Baby Not Growing

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lv2sng22 - April 15

I went to the doctor on Thur and they in form me that my baby is not growing . My hormone levels barely even went up. They Had not even heard a heart beat yet I dont understand what causes this. This is my first pregnacy. They said I will probley misscarry or have to come in for a DNC. I am so up set


fara - April 15

how many weeks along r u?


Danni my first pregnancy - April 15

OMG! thats terrible news! I misscarried at 10 weeks! And the only thing I can say to try and help is, IF YOU MISCARRY, IT'S BEST FOR THE BABY AND FOR YOU! I know it sounds stupid because it hurts like hell if you miscarry, but if you don't and your baby isn't growing properly then you'll have a very complicated pregnancy and an unhealthy baby! I'm sorry for what your going through! And I know you'll probably hear it a million times, but just try to remind yourself it's for the best! Eventually you will believe it! I did!


lv2sng22 - April 15

I should be at 8 weeks I believe but they said acording to how small the baby is I am only 6 weeks now.


lv2sng22 - April 15

Have you ever heard of that happening about the baby not growing what causes that. So Are you trying to get pregnat again Danni


annishel - April 16

I am sorry! That sounds scary. How far along are you?


lv2sng22 - April 16

I am suppose to be 8 go on 9 weeks but they said that the baby was small so it looked like I am only now going on 7 weeks. I am so scarde. Have you ever heard of this?


alenka - April 16

lv2sng22.....I'm haaving exact thing you just described...I'm supposed to be on my 8th week and after 2 u/s i was told I'm only 6 weeks and 4 days and no heart beat....the baby is only 7 mm...i have not checked my HGC level yet, but going for a 3rd u/s in 5 days....i still have hope and believe that everything happens for a reason....I'm going craxy thinking i will hvae miscarriage....good luck and keep me posted!


lv2sng22 - April 17

This is so strange. Have you ever heard of this befor happening. I try to find things about it but cant find anything. I go back to the doctor on Thursday and if my hormone levels did not go up and the baby did not grow and we still cant hear the heart beat then we will probal go through with DNC. I am Scarde. I have had one done before but I was not pregnat this time I am and so scarde.


lv2sng22 - April 17

Do you have any children alenka


amanda103 - April 17

I'm so sorry you have to go through this:( I've had 2 miscarriages, one back in Aug. with a blighted ovum, then the second this past Dec. they said it was a chemical pg. The first I had a d&c the second went naturally. All I can say is I'm sorry that this is happening to you, but also know that it's not common to repeat m/c so it will happen for you even if this time is doesn't. I know that doesn't make it any better though. I used to get so upset when I saw people who "accidentally" got pg, I used to think why them and not me?!? Well it finally did happen for me and I'm now 19 weeks. I still get nervous, but I think going through what I went through has made me appreciate every part of this pg even more. Good Luck to you, please let us know what happens. God Bless!


Jen01 - April 17

I've also experienced the same thing at 8 weeks the baby measured only 7 weeks and the heartbeat was gone where I had seen it at 6weeks. It was very hard, but I'm sure there was a reason for it. It's hard not knowing why. Hang in there, it is very common I've discovered.


alenka - April 17

lv2sng22..sorry it took a while to are you doing? I still have to wait 2 more day for the last u/s....something tells me the baby is not growing though:-( I'm starting to accept it, i do not have kids...let me know how you doing.


lv2sng22 - April 18

Jen01 do you have any children now


lv2sng22 - April 18

alenka I will be praying for you. I hope everything will go good for you. Keep Me updated.


lv2sng22 - April 18

Amanda Keep me updated on everything and my prayers are with you. I know it is hard not to be nervous but try not to be. Keep me updated. God Bless You.



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