Back To Back Pregnancy

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miranda - December 12

Just wondering has anyboby experienced this before? I had a baby on August 13, 2005 and now I took three pregnancy test that all came out positive. I'm a little scared having two kids still in dipers but I know that I can handle it. I had a c-section with the last one because my pevic bones were to small for me to have it va___al. I was told I would have one every time now. So I'm a little scared about doing it again so soon.


Lisastar9 - December 12

I am sure you are probably not the only one. Congradulations on the pg.


susan - December 12

My mom had 3 babies and 1 miscarrage in 3 years. It will stress you out but you should do fine. Just try to take things easy and make sure the dad does a whole lot around the house.


Margo - December 13

hi, my sister in law had c-section with her first one and got pregnant again when her baby was five month old. She had c-section with her second one too..She is doing just fine. Life is hectic but its duable. good luck...


liz - December 13

You'll make it. I got pregnant by accident when my son was just three months old. Now he's six months old and I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my second. I'm totally psyched even thou I didn't plan to do it like this I'm glad they will be so close together.


miranda - December 14

Thanks for your all of your support. I have another problem though I don't know how to tell my Mom and Dad. I know it shouldn't matter but I ve only been married about 14 months. But I ve been with the same guy for over 9 years and my parents still think I need to wait they were upset about the first one cause I was only 21 when I got pregnant now I'm 22 and going to have another one. I have a very good job and so does my husband we have a brand new house, and cars so I know having to babies isn't going to be a financial burden but my parents feel the need to still run my life and tell whats best. I love them very much and I respect thier opinion but I don't know how to tell them I'm pregnant again with out them yelling at me again. They should be happy for me that I'm doing so well but I feel like they don't.



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