Babys Heartbeat

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Janice - August 18

I have a question i am 7 weeks pregnant and at my doctors appt today my doctor tried to listen for a heartbeat with this black device and said she couldnt hear anything is this normal? Im scared now! They scheduled me for a u/s next Thursday but please someone calm me and tell me this is normal so I wont have to worry until next week!


sm - August 18

That could just mean that you are not as far along as they thought you might be.


j. - August 18

Do you mean he tried to find it with a Doppler? My doc was saying even at 11/12 weeks, sometimes they can't find the heartbeat. But u/s will show it for sure. Good luck.


Janice - August 18

They used I guess what was a doppler device said she couldnt hear a heartbeat which scared me a little : (


Beth - August 18

Don't give up hope. I went for an u/s (v____al) today thinking I was 8 w 4 d and was really only 7 weeks...must have ovulated late in my cycle?! Anyway...I did see the heartbeat. Hope for the best Janice....and say a prayer- that is all we can's out of our hands for now! Keep us posted!


Janice - August 18

Thanks for all your support and yes will keep u all posted : )


Emy - August 18

Janice, 7 weeks is still super early to hear the heartbeat. If she is scheduling the US it is because you can see it at 6 weeks and she wants you to see it. But you can't usually hear it until 10 weeks or so. I heard mine at 11 weeks.


Lori - August 19

I went to have a us at 6 weeks, saw and heard the heartbeat and at my visit to my ob yesterday he stated that is a fake heartbeat, now I'm worried all the time, I go for genetics testing Monday but I can't go on like this until then, anyone else ever heard of this


C - August 19

Lori, I have never heard of a fake heart beat, and this is baby number 4 for me. At 6 weeks my baby's heart was pumping at 128bpm. My ob said that was a great heart beat for 6 weeks. So i would not stress over it.


MM - August 19

I would not worry. My dr would not even try to listen until i was at least 10 weeks. She said it is very hard to pick up the heartbeat when they are less then 10wks


Lana - August 19

Do not even think about worrying, I would consider changing doctors. A heartbeat cannot be heard with a doppler until 12 wks. A hearbeat can be detected by u/s at 6 wks, but my u/s wouldn't show a hearbeat at 6 wks and I worried myself sick. I went back two weeks later, I saw and heard the hearbeat by u/s. I changed doctors because I worried myself sick and he never a__sured me at six wks that no heartbeat was common. A good doctor will always tell you the statistics or if its common or not. Good luck, I will be praying for you, leave it to God everything will be fine. Sorry to get so upset but I know what your going through and it just makes me mad for you.



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