Backpain During Pregnancy What Causes It

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Lucky1 - January 31

I can't really find anything that explains what it is that causes backpain. I am 8 weeks preg. and I have backpain constantly. Do any of you know what it is about pregnancy that causes the back pain?


ekay - January 31

Hey Lucky, it's me :) I believe backpain is caused by your uterus being attached to an area around your lower back by a ligament. As your uterus grows, that ligament kinda pulls at those lower back muscles, making it ache. I don't know the scientific specifics of it, but that is the 'Ekay Explanation' :)


ekay - January 31

P.S Just wait till you are 34 weeks pregnant. It gets much better. ; ) HA!


Cortney - January 31

Hi, not to shure. In my readings on this pregnancy thing it could be almost anything. Your pelvic bones will be moving apart slowly to help support the baby as it gets bigger. Also the streatching of the uterus as ekay said. Constipation, past back injury flair ups.....all that can play a major factor. Latter you may find out that your ENTIRE right leg may begin to cause you pain when your layng down and travel to your back as well. That is the siadic nerve being pinched by moved internal body parts! No fun...but lay on your left side w/ a pillow between your legs to take some pain away...try that now! Good luck Luck1...!!! =)


Mya - February 3

Its Progesterone. This is My 4th pregnancy and I was alarmed at the backpain that started before I even missed my period but the Ob said it was just progesterone relaxing the muscles. Mine has got better.(Im 9 weeks)


Tiffany - May 4

I just wanted to let you know I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and I to am having sever back pain. Im trying to figure out what it is too.


Lynn - May 4

My back pain started around 9 weeks too.. then it subsided & today it is back (10w1d). I have found out the ligament stretching explanation that ekay said... your baby grows alot in the ninth week so that could be another reason...



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