Babybaby Pepesgirl And DeeD

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diem - March 12

How are you ladies feeling???? I don't see you posting much on the other board. I have another u/s scheduled for Friday. Can't wait to see my baby again. It is so amazing! Pepesgirl and Deed when are your first ultrasounds scheduled for. Babybaby, a couple more weeks and we'll be out of the first trimester. Can you believe it???


diem - March 12

BTW I am going through major mood swings lately. I barely recognize myself sometimes. I still get cramps but I'm only tired sometimes. I had my first bout of morning sickness that started last week. When I wake up in the morning it usually takes a couple hours for the ickyness to go away. Then I'm fine the rest of the day.


CaseyB - March 12

Diem - completely unrelated question. Is your first name Diem? That is the name we have picked out if we have a girl and I have only heard it once before.


diem - March 12

Hi Casey, Diem is not my real name. It is a name that I love for a girl (if I could just convince dh). I think it is a pretty name.


CaseyB - March 13

My DH didn't like the name at first and was only going to let me use it as a middle name but it grew on him and now he loves it so there is hope!


DeeD - March 13

Hey DIEM!!! How are ya girl??? I have just been so busy. I am so glad to see you are having another us. Mine is not until April 9th. They wanted to do it on the 2nd of April-but it was just too close to my birthday. So I bumped it out a week. Last year I went to the doc on my birthday and found out I had a jaw tumor. Needless to say, it was a bad birthdya and I never really had a birthday last I am being cautious this year. I am just afraid of them not finding a heartbeat, or something is wrong etc...Especially after the last mc. I am so glad thing have worked out for you and that the little bean is well Diem. What is your due date? I am sorry, I don't remember. I am supposed to be Nov 4, but I "o"ed late, so it is more like the 9th or 10th I think... Thanks for posting htis board. Hopefully the others will find it! Chat at ya later! D~


diem - March 13

Casey, I guess I'll just have to keep using the name so that dh will get used to it LOL. DeeD, my due date is Oct 21st. I used my O date and counted back 14 days to create a LMP date. I usually O late and didn't want to be "OFF" in calculations. This actually worked and my gestational sac is measuring right baby however is a couple days behind but no big deal. I am a small person and just a__sume that my baby will be small too :) I don't blame you about pushing your u/s back. How many weeks will you be when you have your u/s?


DeeD - March 13

Diem, I will be almost 9.6 weeks at my ultra sound by my calculations and 10.5 by their calculations. It is on the 9th and so they should be able to see everything really good. Did they do a v____al ultrasound or a regular one with your u/s? I really don't like the vag one...yuck! I am glad you are doing well...D~


diem - March 15

DeeD, You will be able to see sooooo much at your appt. It is so exciting. I can't wait until you experience it!!!!


diem - March 15

Babybaby and Pepesgirl are you visiting this board????????


diem - March 15

Don't worry, I won't leave the other ladies on the other board. I just don't want to keep talking about my symptoms as I know how hard it can be to hear.


DeeD - March 16

Diem, I know what you mean. I know how they feel too. I was so mad after my mc that I couldn't hardly stand to see a baby with anyone. I hope everything is good with you. Didn't you have another ultra sound? How did it go? I can hardley wait for mine. I am wishing now that I hadn't scheduled it so far out. But oh well. Have a good one!


diem - March 16

I have another u/s scheduled for TODAY at 1:45 pm. I'm excited to see my little sprout and how much he/she has grown. I feel lucky to see the baby once a week. Although a part of me feels nervous too because I'm always afraid of bad news. I just have to keep telling myself that once the heartbeat is seen that the chance for miscarriage drops to less than 5% (i think). I think it's good that you scheduled yours when you did. That way there is no question what you'll be seeing. Since my first one was so early it made me a nervous wreck when I didn't see anything.



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