Backache Already

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Lesley Ann - March 31

I am 10 weeks pregnant and for the last few weeks, I have had some bad back aches that come and go. Is this normal so early in pregnancy?


Misty - March 31

I would be milling to say that the backaches are not pregnancy related, but who knows? Mostly women get backaches because the added weight sticking out in front of them causes them to walk differently, which gives them a backache. I never had much of a problem with backaches in my first pregnancy, but talk about feet hurting, man. I bought one of those cheap little foot ma__sagers from bed bath beyond for a couple of dollars that sits on the floor and you rub your foot over it to make the b___s roll. Maybe try getting a ma__sager for your back. Whatever the cause a backache is still a nusance.


HSB - March 31

I am 10 weeks as well and my back aches from time to time. I have always had back aches here and there but they are intensified now. I am a__suming that the pregnancy is adding to the strain. Thank God for my husbands back rubs :)


Brooke - March 31

I am only 5 weeks and my back has been killing me the past few days. So, I think you were lucky to get to week 10.


Kim - April 3

I hear ya, Lesley! I'm only 7w1d, but my back is already killing me (2nd pregnancy).... my first reaction was, "What the c___p?!" I highly recommend Mineral Ice-- pharmacy section of Wal-Mart.


Nikki - April 4

I'm almost 8 weeks and have had the back pains as well. My doctor said that they are due to my uterus being tilted. This may be your reason for back pains. She told me a tilted uterus shouldn't affect the pregnancy or labor in anyway, just causes discomfort in the beginning. Your pains should go away by the 3rd month. Hope this helps.


Tigerphoenix - April 4

Im 11 weeks pregnant and been having major back pain as well. I think it has to do with sleeping (for me anyhow) or rather the lack there of. Sleeping and sleeping comfortably has not come lately so that mixed with stress may be doing it. Get one of those chair back ma__sagers (when hubby isnt available) they work wonders. : )


Christy - April 4

I have had backaches since the week my period was due (I'm 6w2d pregnant.) It is normal because your body releases a hormone that relaxes your joints in preparation for the ma__sive expansion that will occur in your abdomen and pelvis (yikes!) Here is a great article I found on pregnancy and backaches: I hope it helps!



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