi is a family name, and Weston b/c we found out we were pregnant while visiting friends who live in Weston County, Wyoming.


WyattsMommy - November 30

bubbas mom, I like the name Madelyn. I think it's a beautiful name. And once your mom sees the darling baby, she'll like it, too! : )


HeatherIsHopeful - November 30

hey guys.. DH and I are having a hard time thinking of names lol..get this.. if its a boy he wants to name it, and Im not kidding, Marcus Aurelius after the roman Emperor! I told him Marcus was fine lol.. but Aurelius was out. nyway he and I both have a very strong gut feeling that this baby is gonna be a girl we have agreed on a middle name, Renee becuase my middle name is Linae (a mix of my moms middle name Lynn, and the name my dad wanted which was Renee) anyway DH wants Haylee or Kaylee which I love both names but our last name is Wadley and I dont like the way Haylee wadley sounds with them both ending in an "e" sound. I founf the name Kaylin and fell in love with it... what do you guys think of Kaylin Renee??


Lou_and_Bump - November 30

We are totally struggling for boys names as one of the family got to 'Alexander' first for one of their first borns. For girls we're pretty happy with the name we'd like to use, Anna Rose although we also like the name Julia and Juliette. We're thinking maybe now for a boy James Duncan or Jonathan, not sure of a middle name after Jonathan... Things will be easier when we find out the s_x!!


hioannidis - November 30

We've stopped searching for now because it was too hard. We will continue searching after we find out the s_x. But for now I have the following possibilities.... GIRL NAMES......Olivia, Juliana, Isabelle/Isabella, Sophia, Elizabeth, Zoe/Zoey, Charlotte, Angelina..........BOY NAMES.......James, Joseph, Adrian, Nicholas, Julian........Any time I hear a name that I like I write it down. Once we find out the s_x we will choose the first and middle's so hard!!! What do you guys think of my list so far??


HeatherIsHopeful - November 30

hey hio.. I love your girls names!!! I like the boys names too but I couldn't steal most of them because they are already taken by family members or friends lol I think I have the girls name picked out but if this baby ends up begin a boy we are gonna have to think of something hehe... boys names are hard!!


hioannidis - November 30

Boys names ARE hard! Please feel free to take any of my names, I'm glad you like them!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 30

hey hio.. I think we picked a girls name.. what do you think of Kaylin Renee?? Im hoping for a girl but my family and DHs family want a boy because of the 3 grandkids already there are only girls so everyone has their fingers crossed for a boy.



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