Baby S Not Growing PLEASE READ

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parkermegan - February 1

The doctor said the baby is not growing and I they can see is a sack. Does this mean I will miscarry, or could they be wrong since it is only 6weeks. All the did was a sonogram and some blood work. HELp!!!!!


Heart - February 1

Hi, Parkermegan. I'm very sorry but what you have may be a blighted ovum. How many weeks did the sac measure? Are you being asked to come back for another u/s in two weeks?


Heart - February 1

I forgot to mention, you're not the only one going through this now. You may want to read “LMP is 6 wks but fetal size shows 4 wks” and “Blighted ovum, anyone”?


katt76 - February 2

Parkermegan listen six weeks is early did they do a v____al ultrasound?? You need to wait longer, a baby could appear, I can't believe your doctor would tell you no baby after six weeks. Get a second opinion and wait!! Please!


Heart - February 2

Hi, it's me again. I feel bad thinking that I might have scared you. As I mentioned in another post, the mere fact that doctors normally advise mothers with a similar case to wait for 2 weeks before coming back for another ultrasound probably shows that most do result to positive pregnancies. I sincerely pray that your pregnancy and baby will be fine. Good luck and please keep us posted.


parkermegan - February 3

well, she told me to come back in 3 months or if i was pregnant again sooner


parkermegan - February 3

oh, they did do a v____al ultrasound at the hospital, but I think all that was visible was the sack, about the size of a piece of rice.


katt76 - February 3

But you are only six weeks! And your conception date could be off! Maybe it is still to early to see anything. I will be interested to see how it all works out. I am still praying for you.


Heart - February 3

I find it very unusual that you were told to come back in 3 months, or sooner, if you were pregnant. Please don't wait 3 mnoths. Maybe you could let 2 weeks pa__s, find another doctor and have another ultrasound then? I'm really concerned about you. Do take care.


fara - February 3

hello.i had my 1st u/s on 19sept at 5 weeks..there wasnt anything..u/s again at 7 weeks n only saw a tiny dot..that was the baby.dont wori..dont wori.. anyway..i lost that baby of mine 1st dec 05... :(


JenniferB - February 4

A short time ago my friend had an ultrasound done and they told her that they saw a sac and no baby. She waited a couple of weeks, went back for another ultrasound and the baby was there. She is now three months and everthing is fine. I think it sucks that doctors give you the worst possible news when it is possible that you simply can't see the baby yet. Maybe something is wrong but like some of the other ladies said, maybe it is still just too small. Go back in a couple of weeks and tell your doctor that you want another ultrasound. Good luck to you. I hope that everything is fine.


parkermegan - February 4

Hey........just an update with my situation. I was really just getting upset with my doctor not wanting to see me until three months or if I was pregnant again sooner. The way they say it is was like they were saying there is no hope of having this baby. I don't know what test they could have done to determine the baby wasn't growing. Do you all?? Well, yesterday I was really upset because I am been having extremely light spotting here and there for the past week. (Today is one week since I went to the ER with spotting and they told me I would miscarry) So when I called the nurse just told me to give it a few weeks. I just think it sounded so strange that they didn't want me to come back to check my HCG levels again, and atleast make sure it is going down normally. So yesterday I went to my family doctor, who I love, and I showed him the ultrasound photo and told him my HCG level was only 880. He said that it didn't look good for this pregnancy, but that my doctor should definately be checking up on my every week or so. They did blood work in the office to see what my HCG levels are. I will get those back on Monday. He also sent me to a specialist at the University of Tennessee Hospital. I go see her in 2 weeks. Please keep praying for me and my baby!! I have accepted that I will probable miscarry, but there is always hope!! I will let you all know the test results on Monday!! Oh, the sac size was only 0.77cm. Is that really really small??


LoriLea - February 4

Hello parkermegan! I went to the doctor for my first appt on Feb. 2. I thought I was 7 to 8 weeks. I measured at 5wks and 2days. All we could see is the sac. There wasn't an embryo in it. He had me get my hcg level drawn, which was 14,568...very high! I will have it drawn again on Monday also. I also am scheduled to have another US in 2 weeks. From what I've gathered it is way to early to see anthing at this stage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....however, high hcg levels also can mean multiple births. Hcg levels should double every other day. So, on Monday mine should be around 28,000 or higher at only 6wks! I'm so worried....and this wait is unbearable!


parkermegan - February 4

LoriLea, I hope things go well for you at your doctors appt. I know how stressful any possible problem can be! My levels were way to low.....or atleast I think. 880 sounds pretty low for 5 1/2 weeks when they were drawn. What did your sac measure? Mine was only 0.77cm. They told me I would miscarry, I have made it about 7 1/2 days since my first sign of blood. I don't have another appt. for 2 weeks. I had my blood drawn Friday at my family doctor and I am getting my results on Monday to see if my levels are going up or down. I am still praying for the best, but I am fearing the worst!!!


LoriLea - February 4

ParkerMegan-Keep me posted on your levels. I hope your hcg levels are going up! I'll keep my fingers crossed. For HCG levels <1200 mIU/ml, the expected doubling time is 48-72 hours. Also, between 3-4 weeks: 500-6,000 mIU/ml is a normal hcg level. I don't think you're levels are too far off...They seem ok! I'm praying for the best also!


parkermegan - February 4

thanks for all your alls prayers. I will let you all know something as soon as I get my results back on Monday!


parkermegan - February 6

i just got back my hormone levels and they were 719. they were 880 about a week before this test. i thought they would be much lower since i was told i would miscarry. do you all think there is any hope for this pregnancy?



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