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mom_of_1 - January 17

Has anyone had an Ultrasound Early in pregnancy like 12-14 weeks and was able to see the gender? I had my normal sono at 11 weeks for dates, We saw the baby and the heart and everything looks PERFECT. YAY! But I am having another sono Next week. I will be 13 weeks then and we are looking for gender?


softbreeze200 - January 17

Personally me - no. This is my first. But from all the reading I have done, they say that the genatalia is fully developed and recognizable by twelve weeks, but that to make a call on the s_x is very iffy, as it is so small yet, it is easy to make a mistake. I think that is why they usually wait till baby is around that 18-20 week mark. I wish you all the luck in finding out though!! Very exciting!!


bean - January 17

As the person above me said, the parts are formed and visible, but almost impossible to detect even via ultrasound at such a young gestational period. You will almost certainly be able to tell during your "big" 18 or 20 week u/s. I bet you could ask the tech to guess, but he or she may not want to even try because it would be nothing more than a guess at this point. It's too bad we have to wait so long, isn't it?


mjvdec01 - January 17

14 weeks is usually the earliest they can be sure.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 17

But you can't go off of that though...because you may find out its a girl and have a boy because it isn't visible. I always think before 20 weeks you can't really go off. I know so many people who found out at 16-18 weeks and it was least 3 people.


mom_of_1 - January 17

Thanks ladies! I actually work at the Image Facility so I am VERY confident in the Tech that will be doing my scan. There are at least 3 people at work I can think of that found out boy between 12-14 weeks and sure enough! With my DD we thought at 14 weeks Girl (pretty sure, but couldnt say 100%) then at 16 weeks knew for sure(Saw the labia). So I am kinda thinking if this little bean will show us the goods will we have a pretty good Idea. If there is something there we will lean towards boy and if not then girl, Ofcourse either way I will go back in about 2-3 weeks from that one and do another around 15-16 weeks to take another peek. Then get my real scan done at 20 weeks :) I am addicted to see our little one grow in there :)!!!



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