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Stephanie - October 30

Hi. OK I am looking through a whole bunch of names, but dont find ANY at all that we can both agree on. We are going to be having a mixed baby. I am a white woman with a black man. I like more traditional names for girls(Emma, Anna, Isabella, Grace) and way out there names for boys (Matthias, Jonah, Malachi) and he likes names that are kinda common (Amber, Kayla, Leighla, Christopher ((his name)) Michael, Joshua) I dont know how we come about agreeing on a name. We have decided not to find out the s_x of the baby so we are trying to go ahead and pick out a name and start decorating. Any tips, ideas or hints on how we can decided on the name of our baby. Please help!


Vivi - October 31

In my religion naming a child is a moment where we remember our loved ones or the ones that loves our loved ones, who are no longer around. In my religion, these people can only see heaven if someone remembers them and names a child in their honor. So there. Check you ancenstors names!


Maddy - November 1

I have a great girl name for you....Madeline (means - tower of strenght); sorry, no help with boy names.


d - November 19

i had a name picked out for a boy when i was preg with my 2nd child 7 years ago. it was Jaden. its a nice name. a girls name i always liked is Karey. Hope this helps you. maybe you and you b/f will agree on a name. good luck


sha - November 20

how about mixing those names like Makayla, Christopher Malachi, Leighla Ann, Amber Ann, Leighla Isabella, etc. I hope this helps!


Annie - November 21

Pick a name you will no mind repeating over and over again to friends, family and more importantly to call your baby - it has to be a name that rolls out nicely out of you mouth.


estee - November 21

well, me and my husband (his name is christopher also) thought about guidelines of finding names first. it was clear for both of us to choose african or african american names. then we also wanted one native american name, since we live on native land. and then we thought of meanings we would like. and i think the names should sound nice with the last name also. that's how we came up with both, girl and boy's name, since we are going to wait and see what it's going to be. it took quite some research thou. i would strongly recommend (if choosing african, native or other foreign names) to really check if the meanings are really true, because i've found out that most of the i.e. native names online were not right. hope this helps, wishing you and yours all the best, estee


estee - November 21

TO VIVI - what religion is that?


Tammy - November 22

I have a 6 yr old girl named Cheyanne and a 10 month old boy named Logan. I am having another baby now and I like the name Mackenzie for a girl and I am not sure for a boy yet! Good Luck!!


notpreggy - December 3

i'm not preg but I've always loved the name Melody for a girl and Matthew for a boy.


how to resolve name conflicts - December 14

I'm ethnically German and my wife is Scotch/Irish. I want a name that sounds pleasant with an ethnically German last name and she wants it to be Irish or Scottish. Where is the middle ground we can compromise on?


goodluck - December 27

hayden :)


Renee - December 27

My husband and I, also did not agree on names. Thankfully, there have been those occasional names we agreed weren't terrible. :-) Whatever, you guys choose, I believe names are very important and can really influence how a person lives his/her life. I suggest getting a book of the meaning of names. This can sometimes add more insight for both of you. Maybe, as well, you and your husband can agree on one of you naming one part, and the other naming first and middle. I think common names could be appropriate as middle names.


m.c - January 2

i really like mackenzi rhiann for girl or regan mckinley or a boy i like caine and micah mckinley good luck!


SUSAN - January 6



joann - January 7

my husband and his previous partner chose decided if it was a girl he chose the name and a boy she chose the name. she was a girl and he chose hayley olivia!


Katie - January 9

Like the name jazmine with a Z rather than Jasmine with an S :)



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