Back Pain For One Day

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tiramisu - November 6

Hello everyone! I'm due 6/14/08 w/ #2 and currently about 8.5 weeks. Last Friday, after my First prenatal appt after seeing the heartbeat and everything, I experienced severe backache- more like a Strained/pulled muscle in the lumbar area making it hard to walk around. I'm guessing that I must've lifted something that could've caused this. The pain only lasted 1 day. Do you think this is something I need to be concerned about? Thanks in advance!


tiramisu - November 6

i meant to write "severe bachacke".


Seredetia - November 9

I'm actually also due 6/14/08 with MY #2...and had terrible back pain yesterday. So bad that I was in tears, and all I was doing was washing the dishes/fixing dinner. I hadn't done ANY lifting and I think it's just because of things getting stretched a little quicker than last time.


Tiffany814 - November 13

The day I found out I was pregnant (with #2) about 3 weeks ago, my back was in such excruciating pain I could not even walk! It was debilitating. I've had a history of back problems in the past and I have been through one pregnancy and I chase around a toddler, so I guess some pain is to be expected-however this was so bad I almost went to the ER. It lasted only a couple of days then got much better. I feel pretty good now although I'm still careful w/ my back. I am now 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and I hope this doesn't happen again! I think it's just part of the pregnancy...ya know how sometimes when your period is about to start you get backaches? (well I do at least)- I think this has something to do with that- I think it is a pregnancy sign. Obviously if it gets worse you should talk to your doctor about it. Good luck and congrats ladies!!


tiramisu - November 14

Thanks for responding ladies!! I did speak to my ob/gyn nurse and she told me to do some pelvic rocking exercises if it persists.. it also could be the hormones causing the pain.. I've had a history of back problems too and lifting a toddler all the time doesn't help! Congrats ladies!!!



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