Baby Not Growing

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Ellenna_chen - October 17

Dear forums, I think am on 6w+ according to my calendar but the doc said iam 8w+.He did ultrasounds but no hearbeat found yet.He did 2 consecutive blood test within 48 hours and my hcg level dropped from 82000 to 72000.I still feel nauseated and my br___t is tender. My doc suggested dnc to be done soon, he said my baby has stopped growing at certain point. I trust the hcg level test but my feeling told me to wait cause i want to give this baby chance to live if there is even only 1% possibility. Moreover after I read some discussion in this forum about people who had the same case with me but finally end happily by finding the baby's heartbeat just because of miscalculation on the pregnancy. Can anybody give any comments?Thanks.


Krissy25 - October 18

I would say to go ahead and ask your doctor to to do a few more blood draws and 1 more u/s in a week to make sure. Normally when hcg levels drop like that its not a good sign but it doesn't hurt to wait and see especially if you are not spotting or bleeding and your symptoms are still there. Good luck i hope everything works out for you.


tish212 - October 18

keep ur faith...and remain positive. yes I too have read the stories...and would recommend to anyone in ur position to try and hold off just a little longer to make sure. use krissys advice and ask for more blood work and another u/s.... gl u r in my prayers....


cynnababy - October 18

Get at least one more u/s before you decide anything. I hate to say this, but if there's no heartbeat detect at 8 wee, or even at 6+ weeks, it's usually bad. You should be able to see the heartbeat at around 5-6 weeks. Your symptoms usually linger around for a while since your HCG is still very high.


ChattyKathy - October 18

Honey, your hcg should never drop. Sometimes it may not double, but it should NEVER drop. I think you need to go over your options for how you want to deal with this pregnancy because it sounds like you may miscarry soon.


krissy2006 - October 19

I disagree with chattykathy, no disrespect, but my obgyn said that your levels will plateau AND decline by the 12th week. She said they can decline anywhere from 50-10,000 depending on the woman's body. The hard part about this situation is that you havent found a heartbeat, AND your levels are dropping. This happened to me as well. I was 11 weeks and my baby had stopped growing at 6. I pray for a wonderful outcome but please try and prepare yourself (although no one really can) for a possible m/c. Good luck to you!



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